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Bring higher education community engagement on the go with Compact Nation Podcast! Tune in bi-weekly for conversations with leading community engagement professionals and discussions of new research and innovative work in the field.

Bring higher education community engagement on the go with Compact Nation Podcast! Tune in bi-weekly for conversations with leading community engagement professionals and discussions of new research and innovative work in the field.
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Bring higher education community engagement on the go with Compact Nation Podcast! Tune in bi-weekly for conversations with leading community engagement professionals and discussions of new research and innovative work in the field.






A Macro View of Micro-credentials

This week is all about Campus Compact’s new Community Engagement Professional Credential. First, listen in as Andrew chats with Lina Dostilio, whose work has made substantial contributions to the program. Next, join a conversation with Clayton Hurd, our director of professional learning, and two of the credential pilot program participants. Finally, we stop in pop culture corner to discuss podcasts, TV, and (of course) Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame. Related resources: Campus...


50th Episode Extravaganza!

50th Episode Extravaganza: It's our 50th episode! Join us as we reflect on the history of the podcast and revisit some of our favorite moments from the past three years. Plus, a huge thank you to all of you, our listeners; we're so grateful for all the time you've spent with us. Episodes referenced: Season 1 Episode 1: Interview with Tim Eatman ( Season 1 Episode 6: Interview with Yaz Najeebi ( Season 1 Episode 11:...


Within the Context of Community

Meet the 2018 Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award Winner, Dr. Eva Zygmunt. As a professor of Elementary Education at Ball State University, Zygmunt trains future teachers to thoughtfully engage communities to work toward social justice and educational equity. Nine years ago, she co-founded Schools Within the Context of Community, a program that immerses students in the Whitely neighborhood of Muncie, Indiana. Listen in for a conversation about how nurturing strong, authentic, and...


Partnerships that Actually Work

Good partnerships are key to building strong bonds between campuses and communities, but how do we make sure they’re healthy, balanced, and effective? This week on #CompactNationPod we discuss partnerships in principle and in practice. Emily shares a fascinating new study from Iowa Campus Compact about how nonprofits perceive higher education and learns more about University of Nebraska Omaha’s innovative Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center. Plus, Compact conference season continues as...


#CompactNationPod Goes West

Catch up with the Campus Compact Western Region Continuums of Service Conference as Marisol and Andrew revisit two notable keynotes. We learn about the work of Common Ground Voices/La Frontera, a group of musicians from across Mexico and the United States led by Emilie Amrein (University of San Diego) and André de Quadros (Boston University), who use song to start meaningful discussions about social and political change. Plus, a great discussion about mindfulness, self-care, and justice...


Making Accreditation Sexy Again

What is accreditation? Why should people focused on the public purposes of higher education care? Listen in as we discuss everyone's favorite part of higher education. Plus, learn about how changes to accrediting bodies' core criteria can provide opportunities for conversations about how civic and community engagement is embedded in the institution. Listen now and join the conversation online using #CompactNationPod. Music credits: Andrew Savage


For Us, By Us

On this episode of #CompactNationPod, we celebrate Black History Month. Join co-host Marisol Morales for an intimate conversation with four Black engaged scholars: Zahra Ahmed (St. Mary’s College of CA), Tim Eatman (Rutgers University - Newark), Joseph Tucker Edmonds (IUPUI), Nicole Webster (Penn State University). Listen in as they discuss what it’s like to work as practitioners of color in this field and how they find space for healing. Music credits: Andrew Savage


Community Engagement Pros

This week, we talk “community engagement professionals,” including the evolution of job titles, the vast responsibilities of the role, and how it can sometimes be a little tricky to define the work. We also clue you in to our newest publication, “The Community Engagement Professional’s Guidebook,” by Lina Dostilio and Marshall Welch and give an update on our community engagement professional credentialing program. Plus, meet the student composer who’s behind our new theme music. Related...


Practicing Intellectual Humility with OpenMind

Practicing Intellectual Humility with OpenMind: On this episode of #CompactNationPod, Andrew talks to Raffi Grinberg, Innovation Director and co-founder of OpenMind, a free online educational platform designed to depolarize campuses, companies, organizations, and communities by equipping people with essential cognitive skills to engage constructively across difference. Listen in for a discussion about the importance of practicing intellectual humility in our own lives. Plus, get some tips...


Bonus: "A New Angle" podcast episode with Andrew Seligsohn & Andrea Vernon

A New Angle is a podcast celebrating cool people doing awesome things in and around the great state of Montana. It is hosted by University of Montana Marketing Professor Justin Angle. On this episode: Service learning and civic engagement are focal components of a University of Montana education. The Montana chapter of Campus Compact recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary and Andrew Seligsohn, President of Campus Compact, visited Montana and our University System Board of Regents meeting...


Putting the "Action" in Civic Action Plans

For our first episode of 2019, we focus on Civic Action Plans. In two interviews, we highlight the work of two institutions — Loras College and James Madison University — who approached the concept of Civic Action Planning in very different ways that both made big impacts on their campuses and communities. Plus, Emily reveals an Iowa food phenomenon: the "walking taco." Listen now and join the conversation online using #CompactNationPod. Related resources: Campus Compact 30th Anniversary...


Students Making Change

This episode comes to you from the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate where Andrew spoke to Veronica Fernandez-Diaz and Alicia Jiggetts, two Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellows who were visiting Boston as part of the annual convening of Newman Civic Fellows. Listen in to hear more about their work making change on their campuses and in their communities. Music credits: Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license...


Midterm Madness

Midterm Madness: We share our reflections on the midterm elections, plus some thoughts about the work ahead as we strive for even greater civic participation among college students. Learn about some of the most recent voter turnout data from CIRCLE at Tufts University, and hear three short interviews that dive into deeper detail about some of the work that went on to drive student voter turnout in the midterm elections. Interviewees include: Samantha Bayne, election engagement organizer at...


Honoring Native Communities

On this episode of Compact Nation Podcast, Marisol talks with Persephone Lewis, professor of practice in ethnic studies and tribal liaison at University of San Diego. Persephone takes time to explain the role of tribal liaison and why similar positions are becoming more prevalent on campuses across the country. She also describes some ways that colleges and universities can engage native communities by focusing on relationship building and setting foundations by honoring the history and...


Let's Talk Faculty

This time on #CompactNationPod, we address faculty development! First, we dive into the evolving meaning of the word "faculty." We also discuss a new publication, "Reconceptualizing Faculty Development in Service-Learning/Community Engagement." Our bright spot of the episode is brought to us by Clayton Hurd, Campus Compact's director of professional learning, who dives deep into the forthcoming Community Engagement Professional Credential. Plus, Emily's sleuthing reveals Andrew's alter ego,...


Connecting Latinx Communities and Higher Education

Tune in to this episode of #CompactNationPod for an engaging conversation as part of Hispanic Heritage month. Join co-host Marisol Morales as she interviews Mari Castañeda and Joseph Krupczynski of University of Massachusetts Amherst about their new book, "Civic Engagement in Diverse Latinx Communities." This book is the first civic engagement publication of its kind, giving examples of asset-focused partnerships between Latinx communities and higher education institutions from contributors...


Who gets to go to college?

Who gets to go to college? This episode of Compact Nation Podcast: segments! Join us for a great conversation about what we mean when we use the term “non-traditional college students.” We also decode reports on “free college,” finding that some programs are not as free as they seem. Our bright spot this episode is brought to us by Stephanie Schooley, Executive Director of Campus Compact of the Mountain West as she discusses their SECond Mission program to help member institutions create a...


Real News, Fake News, College

Think you can spot fake news? Hear from Mike Caulfield about his techniques for teaching students to ditch their biases and determine whether a news story is valid. Mike discusses our tendency to believe news stories that support our views and dismiss stories that are contrary to them. Learn some easy methods to reduce cognitive overload and quickly assess whether you can trust the news stories you find online. Plus, listen in for the debut of newest co-host, Marisol Morales. Related...


All Politics is Local

Welcome back to a new and improved season of #CompactNationPod! This episode we introduce a new format for the show, diving into all things political in a series of short segments. Join as we discuss what we mean when we use the word “politics,” and decode some important new research on student voting. Plus, we say “see ya later” to J.R., who is leaving his post as co-host of the pod, and hear about what he’s got on his plate for the year. Listen now and weigh in online using...


Season 2 Episode 20 (Part 2)

LIVE from the 5th Global Service-Learning Summit at the University of Notre Dame: In the second part of the episode, listen in to the the rest of the discussion between co-host J.R. Jamison, guest host Eric Hartman, and panelists Janice McMillan, Marisol Morales, Richard Slimbach, and Nicole Webster. Stay with us until the end where you’ll get the chance to hear Eric’s reflections on what kind of root vegetable he would be if he had to give up his important work in global service-learning...