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Exploring the purposeful integration of K-12 technology

Exploring the purposeful integration of K-12 technology


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Exploring the purposeful integration of K-12 technology






CCC0033: End of the 2019-2020 School Year

In this episode Dan, Jim and Maria discuss the end of the most unique 2019-2020 school year! 01:45 Recap of Things We Learned 04:30 COVID 19 Emergency Remote Learning 08:00 District Knowledge Base 12:05 How things will Change Going Forward 16:30 Learning Opportunities Contact us at or 346-FAQ-HELP (346-327-4357)


CCC0032: Author Peter Nowak

In this episode Jim and Erin Quintero interview Peter Nowak author of Humans 3.0: The Upgrading of the Species. 01:18 Peter joins the show 03:55 Does He Still Feel the Same Way About Technology? 06:50 Moore's Law 12:00 Projecting the Future? 16:10 Anticipating Skills Future Adults Will Need 23:10 Proactive About the Future World 33:40 Screen Time Issues Contact us at or 346-FAQ-HELP (346-327-4357)


CCC0031: Expanding the Class Outside of the Class Room

In this episode Dan, Jim and Maria talk about expanding the class outside the classroom space. 05:05 "In Case I'm Out" List 08:45 Essentials to the Virtual Learning Experience 12:50 Biggest Challenge of Off Site Learning 16:00 Value of Assigning Work Away from the Classroom 21:05 Value of Face-to-Face Instruction Contact us at or 346-FAQ-HELP (346-327-4357)


CCC0029: S.T.E.A.M.

In this episode Jim and Laura talk about the recent S.T.E.A.M. Fest. 01:57 In the Spirit of Innovation the Show's Format is a little Different 06:50 S.T.E.A.M. Activities 10:18 WICSD's Dave Marshall joins Us 12:48 Anna Bayerl Joins Us 14:49 Laura's S.T.E.A.M. Incorporation 16:50 Mario The Maker Magician Contact us at or 346-FAQ-HELP (346-327-4357)


CCC0028: West Irondequoit Central School District Superintendent Dr. Aaron Johnson

In this episode Jim talks with West Irondequoit Central School District Superintendent Dr. Aaron Johnson. He's been with the district for a year now and we talk about his thoughts and views of the district and the future. 01:27 Dr. Aaron Johnson talking about his path to WICSD 05:14 Challenges of a New District 10:10 Grand Vision of Instruction 15:30 Social Emotional Connections 16:26 Culture of West Irondequoit 19:40 Vision for the Next 5 Years 23:16 Tech Used in West Irondequoit compared...


CCC0027: Collaborating and Sharing In Our District

In this episode Dan, Jim and Maria talk about collaborating and sharing information in our district with co-workers and students. 03:00 Sharepoint 04:43 Microsoft Teams 14:15 Scenarios and Questions that pop up. 18:21 Question #2 21:35 Question #3 24:35 Question #4 26:30 Time for one more! 28:30 Not So Fast! Contact us at or 346-FAQ-HELP (346-327-4357)


CCC0026: Celebrating 90.9 WIRQ’s 60th Birthday

In this episode West Irondequoit Central School District's Audio Visual Technician and Faculty Adviser for 90.9 WIRQ Richard Jones joins Dan, Jim and Maria. He talks about WIRQ celebrating 60 years as a licensed on-the-air radio station based in Irondequoit High School. The skills students learn and much more. 00:58 Tech "Resolutions" for 2020 05:25 Jim Finds Humor in 2020 06:55 Richard Talks About WIRQ Turning 60 08:30 Talking About the 60th Year Celebration 09:20 How the Students are...


CCC0025: Decade in Review 2010-2019

In this episode Dan, Jim and Maria talk about the past decade in teaching and technology with a look at the future as we start 2020! 03:00 Individualized Learning 06:30 Changes of the Past Decade 08:55 The Future? 12:44 Remote Voting is in development 17:00 VR Thoughts 18:00 Shifts We Have Seen in the Last Decade Continuing 19:40 Online Teaching Thoughts 25:10 New Things To Come 29:50 A.I. and Data Contact us at or 346-FAQ-HELP (346-327-4357)


CCC0024: NPR Podcast Challenge

In this episode Jim and Anna Bayerl talk about the NPR Podcast Challenge. We listen to 3 examples from West Irondequoit Central School students. 03:00 NPR Podcast Challenge 04:11 Anna Bayerl joins 05:05 Process of the Challenge 10:30 Zodiac Signs Podcast sample 22:05 Jim and Anna talk about the podcast 26:40 Value of Human's Podcast sample 38:50 Thoughts on the Podcast 42:32 Talks and Thoughts Podcast Sample 54:15 Thoughts on that Podcast Want to participate? Click here for the NPR Podcast...


CCC0023: Hour of Code

In this episode Jim, Maria and Dan talk about the Hour of Code event! We are joined by Anna Bayerl Dake Librarian and Media Specialist, Sarah Davis Librarian of Rogers and South Lawn Schools and Dave Marshall IHS and Dake Technology Teacher. 01:15 What is it? 03:13 Anna Bayerl talks Coding Club 10:37 Sarah Davis talks about the importance of teaching coding 19:10 David Marshall talks about coding in the Technology department 20:40 21:20 Events in the District 22:50 Video...


CCC0022: Using Technology to Differentiate

In this episode Jim and Dan are joined by West Irondequoit Central School District teachers Juliana Hillebrant, Zandy Tasber and Paul Reininger. They discussed using technology to differentiate in their teaching 01:10 Differentiate of Technology 02:35 Talking with Students and their Interests 06:40 Technology Differentiate by Grouping 07:30 Differentiation Buzz Word Bingo 13:00 Reviewing for Exams Facilitated by Technology 18:05 Zandy Tasber 20:20 Juliana Hillebrant 28:00 Paul Reininger...


CCC0021: Laura Westerman Joins The Show

In this episode Jim and Maria are joined by West Irondequoit Central School District's Director of the Teaching Learning Center Laura Westerman. She is our newest member of the Computers, Coffee and Curriculum's Podcast Crew! 01:36 Laura Joins the Show 03:50 3D Science 05:29 Technology Intersects with Instruction 07:30 Role at Teaching Learning Center 13:30 Accountability and Certification 21:20 Schoology versus Badge List 24:10 Laura's Thoughts on Future Episodes of the Podcast Laura...


CCC0020: Using Technology to Build Relationships

In this episode we are joined by West Irondequoit High School teacher Jamie Armstrong and Director of the Public Information at West Irondequoit Central School District Jeff DiVeronica to talk about using technology to build relationships. 01:30 Using Technology to Build Relationships 05:30 How Students are Sharing their Opinion 08:42 Jamie Armstrong Joins Us 09:05 Social Capital Project 22:20 Reactions to Jamie's Project 25:20 Examples of Building Relationships 28:07 Jeff DiVeronica Joins...


CCC0019: The Podcast Challenge

In this episode Jim discusses the NPR Podcast Challenge with West Irondequoit Teachers Casey Nelan, Erica Kramarz and Erin Quintero. They brought samples of their students submissions and talk about the benefits. 03:40 Teens Have A Voice with Podcasts 05:15 Ideas to Getting the Ball Rolling 06:48 Podcast Period 10:26 How Students Prep for their Podcasts 13:50 Editing their Work 17:50 Students Podcast Examples 23:50 Podcasting as a Class Activity The NPR Podcast Challenge can be found here.


CCC0018: It’s a New School Year and our 2019 ISTE Review

In this episode Dan, Maria and Jim summarize their experience at the 2019 ISTE Conference in Philadelphia and talk about the new school year, as well as a brief preview of what's in store for the podcast! Send us your feedback at, or call our voicemail line at 346-FAQ-HELP. 01:30 ISTE Conference Summary 3:40 Focus on What Each Host Went to Learn 4:30 Key Takeaways from ISTE 7:35 Bigger Picture Workshops 10:25 Building Independent Learning 12:24 Maria's Microsoft Thoughts...


CCC0017: Using Technology in Education and Issues That Arise

In this episode Dan talks about using technology in education and issues that arise. Send us your feedback at, or call our voicemail line at 346-FAQ-HELP! 01:25 Technology as a Tool 02:58 Key Terms 04:55 Regulations 7:40 Ransomware 9:40 Locking Work Station 11:44 Data Handling 16:35 Storage Drives and Potential Attacks 17:00 Phishing Examples Follow Dan on twitter at @aplusphysics


CCC0016: Castle Learning with Scott Fischer and Kim Conner

In this episode we talk with President Scott Fischer and Training Manager Kim Conner from Castle Learning Send us your feedback at, or call our voicemail line at 346-FAQ-HELP! 01:50 What is Castle Learning 04:00 Self Study Options 05:10 New Features 7:00 Audio/Video Integration 9:50 Integrating with Other Systems 11:50 Tracking Time on Task 13:40 What Is Available 16:40 Freshing the Content Castle Learning can be found at


CCC0015 : Learnics and the ThinkingApp with Dr. Greg Cottrell and Dr. Doug Lare

In this episode we talk with Dr. Greg Cottrell Principal at North Hunterdon High School in Nazareth Pennsylvania and Dr. Doug Lare Professor of Professional & Secondary Education, Co-Department Chair, Doctoral Program Coordinator at East Stroudsburg University about Learnics and the ThinkingApp Send us your feedback at, or call our voicemail line at 346-FAQ-HELP! 04:15 Thinking App 06:55 Goal of Learnics 09:50 Surprising Trends 11:53 Looking at the Data 13:40 Scope and...


CCC0014: Deborah Kerby -Hour of Code and Girls who Code

In this episode we talk with Dr. Deborah Kerby Business and Computer Teacher at Pocono Mountain School District Stroudsburg Pennsylvania and she discusses the Hour of Code and Girls Who Code programs. Send us your feedback at, or call our voicemail line at 346-FAQ-HELP! 01:25 Deborah Kerby joins us 04:00 Hour of Code Program 05:20 Girls Who Code Program 09:12 Trends in Educational Technology That You Are Not So Fond Of 10:20 Evaluating Technology in the Classroom 12:31...


CCC0013: Reflecting on Year 1 of Computers, Coffee and Curriculum

In this episode we discuss our first year of Computers Coffee and Curriculum podcast, highlighting our favorite episodes and we talk about where we are going in season two Send us your feedback at, or call our voicemail line at 346-FAQ-HELP! 01:25 Our Growing Numbers 03:50 Thoughts on What We Accomplished 07:20 Learning Experience for US 08:00 Season 2 09:51 Summer Episodes 12:30 Our Favorite Episodes 13:38 Home Work Assignment 14:34 We Love Your Ideas!