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EdTech Banter, Interviews with Great Thinkers and Tech Tips in a Digestible Format

EdTech Banter, Interviews with Great Thinkers and Tech Tips in a Digestible Format
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EdTech Banter, Interviews with Great Thinkers and Tech Tips in a Digestible Format




Tech Talk Roundtable 06-21 | The Wheel of Awesome Topics

Description So many topics. So Little time. On today’s show we couldn’t decide on a single topic so we’ve decided to leave it up to … fate? Chance? Dumb luck? Rest assured no matter what topic comes up you – our loyal listener – are going to be a winner. Join us today as we […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-20 | Too Much of a Distraction?

Description It’s late at night. You’ve just settled down to sleep. Then you hear a vibration from the smartphone on your nightstand. Can you resist the urge to check it? Smartphones and now smart watches are – or at least seem to be – an essential part of our life. We look at them frequently […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-19 | It’s Not About the Tech, It’s About the Learning

Description Learning is all about relationships. If this is the first time you’ve heard us say that then you are new around here. Welcome to our podcast! Today we take that mantra and apply it to Professional Development (PD) because, as educators, if we are not connecting with others we are missing out on an […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-18 | The Pressured Child with Dr. Michael G. Thompson

Description Do you remember what it was like to be a student in grade school? Are you getting flashbacks of Field days, recess, team sports and Mrs. Scranton’s music recorder class or…are you among the many that are breaking out in cold sweat thinking about tests, group projects, bullying and peer pressure! Well today we […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-17 | Wired to the Web and Beyond – with Hall Davidson

Description Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. Global Online Collaboration. Smart Phones. Smart TV’s. Smart Watches. Smart Cars. Artificial Intelligence. Does trying to keep up with today’s technology make your head spin? How did we get here? What’s next? Today we bring in an expert on the technology of education past, and the digital tech that’s going […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-16 | Happy Anniversary WWW

Description Ring the bells! Sound the trumpets! Crank up the party machine! It’s time to celebrate! This week, that wonderful invention, that thing we could not live without, turns 30 years old. What are we talking about? The WORLD WIDE WEB of course! Can you remember what you life was like before the web? Can […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-15 | Design Thinking with Ariel Raz

Description Do you live spur of the moment? …. by the seat of your pants? Take it as it comes? Well, turn off the radio, because today we are talking about living by design … the latest in Design Thinking by Ariel Raz. Lessons Learned Chris – Forgive. You need it, too. And not forgiving […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-14 | EdTech Ask Me – Version 2.0

Description Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, it’s that time of year, and because we LOVE you… It’s Baaaaacck!! Because you loved it before – and because we couldn’t come up with a better topic for today’s show – it’s time for another edition of EdTech Ask Me! Version 2.0! Dennis is once again taking […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-13 | Embracing a Culture of Joy – with Dean Shareski

Description Picture your school. Your classrooms. Your staff meetings. Your professional development. Do you see the JOY? Is joy an integral part of your day, or something you only do if you have extra time? Today we welcome our special guest, Dean Shareski, an expert on Joy and the author of “Embracing a Culture of […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-12 | Your Well of Inspiration

Description We’ve got a question for you. Where do you go for inspiration? When you need something to energize or refocus you, or perhaps you just need to turn the Shang-lows, back into Shang-highs, what resources do you tap? Today we will share some of our top sources for inspiration and also some inspirational resources […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-11 | Get The Hook!

Description Well, it is that most wonderful time of the year, With the kids jingle belling, And everyone telling, you be of good cheer… So, be of good cheer! Today we gleefully and cheerfully explore the art and science of creating lesson hooks that are sure to grab students’ attention and heighten their interest in […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-10 | Top Ten Techie Things We’re Thankful For

Description It has been said that there is a time for everything. a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak. Well today it is […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-09 | I See, I Saw, I Shared My Learning

Description There’s a lot of debate over the appropriateness of technology use in Early Childhood, but we’re excited about the possibilities of using technology to keep parents informed and collect evidence of learning. Today we take a look at a tool called SeeSaw and how it is being used here at Concordia in Preschool and […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-08 | Student Designed Gamification

Description Already this season you’ve heard us talk about Game Design and Gamificiation, well today we’re Kickin’ it up a notch and sharing how students are taking ownership of their learning by designing their own “gamified” learning experiences. When students design their own learning experiences you know you’ve got something special. Lessons Learned Chris – […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-07 | Big Data – with Dr. Peter Tong

Description Every second of each day: 8,239 Tweets sent 876 Instagram photos uploaded 3,427 Skype calls 63,TB of Internet traffic 70,248 Google searches 76,004 YouTube videos viewed 2,739,223 Emails sent So what can we learn from all this data? What can we do with this data? Well we are very fortunate to have a colleague […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-06 | L.E.A.P. – Live from the 2018 ACAMIS Tech Conference

Description Today we are live from the Western Academy Beijing auditorium, home of the 2018 ACAMIS Technology Conference! Our audience is made up of our wonderful colleagues working in international schools throughout China and Mongolia, and I will add that they have not been paid to be here. So, either they somehow actually chose to […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-05 | Gamifying Your Learning with Vince Siu

Description I like games. Elvenar, Clash of Clans, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne … I’ve played them all, with pleasure. But this is a podcast focusing on education and technology, right? Where is there room to play games in that?!? Sure, we want to make our classes fun, but … Well, you may have heard about […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-04 | I Need to Stop Doing That

Description Is it possible to teach this old dog a new trick or three? Maybe. We’ll see. Today we are getting reflective and waxing philosophical as we examine our own behaviors and ask, what is it that we need to stop doing? What habits have we formed that eat up our “bandwidth” and prevent us […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-03 | Social Media, Social Life, and Teenagers

Description “Those kids are ALWAYS on their devices!” But what are they doing? A new report shared by Common Sense Media this week sheds some light on teens and social media – what they’re doing now, compared to what they were doing just 6 years ago. And since teens always seem to be ahead of […]


Tech Talk Roundtable 06-02 | E-Mail Safety – Don’t Get Scammed

Description Did you know that most hacking incidents are not the results of random “brute force” attacks, but rather occur when WE willingly and unwitting share our personal information? It seems the more sophisticated our security gets, the more clever online scam artists get at tricking us into giving up our ID’s and passwords. Today […]