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Conspiracy Corner is a no holds barred straight-talk show about both conspiracy theories and facts with guests and Information you may not hear via mainstream media. Hosts David and Wes

Conspiracy Corner is a no holds barred straight-talk show about both conspiracy theories and facts with guests and Information you may not hear via mainstream media. Hosts David and Wes
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Conspiracy Corner is a no holds barred straight-talk show about both conspiracy theories and facts with guests and Information you may not hear via mainstream media. Hosts David and Wes




World Events and Economic Update and Conspiracy Stuff

Welcome back fellow conspirators! We will again look at the current developments around the world that are leading up to something, whatever it will be. Greece is on the verge of either an exit from the EU or making a deal with the slave masters at the IMF. The Ukraine situation continues to boil closer to a major conflict as does the situation in Syria. We will also look at what is happening around the US as the government pushes for more control of the populous. From more Executive Orders...


World Events Accelerating Rapidly towards WW3; Special Guest Brandon Council!

Welcome back fellow conspirators! We have all witnessed the increasing rate of change that has and is still shaping the future to come. As economic conditions continue to deteriorate across the globe, and those in power prepare for conflict abroad and at home, we are all caught in the middle of very interesting times! Governments continue to try to keep up their narrative that “everything is fine” while at the same time preparing for “civil unrest” and war. They are losing their grip of...


Vaccines, RFID Chips, Economic Collapse Update, and Finding Hope For Humanity

Welcome back fellow conspirators and inquiring minds! Tonight we're going to hit on a cornucopia of topics and hopefully make sense of at least some of them! Given many of the recent cases of varying disease outbreaks, measles, Ebola, various flu viruses and even Plague in Madagascar, the powers that be are pushing vaccines hard again. We will discuss the science and propaganda around the whole vaccine issue. In relation to that, as well as any other possible pieces of information about your...


La Corrida de Poncho!

Some of my friends stopped by the Oasis on their way back from the Capitol today and wrote a song about foot sticking door jamming fun. It must have been the BBQ or southern fried chikin but I swear I saw a man channel Mearle Haggard tonight. Song lyrics and guitar by Pablo Frias.


Open Carry TX Update & Guests; Economic Update; Global Chess Moves

Good evening fellow conspirators! Welcome back! Tonight we are expecting to hear from some special guests from the front lines of the battle for Open Carry in Texas! The situation on the ground continues to develop as Lt. Governor Dan Patricks tries to back pedal on his word. Also, we continue to monitor the economic waves as they crest on the global stage. Greek elections this week have elected the Anti EU / Anti Austerity party. The possibility that Greece could default and leave the EU...


Economic Update: Growth Forecast Lowered; World Powers Jockey; Conflicted Cards

Good evening fellow conspirators! Welcome back for another informative and speculative episode of Conspiracy Corner! Tonight we will discuss current global events and strategy as countries, regimes, populations, and TPTB jockey for position as the old paradigm winds down. With the global economy slowing down, everyone is looking to make a move to be in a better position after the "change event" truly happens. Meanwhile, the MSM and other propaganda mouthpieces of the world are spewing...


TX HB195 Handgun Carry Bill; Jason Orsek CATI; Economic Collapse Update

Welcome back everyone! My apologies for last week’s technical issues and last night's lack of show. We are working on some things on our end and hope that we can iron them out and return to our normal schedule soon. If all goes well tonight, we will be talking about TX HB 195: Summary: Relating to the carrying of handguns; providing for the open carrying of handguns; removing the requirement that a person who may lawfully possess handguns obtain a Concealed Handgun License in order to carry...


Welcome Back fellow Conspirators and Truth Seekers!

Welcome back everyone! We are very excited for another wild year here on Conspiracy Corner. Thanks for hanging with us through the holiday season break. I, Wes, have moved to a remote and undisclosed location, which is great, but alas, the internet here is fair at best. We will be doing our first attempt tonight at running the show with Dave as the technical front man, so bear with us if there are some technical issues; thanks! As for tonight's show topics, I suppose we will reminisce a bit...


Merry Christmas from the home office in Bedford Falls

Tonight we share a Christmas Classic, A Christmas Carol, 1970 with Albert Finney. Everyone has their favorite version, this one is mine. Peace, love, and conspiracy.


Current Events Update, Oil Price Crash, Civil Unrest and More!

Join us tonight as we continue to track the "new normal" in world events and economic conditions. Oil continues to decline in price, NATO continues to put pressure on Russia, MSM still pumping propaganda and distraction while government alphabet agencies ramp up for increased civil unrest. Where is it all going? What can we do? Tune in and call in and help us find our way as we once again see how deep the rabbit hole goes! Be sure to like our FB page and provide feedback! Thanks everyone!...


Civil Unrest Continues, Economic Factors Deteriorate, and Survival Scenarios

Joins us tonight as we discuss the ongoing downward trend of many factors in our world today. With civil unrest continuing in many cities, and more cops not even going to trial for killing citizens, the populous is reaching a breaking point. The economy also continues to stall or fall with many moves being made by central banks and governments around the world. So, what does this mean for you and what can you do? We will also discuss some survival scenarios in a "what would you do" format....


Constitutional Gun Rights, Ferguson PhysOp, and Unity over Division

Join us tonight as our good friend Chris Dorsey joins us to discuss the Law of the Land, people's sovereign rights, the government PhysOp in Ferguson and around the country, and how to overcome the propaganda. We will be discussing Constitutional carry of arms; specifically the TX and VA Constitutions. Join us in the chat room here on blogtalkradio and be sure to like or FB page too! Looking forward to and...


Current Events Unfolding Towards Epic Flashpoints

Join us tonight as we are joined by our good friend and radio host Dave H from We will be discussing many events that are set to culminate simultaneously in the very near future. Topics to include Ferguson, Immigration EO, Ukraine, Syria, G20, and continuing Economic developments around the world. As always we must evaluate our place in all of these events and the times in which we find ourselves. What is...


Conspiracy Corner Open Topic Night

Good evening fellow conspirators! We're looking for listener suggestions for topics for tonight and for future shows! Please join us with any topic that is on your mind tonight or that you would like to discuss on a future episode. Tonight we will begin with current events and see where the night takes us.


Current Events Update: Elections, Economy, WW3 Hotspots and Much More

Join us tonight as we discuss a multitude of recent events from the US Elections, update on economic issues, and WW3 buildup around the world. We will be joined by our friend and guest Dave H from Endgame Beginning of WW3 radio show! Dave H will bring us some updates from the Ukraine and Middle East fronts as well as opinion on where it is all heading. Also, a big thanks to all of our listeners as October was our best month Ever in terms of listeners! We do it all for you all, and we would...


Current Events, Ancient Knowledge, and the Afterlife

Join us tonight as we discuss some current events and delve into how what we see today is related to Ancient Knowledge, and the keepers of power and information. We will also discuss philosophies regarding the nature of our spirit selves and what happens after the death of our mortal bodies. This episode is dedicated to the memory Charles G Rosson Jr; beloved Husband and Father who passed Oct 24th.


Stock Market Correction, Ebola Contagion, and Middle East Update

Join us tonight as Dave H. from EndgamebeginningofWW3 joins us as we discuss the latest news, events, and the Conspiracy that ties them all together. We welcome any of our listeners to call in and give us their sit-rep and viewpoints on these and any related (or not) topics! We may also discuss what we all can do now to be prepared for these, or any other, eventualities.


Current Events, Conspiracy, and The Nature of Reality

Join us tonight as we discuss the state of the world in which we find ourselves today. Journey with us as we seek truth and source in our quest to understand the reality which we seek!


Conspiracy Corner

Up to date discussion on current events and then some.


Special Guest Jim Parks

Texas journalist Jim Parks joins us to discuss some recent events such as Pete Santilli being exposed as an FBI operative. KC Massey and Floyd Breshears also join us to discuss the border situation in Texas and threats faced by the Border Volunteers