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A motivational podcast on self-confidence, positivity, and achieving your dreams.

A motivational podcast on self-confidence, positivity, and achieving your dreams.
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A motivational podcast on self-confidence, positivity, and achieving your dreams.






Pageantry and Self-Confidence

The good and the bad. Join me as I talk with some talented ladies about their experiences in pageants as well as what they have seen happen to other girls. Pageants help train women for many life skills including interviewing, public speaking, and self-confidence. Some systems can cause a feeling of not belonging based on your size but there are some systems trying to change that for the better! Body positivity needs to be more prevalent. "Health" concerns should be left to the individual,...


What Is Personal Branding AND Does Marketing Really Matter

Listen ad free at check out my swag store, exclusive content, and more at join the facebook community at facebook instagram I look forward to getting to know you. Be sure to subscribe and share! Sarah Fegley (c) 2018. All Rights Reserved. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message:...


Confidence Boosting Habits

Check it out ladies, we have a natural tenancy to fight our own self confidence and it shows. Self confidence impacts our entire life from relationships to our jobs, plus it is always changing just like our life. This is something we need to make a priority and continuously work on. Twelve tips and tricks to boost your self confidence. Some are things you can add to a morning routine. From gratitude to practicing public speaking, this episode is jam packed full of ideas that are sure to...


Demystifying to Woo with Cathy Weiss

Understanding what energy is, what a soul-centered life is, overcoming co-dependency (or other stuck places), and why it matters. Energy reading - crazy accurate!!! Tell us more about yourself.(something that will make listeners go"Oh-me too!") What was your journey that brought you to doing What you do? what is your favorite part of your job? Codependency. What are the signs? Why is it important to overcome How do you take that first step to overcoming? What are some...


Owning Life with Katrina Widener

Katrina Widener is a former marketer, journalist, and social media manager turned entrepreneur life coach who gets overly excited about helping small business owners feel empowered and find amazing growth in their businesses. Whether it’s watching a client tell Her why they’re uniquely qualified in their profession, working together to create copy that sells, or seeing their eyes light up when they feel inspired to tackle a problem, working as a life coach has brought her more fulfillment...


Mom Life with Tiffany Pate

Tiffany is a wife and mom of three with an eclectic background. Her passion is in the power of a story. She believes stories connect us, makes us feel less alone, and carry power. Tiffany shares stories about her life, struggles, and all the ways God has shown up. She believes all stories have power to save lives, because God writes the best plots. What has motherhood been like for you? biggest victories, biggest struggles.... What brought you to starting Mom blogs? What are your...


Making your fertility journey SUCK LESS with Pradeepa

Infertility and how it affects women, how it affects men, how it affects couples(relationship) What it was like going through an infertility journey alone. Biggest thing that helped you through it. What impact has all of this had on your family, friends, and relationship? What support do you wish you had looking back? How did this effect your self-confidence? Overview of a coaching session and retreats. Favorite thing about your job. online course- Discount code - SUCKLESS for $50...


The Green Beauty Movement With Jamie Jones

A homeschooling mom who grew up in Nigeria, Jamie is also an administrator on an educational group, Healthy. Beautiful. Woke. where she educates women on ingredients and how to shop for clean personal care products. What started Jamie in the green beauty movement. What the green beauty movement is. Why is clean living so important? Specific ingredients to avoid. Tips and tricks to make clean living affordable and easy. Connect with Jamie:...


Is it nature or nurture? Self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-compassion

self-efficacy: future looking beliefs self-confidence: turning thoughts into action self-esteem: present looking beliefs optimism: your interpretation self- compassion: abilities to view yourself as human This stuff is now the main event! It is what aids you in success! Create Yourself Facebook Community: Find more content just like this: Become a member for exclusive content: Please...


Setting Yourself Up For Success

With the New Year sneaking up on us really quick, I want you guys to start it off with a Bang! And then keep that momentum up the entire year I not giving up Goals aren’t achieved-for a variety of reasons. Not the right goal for them, wrong reasons for doing it, not clear enough, not big enough, no action plan, the list goes on. First, we need to discover your goals. Next, we need to get rid of all of those voices in your head that are limiting you. My favorite way to start off the morning...


Perfect doesn't exist

We all seem to get ideas in our head, a timeline our life should follow, and if we don’t hit those benchmarks, we area failure or can’t move onto the next phase. What moments in your Iife haven't gone as expected? they made you who you are today so you wouldn’t want to change them. I love that God has a way of humbling us or showing us that we Really ARE capable of handling yet one more thing on our ever growing to do list. Find that internal desire to help the world, yourself or your family...


Prioritize Yourself: 12 things to help your sanity

This episode is a continuation of the Prioritize Yourself series.. Today we will be covering the last topic. Mental health. Dum Dum Duuuum. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have SOME level of anxiety. Now a little bit is a good thing. Its your sixth sense telling you to be aware of something. But sometimes it can get out of control and may even lead to depression. This is where taking care of your mental health is important. Now if you do have depression, you should consult your...


Prioritize Yourself: Ten tips and tricks for fitness when you just don't have the time

This episode is a continuation of the Prioritize Yourself series.. Today we are talking about.. ugh… physical health! Really?! Who picked this?? Well long story short. You need to decide if you are self-motivated enough to do at home workouts, or maybe you need a change of scenery and get a generalized gym membership. Or if you are like me, you need all of the willpower and will only get it done if you go to a place with an actual class that tells you what to do and when, mixed with a bit of...


Prioritize yourself: Clean eating tips and tricks

Continuing in the Prioritize Yourself series, in this episode we talk about, what I believe is the hardest thing to do in this series, clean eating. Benefits from clean eating: improved gut health, maintaining or getting to a healthy weight, disease prevention, energy boosting, and improved mental health. everyone’s body is different so there isn’t a one tried and true 100% guaranteed method. Clean Eating Basics and Meal Prep Surviving the holidays Stop the mindless eating Show notes and...


Prioritize Yourself: What is self-care anyways?

I am so excited to finally be making my dream of helping others find their self-confidence to create their life a reality with this podcast So many women have the tendency to care for everyone else before themselves. And any self care you do practice is the first thing to get shoved aside. Join me in figuring out why every woman need to work on this and how we will accomplish it. you need this body God gave you to live the life you want and to the fullest. Burnout is REAL. Without...