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Harnessing Boredom for Creativity, Reflection, And Growth

Boredom. We’ve all experienced it. Those long, draggy afternoons, the restless waiting in lines, those moments when time seems to stand still, and our minds scream for stimulation. But what if we told you that these moments, rather than being wasted, hold a secret power? Would you want us to tell you about it?


Unifying the Four Pillars: Practical Steps to Live Your Best Life

In this insightful episode we dive deeper into the four pillars that form the foundation of living your best life: Relationships, Career, Spirituality, and Health. Tune in as we explore the intricacies of each pillar, their intersections, and their cumulative impact on our lives. We take an in-depth look at how our relationships influence our […]


4 Pillars of Creating Your Best Life: Part #4 – Finding Passion & Purpose At Work

In this episode, we’re going to unwrap six essential elements of achieving career success, while also maintaining that crucial balance with our health, relationships, and spirituality. We’ll be discussing:


4 Pillars of Creating Your Best Life: Part #3 – Building Powerful Relationships

In part 3 we discuss the power of creating lifelong relationships by discussing 6 important points: It’s important to note that the relationships that we cover in this episode go much further than just romantic ones as we discuss friendship, family, and even work relationships. Bonus: We left a blooper at the end!


4 Pillars of Creating Your Best Life: Part #2 – Mental & Physical Health

In part 2 we discuss the importance of taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. When it comes to your physical health you must focus on 5 things: Regular activity Good nutrition Drinking lots of water Your Gut health, and Getting adequate rest For mental health, we discuss 3 different topics: Psychological, Emotional, and […]


4 Pillars of Creating Your Best Life: Part #1 – Spirituality

Spirituality is the first pillar for a reason. Without your spiritual core, which we will talk about in a minute, you can’t have the kind of outward relationships that are important to living a good life. You can’t be healthy, not truly healthy because true health is both physical AND mental. And your career will […]


How To Use the Power of Thought to Power Your Life Forward

In past episodes we’ve spoken about your inner voice, living authentically, overcoming fear, and how to change your mental programming. Every one of those episodes involves the power of thought. The thoughts that you give power to are the root cause of your entire life. When we’re unhappy we seek change. Typically, this change involves […]


How To Better Understand WHO You Are and How To Be Okay With it

While being part of a group isn’t inherently a bad thing, not being 100% you is. Depression comes from playing a role. It comes from not being 100% authentic to your true self. If you become okay with being subservient to the ideals of the group, if it goes against your core beliefs, then you […]


7 Ways To Live Your Life More Authentically

Being your authentic self is essential for building meaningful relationships with both yourself and others. Being authentic means that your thoughts, words, and more importantly your actions line up and match your core identity. It ensures that you’re seen, it shows that you matter. Being authentic lights your path forward. It gives meaning to […]


The Mindset of Forgiveness – Letting Go So That You Can Move Forward

If you look online there are many articles written on the topic of forgiveness. You’ll find articles titled How to Let Go in 12 steps or 15 tips on how to forgive the hurt. While there is some great info there, we feel that there are only four things that you must remember when working […]


How To Overcome Your Inner Bully, Practice Self-Love and Show Yourself More Compassion

In today’s episode we discuss how to overcome your inner bully so that you can live a life of deep personal joy, success, and greatness. We talk about mindfulness, self-kindness, and shared humanity. We even give you a 4-step approach to dealing with your inner critic. We’ve spoken about the power of relationships, in this […]


6 Ways to Overcome Distraction, Meet Your Goals, and Prioritize the Important Things

In today’s episode we will be talking about distractions and how easily they can pull you away from your focus and prevent you from using your full attention towards whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Distractions happen both internally and externally and while not all distractions are your fault, it is your job […]


Dreaming Big, Overcoming Fear, And Becoming Extraordinary

Fear is debilitating. It robs you of your self-worth and paralyzes you when you even think about taking action towards your goals. This is a built-in hardwired response to anything that would put your life in danger. It's a left-over evolutionary survival trait that is meant to keep us alive. When you understand that fear […]


Being Intentionally Grateful & 5 Ways to Achieve Ultimate Joy

Cultivating Gratitude - Being Intentionally Grateful & 5 Ways to Achieve Ultimate Joy Today, T. Lavon Lawrence & David N. Johnson will be discussing how having an attitude of gratitude can change your entire outlook on life. It may sound overly simplistic, maybe even pie in the sky, but don’t let that deter you from […]


Overcoming Mental Programming

Table of Contents HOW TO OVERCOME LOUSY MENTAL PROGRAMMING The In’s and Out’s of Subconscious Programming, When to Change It, and How Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind – The Elephant & The Rider Tips, Tools, & Methods for Changing Your Mental Programming Easy, Fun, Fascinating Way Some Books & Other Resources Useful in Reprogramming Your Subconscious […]


Habits & Success – How To Create Habits That Stick

Episode 03: Habits & Success - How To Create Habits That Stick! Show Highlights. "The very best decision I've ever made is to learn all about Habits, how to make them and how to break them, because it has changed everything." ---T. Lavon Lawrence, Creating Your Best Self Podcast David N. Johnson and T. Lavon […]


Balancing Success – Building Powerful Win-Win Relationships

In our second episode we discuss the importance of building powerful win-win relationships with your spouse, boss, co-workers, children, and more. For so long we’ve been thinking about relationships all wrong and how important they are to our overall well-being. In Balancing Success – Building Powerful Win-Win Relationships David N. Johnson and T. Lavon Lawrence […]


Balancing Success – The 4 Pillars of Living Your Best Life

In our pilot episode, we discuss the 4 things that you MUST focus on in order to see true success. Many times we chase just one part, money, which causes us to lose so much along the way. In Balancing Success – The 4 Pillars of Living Your Best Life David N. Johnson and T. […]