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We all have points of pain in our lives, whether emotional, relational, spiritual, physical or sexual, that have for too long, kept us from victoriously moving past them and reaching our summit. It's to that end that this podcast's commitment to you exists. Join me as together, we take A Walk In Progress!

We all have points of pain in our lives, whether emotional, relational, spiritual, physical or sexual, that have for too long, kept us from victoriously moving past them and reaching our summit. It's to that end that this podcast's commitment to you exists. Join me as together, we take A Walk In Progress!


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We all have points of pain in our lives, whether emotional, relational, spiritual, physical or sexual, that have for too long, kept us from victoriously moving past them and reaching our summit. It's to that end that this podcast's commitment to you exists. Join me as together, we take A Walk In Progress!






A Dedication to All Those Who Serve and to Great Moms Everywhere - Featuring Author Kenneth Earl

Brief Episode Summary: In the casino world, betting against “the house,” that is, the notion that if you “play” long enough, sooner or later, you’ll come out a winner, is a fool’s errand! In the human realm, betting against someone who has invested heavily in developing their mind, managing their emotions, and practicing self-discipline, coupled with the guidance of a wise, inspirational, and dedicated Mom, will almost certainly provide the same negative and deleterious result! Just ask...


Down for the Count - Only This Time, the One Lying on the Mat...Isn't You! - Featuring Dr. Karen Forshaw and Chrissie Mowbray

Brief Episode Summary: There is no shortage of resources that urge you to get back up when life knocks you to the ground, and that would be fine if they included effective guidance in one key sadly overlooked area...How to get back up…How to Rise! I knew from the very beginnings of plugging into the collective wisdom of Karen Forshaw and Chrissie Mowbray, that I was on to something special! As the host of this podcast, my greatest challenge was condensing a plethora of life-changing...


Let's Be Honest! Is Your Life Desperately in Need of a Hard Boot? If So, Push the Reset Button! Featuring Author, Life Coach and Psychotherapist Dr. Foojan Zeine

Brief Episode Summary: To reset, is to set something again, like an alarm for instance. It’s a starting over, a hard boot in computerese. Why would anyone desire to do a reboot of their life, if it weren’t for the unfulfilling one, they see on so many levels as they honestly peer into the mirror of their life-essence? Be it relational, vocational, familial, and more, pursuing the idea of a reset of your life, an Awareness Integration, is crying out…to you! #honesty #hard boot #reset...


There are No Bad Days, Simply Those We Choose to React to...Badly! - Featuring Author and Entrepreneur Chris Patrick

Brief Episode Summary: Whether this moment in time finds you at the top of the mountain or down in the valley (and if you’ve never been in the valley, just give it time), life for all of us is a roller coaster! What is so very important to get your head around is this…there are no bad days, simply those we react to badly! Better that we learn the life lessons the Universe has for us sooner than later, apply them, and move forward. They are an essential part of the recipe of...


Becoming the Best Husband on the Planet...but you need to be the worst - first!

Brief Episode Summary: There’s a real and present danger associated with having an abundance of praise heaped upon oneself by others whenever they’re in the limelight, especially when they’re the new kid on the block so to speak and despite how well intentioned those others may be. This, is my story. #Jesus #church #religion #Christmas #husband #ego #Divine #spirituality #healing #forgiveness Resources: Shareable link to this episode: Alan's email...


The Death of Yesterday and the Escalating Emergence of NOW! Featuring Author and Professor Emeritus at George Washington University, William E. Halal, PhD

Brief Episode Summary: Our guest author asserts that the present global order is woefully unsustainable and requires massive change! Virtually anyone with a pulse would be hard pressed to challenge that! Further, we’re entering uncharted territory, a post-factual world where values and beliefs supersede knowledge. The great Jesuit anthropologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, said that the world would evolve into a “noosphere,” a great web of consciousness enveloping the Earth. As Beyond...


What if a Fly on the Wall of Your Life Could Speak? Featuring Hollywood Voice Actor and Author Mr. Harlan Rector

The title of this Podcast is Discovering and Living the Best Version…of YOU! That said, we’ll never attain that lofty standard unless and until, we discover, then live…our Divine gift, our purpose, regardless of age! It’s never too late! #Divine #purpose #meaning #inspiration #voice #significance Key Topics: How do people find purpose in life at any age and stage of life? How can life, ultimately matter? When looking back and forward on one's life, did it mean something? What was your...


The Power of Possessing a Spirit of Constant Gratefulness!

Brief Episode Summary: The longer I'm on my earthly journey, the more certain I am as to the truth that "the best things in life are free, or nearly free! I can't thinks of a better illustration of this timeless gem than the personal possession of a spirit of gratitude! It's benefits are literally without end! Sadly, far too many get in their own way, choosing to focus instead on what they think they lack, attracting even more of the same and depriving themselves of the unlimited storehouse...


Whatever it is You're Thinking, STOP...RIGHT NOW! Featuring Author and Entrepreneur Rob White

Brief Episode Summary: The seeds for everything you desire, already reside within you. It’s not about taking on more, by adding, but rather, getting rid of the excess baggage, that which doesn’t serve your purpose! It’s about subtracting. It’s about keeping things simple. The simpler the better! When it comes to conducting our daily affairs and orchestrating our earthly destinies, we alone are The Maestro! #seeds #excessbaggage #purpose #Maestro #MaestroMonologue #multi-task Key...


Succeeding on Purpose

Episode Summary: What if you knew in advance that whatever worthwhile undertaking you have in your heart was guaranteed to succeed, however you define success, that it couldn't miss? Failure would not be an option. How incredibly exhilarating, uplifting and empowering that would be! Are you able to control the outcome of all that burns within you? YES! Key Themes You simply need to ACT where "A" stands for Acceptance, "C" stands for Commitment and "T" stands for Team. The personal cost of...


Forgiveness Uncovered - True Happiness and Healing...Discovered! Featuring Author and Poet, Renaria B.

Brief Episode Summary: “Until the masks come off and the wax removed, every date is a blind one!” Despite the trauma some experience, rather, because of it, on the other side, we discover that the greatest emotional state we can possess, is true happiness. There is no greater contributor to our well-being, our healing! Renaria B’s book, SCAR CITY, is about revisiting trauma and dark places, coping, the processing period, and finally, healing, all told in poetic form. Though it contains...


A Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness - Featuring Reverend Dr. Marcia Ledford, Civil Rights Attorney

Brief Episode Summary: On April 17, 2020, I hosted one of my first podcast episodes…and still, one of the most memorable, at least it is to me. Its title is Recovering from Religion – Growing in Faith. Confessions of a Recovering Evangelical. My guest was Rabbi Alicia Magal. Today, I have the great joy of hosting political theologian and Episcopal priest, Rev. Dr. Marcia Ledford, Civil Rights Attorney. The organization she aligns with, Political Theology Matters, has within its Mission...


Why Are Men Studs and Women Sluts? An Excerpt From "I'm Every Woman" - Authored by Alan E. Freedman

Brief Episode Summary: Where did this inviolable worship of the penis with its resultant global dominance originate and what role does male-engendered religion play in its perpetuation? Unquestionably, women don't require a man to experience an intense, satisfying orgasm. Furthermore, the notion that penile-vaginal sex as the only morally accepted way one that one can experience their sexuality is clearly a bunch of hooey! Key Topics: A real-life accounting of how religion and its...


Transforming the Seemingly Impossible - One Effectively Changed Life at a Time! Featuring Life Coach, Author and National Athlete Caroline Bellenger

Brief Episode Summary: History is replete with the stories of those who were down and almost out! Where turnarounds occurred, it was predicated on receiving the needed support and encouragement, much of it being efficient, but not effective. Then there’s Caroline…Comeback Caroline as the Gold Coast Bulletin recently referred to her. She knows only too well the truth in the saying “empty are the seats in the theater of mediocrity”, that efficient people do things right, but effective people...


The Best Investment You'll Ever Make - Guaranteed! Featuring Author V. Thomas George, MD, MSc

Brief Episode Summary: “In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.” - Eric Hoffer. In his book, Health in Flames, V. Thomas George, MD, MSc, asserts that Americans have been hearing the same old tired advice from doctors who preach the virtues of exercise and following a healthy diet for years. He acknowledges with complete honesty that it is not working. There is a better way! The...


Raising Your Vibrations, Heightening Your Present Awareness and Synchronicity - Coincidence or Divine Causal Direction? Featuring Former Psychotherapist and Author Pat Rowe Corrington

Brief Episode Summary: For me, intentionally beginning each day, seeing my hand confidently resting in the hand of the Divine and walking together in lockstep, is crucial to getting off on the right foot! Thereafter, with “eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart that understands,” I need to be open to the “magic,” the events with life-changing consequences, the guideposts that confirm for me, that I’m on, “my amazing path!” Key Themes: The terms synchronicity and coincidence can be used...


Straddling the Fence of Life - "Empty are the seats in the theater of mediocrity!"

Brief Episode Summary: Ollin is an ancient Aztec word, an expression of immense depth that conveys intense and immediate movement. It means to follow your path in life wholeheartedly, to move and act now, to get all-in. People who live in total harmony with the spirit and intent of this life and world-changing word are unabashed in their fervor. They leave no doubt whatsoever to any observer or listener as to where they line up on a whole host of issues. They are emotionally, physically,...


Got Depression? A Primer! - Featuring Author Zack Rutledge

Brief Episode Summary: You are not a “depressed person,” rather, you may be a person living with depression. The greatest singular antidote is identifying all the contributing factors where you have control or influence over them, investing all your time, talents and treasures there and nowhere else! “Action is the antidote to despair” – Joan Baez Key Themes: We all possess a life-purpose. Whether we discover it or not is a different matter!If someone close to you is depressed and looking...


Enhancing the Purpose-Driven Life - Featuring Intuitive, Spiritual Facilitator and Crystal Therapist KO BAJA

Brief Episode Summary: Begin a conversation with the goal of defining what spirituality is amongst 12 people and it’s a virtual certainty, that you’ll get 13 opinions, which will most definitely be “all over the map!” Some will be presented as “yes and” while others will be inflexible, “it’s my way or the highway.” That’s the way I used to be, convinced that I had the answers to most anything. If you wanted to know the truth about something, I was your guy! I was the Divine’s keeper of the...


America's Judges - Usually Principled, But Far From Perfect! - Featuring Judge Charles Benjamin Schudson

Brief Episode Summary: For those who have found themselves at the mercy of the judicial system or will yet, given what can be at stake, how critically important is it that unfettered impartiality be at the core of the presiding judge’s being, his or her essence (or is that a pipe dream?) and, what is judicial independence and by defining it, does that act arrest corruption, or does attorney and journalist Patrick Radden Keefe hit the mark when he wrote, “corruption is a regrettable feature...