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A community for women by women where we will have raw and authentic conversations about all expressions of what it is to be embodied as a woman. This is meant to support women, inspire, motivate and uplift the Soul.


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A community for women by women where we will have raw and authentic conversations about all expressions of what it is to be embodied as a woman. This is meant to support women, inspire, motivate and uplift the Soul.




A Playbook to Childcare Success

In Season 2, Episode 11, we talked about planning your optimal childbirth experience, but after your baby is born, what then? Childcare is a heated topic in the United States as we have more and more women in the workforce. My guest, Pam Palanza helps us to navigate the challenges of finding childcare and how to best prepare when planning a family. Bio: Pam Palanza is the proud mother of 4 children and has 8 grandchildren ranging in ages from 5 to 20 years old. That is her first and most important role, family is everything. To earn income, she has been an entrepreneur for many years, owning a variety of different businesses including a balloon delivery business, a gift basket shop, and an eldercare referral service. For more than 40 years, Pam has been in the childcare industry as a provider, consultant, trainer, and public speaker. Currently, she owns carefinderz.com and childcarecoaches.com and has a podcast by the same name. The focus of these businesses is to educate and inform parents about the wonderful world of childcare. Facebook: facebook.com/pamela.palanza Website: www.childcarecoaches.com


Manifesting your Desired Childbirth

In this episode, I speak with Mindset Pregnancy Coach, Shirley McGowan King. She is a woman of many talents. She is a Spiritual Counselor as well as the Founder of Mom-to-be Sisterhood. Through her own experiences of becoming a mom, she shares her tremendous wisdom and intuition in supporting other women to have the pregnancy and birthing experience they dream of. Bio: Hi, my name is Shirley McGowan King. I am a mompreneur, I am married and have 2 young children,1 and 4-years-old. I am half American and half Italian. I was born in Germany and was lucky to grow up three lingual. I am currently based in London, UK. I have created Mom to be Sisterhood because during my first pregnancy I noticed a lack of love and attention to detail during the care that I received from various professionals. As a consequence, I developed PND (Postnatal Depression). I was angry and resentful towards them. I couldn't understand why I had the negative experience when I wrote my birth plan and made everyone aware of my past and therefore the danger of developing PND. One day, I found myself thinking that someone has to do something about it and empower women to know their rights and be supported with the upmost care and love. That's how slowly but surely Mom To Be Sisterhood came to life. Today I'm supporting women across the world going from being anxious about their upcoming childbirth to feeling truly empowered, confident and nurtured at childbirth and beyond. This course that I am starting on the 21st February 2021 is about learning how to visualise and manifest your desired birth. It might sound impossible to you to have the control over your childbirth experience but the contrary is the case when you follow the method, I have used for my second childbirth experience. I was very scared when I found out I was pregnant for the second time and I had gone through this experience again. But it didn’t last long because I started the process of applying everything that I teach inside Mom To Be Sisterhood. Very soon I was able to enjoy my pregnancy and really look forward to meeting my baby girl knowing that I will be absolutely fine. In this course ‘Visualize & Manifest your Desired Childbirth’ I will teach you the method that I have used to manifest my desired child birth and transform myself to a powerful woman who created an amazing atmosphere around her at the hospital. It is so important for women to feel safe and taken good care of when they put their health and that of their unborn babies in other people’s hands. I show them how they can create that for themselves. The power is within us, we just need sometimes a little bit of help to recognise that and activate it. This has become my life’s purpose: Supporting pregnant women in their 3rd trimester to visualise and manifest their desired childbirth so that they can experience an empowered, nurtured and safe childbirth without fear, worries and the feeling of being out of control by using the universal laws. Contact details: Website: www.momtobesisterhood.com Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/shirley.mcgowanking/ Facebook group: www.facebook.com/momtobesisterhood/ Instagram: https://bit.ly/MomToBeSisterhood-Instagram


Authentic Badassery

In this episode, I speak to author, speaker, mentor & lightworker Jesse Shedden. She takes us through a journey of relational dynamics through time and how the imbalance of masculine and feminine energy shows up not just in intimate relationships but also on a larger scale in society and institutions. Jessie Shedden is the relationship dynamics mentor for the new wave of empowered women stepping up for themselves, their relationships and their generations all over the world. She helps women cultivate true love, connect with their soulmates and create deeply meaningful & effortless relationships. Her strategies are used by women in relationships, seeking relationships, and burnt by relationships to put them back in the driving seat. She is also the founder of The School of Authentic Badassery- where women create core confidence, unlock their passion and potential, understand energy balance and relational dynamics. Website: jessieshedden.com FB: facebook.com/jessejshedden IG: @jessieshedden


Have the Relationship You Want

Transformational Relationship Coach Ana Ruiz takes on a deep dive into the root causes of failed relationships and what are some of the tools we need to attract a fulfilling relationship but also make it long-lasting. Who is Anna Ruiz? I empower couples and individuals to have fulfilling and long-lasting relationships. Since I was very young I watched my parents fight often. I remember feeling scared and helpless. I was 14 years old when they went through a very rough divorce. I created a story in my head that marriage is painful and non-stop conflict. Years of failed relationships and a longing for a healthy long-term committed relationship are the main reasons why one day I decided to seek help. I became a student of intimate relationships, psychology, attachment theory, neurobiology and eventually became a Relationship Coach certified to work with couples and individuals. I also found real love with a great man and we’ve been in a committed growth-oriented relationship for years. My relationship is a source of strength, support and inspiration to continue doing this work and live my life’s purpose by serving humanity. In my years working with couples and individuals, I’ve learned that most relationship issues are caused by the combination of one or more of the following factors: unhealed childhood wounds, unresolved current and/or previous relationship hurts, not knowing how to resolve conflict, and missing relationship tools or skills. I can help you with all of the above so you can have the relationship you want. Website: https://www.anaruiz.life/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ana.s.ruiz Instagram: @anaruiz.relationship.coach/


Live a Life You Love with the One you Love

Diving Deep with Denise unravels the toil and the beauty of sacred relationship with Relationship Expert, Jeanell Greene. I love how she beautifully weaves her journey through a difficult divorce and now a dream come true marriage with the amazing wisdom she shares with her clients. Bio: Jeanell is a Marriage Expert and Coach whose sole mission is to save marriages and heal broken hearts. She works with couples who are on the edge of divorce or separation and help them return to love and a loving place where appreciation, affection, and respect live harmoniously. Her own experience with divorce and now presently living inside a beautiful 15-year marriage she had always imagined, she brings words of hope, wisdom, and compassion in an authentic, high-energy, and no-nonsense style to both her private clients as well as stages everywhere. Jeanell is committed to transforming what it means to be married and is living proof that romance, intimacy, and connection can blossom and grow long after the honeymoon phase. Website: www.jeanellgreen.com FB: https://facebook.com/wingwomanhero IG: @wingwomanhero YouTube: WingWomanHero


The Soulmate Mantra

Find your soulmate with this amazing intuitive healer, doctor and best-selling author, Dr. Falak Shaiikh. Dr. Falak takes us through her own journey of questioning her own patterns, wounds and traumas and turning those into her wisdom for healing and finding love. Her Story: I am a healer, a homeopath, an author, a wife, and a mother of two beautiful kids. As a doctor of homeopathy and an Energy Healer, I have been engaging in the healing and personal transformation industry for more than 15 years. I have been helping men and women heal, grow and transform into the best versions of themselves and live life in abundance with a soulful loving relationship. I am qualified as an MD in homeopathy and started my career as a doctor of Homoeopathy in India, where I was born and raised. Later in my practice, I got certified in various healing modalities like Theta Healing, Reiki, EFT, Access Bars, Angel Therapy, Prana Violet Healing, Crystal Healing, Sixth Sense Healing, Ancestral Healing, Transgenerational Healing, and Family Constellations. I am an internationally certified Yoga Instructor. I am also a channel of Light Language and light codes. I brought the Science and Intuitive Energy healing together to help my client heal and transform. I am also an author of the book "The Soulmate Mantra", a woman's guide to finding love. It's a book to help women bring in change within themselves and help them find a soulful loving relationship. I am also really passionate about working with women and empowering them to rise in their divine feminine essence and rise in their power. I now live in Toronto, Canada with my Soulmate and beautiful kids. I have been fortunate enough to create an extraordinary life for myself and I constantly work on myself, heal and grow to be the best version of myself, and I invite you to do the same in your own unique way. Love, Falak Website: https://www.falakshaiikh.com/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/falak.shaikh.338 IG: @dr_falakshaiikh


The Body Knows Best

In this episode, I talk to guest, Leslie Cabral, Registered Dietician Nutritionist. Leslie shares with us her appreciation and celebration of food as a child growing up and how later that changed to disordered eating through conditioning. Eventually, comes back into balance through research and education to now supporting others to lose weight and change their relationship with food forever! Bio: Leslie Cabral is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, health coach, and a diet rebel at heart. She’s on a mission to challenge every single piece of diet advice out there (she believes they keep us disconnected from our true selves!), and instead teach you how to come back to the wisdom of the body - so you can find freedom with food, melt into YOUR natural body for life, find intuitive health and never have to go on a diet ever again. Through her personal journey of healing her marriage, her binge-eating, and a lifetime of feeling powerless, she has learned to embody her authentic self and fully embrace her inner wisdom. Her Food Relationship Awareness System (FRAS) is a proven method that teaches how to access the body’s internal wisdom and has helped many of her clients not only end their struggle with food but also step into a more aligned version of themselves and start living the lives they truly desire. https://www.facebook.com/LeslieDietitian https://www.instagram.com/eating.freedom/


It is Never Too Late

I love when fitness intersects with personal growth and mindset and this guest, Diane Amelia Read does so in her business. I love how she's had 64 solar returns and is on fire!! There is no slowing down for this vibrant, dynamic, fit and confident Personal Transformation Coach whose mission is to help women fall in love with themselves. Bio: Diane Amelia Read, Personal Transformation Coach is on a mission to make the world a more loving and interconnected place by helping people fall in love with themselves. Experienced advisor, helping women 45-65 get fit for good and create income doing it. Skilled in teaching techniques for personal development, professional growth, and sustainable transformation. Lifestyle coach for mindset, health, wellness, income, and lifelong fulfillment. Believer in people. Contact: DianeAmeliaRead.com IG: @realDianeAmelia FB & LinkedIn: Diane Amelia Read Podcast: Personal Power for the Common Good Change your life. Change the world. PersonalPowerCommonGood.com


The Dark Night of the Soul

In this episode with Weylyn Ember we explore her own journey of pain through a series of tremendous losses. As she plunged into the Dark Night of the Soul, her courage brought her deeper to go underneath it all to then emerge to her own truth and her immense gifts as a healer. Weylyn teaches us how you can embrace non-traditional forms of therapy in connecting to nature, energy healing, shamanic healing, and knowing your spirit guides to access deeper healing and a sense of self. Bio: Weylyn Ember is a former biologist turned psychic healing guide after a dark night of the soul revealed the truth of who she was. Now she helps women struggling with a life change out of pain and into resilience. For more information go to: www.weylynember.com


Chatting with a Witch

This episode was "wicked" fun!!! No really, I got to speak to the Woodland Witch, Rebeka Maxwell. Now I am sure many things come to mind when you hear witch, but I invite you to have an open mind. Rebeka has many gifts and she embraces them all while owning calling herself a witch. If you are a psychic, healer, or medium and haven't quite figured how to navigate it all, then Rebeka is your person. Take a listen! Bio: Rebeka has been on her path as a Witch for a few years now. Her journey has brought her to accept her gifts, while also showing her how to use them to help other women alike. This is her journey. Contact: instagram.com/woodland.witch.wellness facebook.com/woodland.witch.wellness tiktok.com/@woodland.witch.wellness website: https://linktr.ee/woodlandwitchwellness


Leading with the Divine Feminine

This episode with Leslie Rochelle was truly awe-inspiring and I know that it will be for those women that are in the corporate world right now knowing that they have earned the right to lead in a bigger way and perhaps have not been seen or have not been able to break through the traditional male-dominated status quo. She offers sage advice coming from personal experience on how to first know yourself, show up authentically, and know-how to harness feminine energy to break the glass ceiling and reach new heights in your life and your career. Bio: Leslie is an Intuitive Leadership Coach & Mentor with a focus on the new leader. She supports her clients, through a variety of disciplines best described as a lovely combination of life coaching, leadership coaching & personal development beautifully sprinkled with aspects of spirituality. The benefits experienced by her clients are an increase in self-awareness, confidence and leadership impact that results in ease & flow in their lives & careers. Leslie's aim is to guide her clients as a whole...in all aspects of the human, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. In her corporate role, Leslie supports a multibillion-dollar company. As the first visible female leader at her site location, she has become the go-to support for new & emerging female leaders. She is an active mentor, mentee & facilitator. Her vast experience & knowledge in overcoming personal obstacles to become her ideal leader allows her to support her clients in a meaningful way. The passion she has for coaching in the entrepreneurial space is driven from a desire to support that earlier version of herself and live into her philosophy of Learn, Do. Teach Visit: www.leslierochelle.com


Farm Girl Fearing to Farm Girl Leading

In this episode, we have the incomparable Anessa Collins, She EO 1.0, a Leadership Coach for high achieving women. She has been empowering women into authentic leadership for over 14 years. This is her story: I’ve been where you are and felt the disconnect between being a successful leader and being myself. For so many years, I thought I needed to conform to succeed. Be quiet, be loud, be pretty, be perfect, follow the rules. Along the way, I gradually forgot who I was and this minimized my impact. On the outside, I checked all the success boxes (money, prestige, status). On the inside, I was unfulfilled, lost and misguided. I was a Farm-Girl Fearing. At 37, following years in corporate America, I embarked on a journey to rediscover myself, what made me tick, and what made me, special. I dove into the elements required for real change: mindset, habits and goal alignment. I leveraged 15 years of consulting where I had become an expert at helping professionals move through change. After a bit of hard work, I found myself and anchored my leadership as a SheEO. In 2008, I launched a thriving coaching practice dedicated to women and their health. During this time, I discovered many of my clients had lost themselves in the same shuffle. They were having an impact but wanted more. Getting more meant finding themselves and anchoring there. I was a Farm Girl Rising. Over and over again, I witnessed women reclaim themselves and create their own type of leadership firmly anchored in being authentically themselves. Deep work takes digging, incremental change, practice and real action, but you don’t have to do it alone. I am a SheEO. I am a storyteller. I am a woman leading women down a path I know well. My name is Anessa and I am a Farm Girl Leading. www.anessacollinscoaching.com


Reaching Heights

Just as the phoenix that rose from the ashes so does this beautiful soul, Lydia Ignacio. An amazing Social Worker, therapist, Coach and Healer who turned her own pain into triumph and lives empowering others.


Reaching Heights

Lydia’s passions lie in helping people find the hope, strength, and belief in themselves needed to propel their lives forward, succeed in stepping into their purpose, and actualizing their truest self. With over 15 years of experience in the social service and psychology field, and her love for the alternative arts of healing therapy, she works to customize services to help you claim your power. She first works to help you shed the mental, emotional, and physical blocks impeding your progression. To then help you carefully craft a comfortable and feasible plan of action to execute your most merited desires. The experience is manifestation in the making by positively cultivating your truest actualización of self into reality.


Trauma to Triumph

Meet the beautiful and charismatic soul of Lydia Ignacio, Social Worker, Coach, Healer and founder of Reaching Heights. A woman who turned her tragedy unto triumph and long the way never lost her smile and her joy for life and living.


Trauma to Triumph

Lydia’s passions lie in helping people find the hope, strength, and belief in themselves needed to propel their lives forward, succeed in stepping into their purpose, and actualizing their truest self. With over 15 years of experience in the social service and psychology field, and her love for the alternative arts of healing therapy, she works to customize services to help you claim your power. She first works to help you shed the mental, emotional, and physical blocks impeding your progression. To then help you carefully craft a comfortable and feasible plan of action to execute your most merited desires. The experience is manifestation in the making by positively cultivating your truest actualización of self into reality.


A New Beginning Post Cancer

Interview with the extraordinary Kristen Wood-Ferullo, a young breast cancer survivor who turned her tragedy into triumph by opening up a fitness studio and giving seniors a home after their Wellness Center closes.


A New Beginning Post Cancer

Kristen Wood Ferullo is the owner of K-FIT Studio in Peabody, where she is also a resident. The fitness studio is very unique in its industry because it offers a variety of classes that appeal to the senior population. Kristen has been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2004, and a licensed physical therapy assistant since 2014. Kristen’s love for fitness only began during the early years of 2000. After battling weight her entire life, and becoming very overweight in her college years, she had finally decided to make a lifestyle change. That lifestyle change overtime became her career. After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2010, Kristen’s life had been changed, but her passion for health and fitness just grew even stronger. Her spirit and enthusiasm for fitness were very apparent throughout her cancer treatment. She believed exercise saved her life, and she wanted to continue to share her story with the hope of inspiring others. Not knowing just how she would do this, her life journey led her to the present day as being the K-FIT Studio owner. It wasn’t her dream to necessarily be a business owner at the time, but it was her dream to continue to Inspire, Motivate, and Change people’s lives with exercise and fitness.


Mother-Daughter Relationship

A very special episode with my daughter Christine. A very intimate look into our relationship, sexual trauma and healing between mother and daughter.


Functional Medicine Meets Integrative Nutrition

Julie Freeman is a licensed integrative nutritionist with graduate education in psychology, counseling and education. Post-graduate concentration has been in functional medicine, with completion and certification in this discipline. She has over 40 years’ experience in the field of nutrition, counseling and health promotion. Additionally, she is certified in Mind-Body Medicine, Yoga and Reiki. She has authored two cookbooks with a focus on balanced meals in book one and healthy, low glycemic desserts and snacks in book two. Julie has a passion and knack for creating meals that are eye-appealing, delicious and healthy. Her third book, Sunflowers, Sapphires and Seraphim, is her personal story of transformation – an opportunity to share and inspire hope for others faced with life’s challenges. Website: www.juliefreemen.net IG: @juliefreemanmindfulwellness FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070241499782&sk=about