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A community for women by women where we will have raw and authentic conversations about all expressions of what it is to be embodied as a woman. This is meant to support women, inspire, motivate and uplift the Soul.

A community for women by women where we will have raw and authentic conversations about all expressions of what it is to be embodied as a woman. This is meant to support women, inspire, motivate and uplift the Soul.


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A community for women by women where we will have raw and authentic conversations about all expressions of what it is to be embodied as a woman. This is meant to support women, inspire, motivate and uplift the Soul.




The Soulmate Mantra

Find your soulmate with this amazing intuitive healer, doctor and best-selling author, Dr. Falak Shaiikh. Dr. Falak takes us through her own journey of questioning her own patterns, wounds and traumas and turning those into her wisdom for healing and finding love. Her Story: I am a healer, a homeopath, an author, a wife, and a mother of two beautiful kids. As a doctor of homeopathy and an Energy Healer, I have been engaging in the healing and personal transformation industry for more than...


The Body Knows Best

In this episode, I talk to guest, Leslie Cabral, Registered Dietician Nutritionist. Leslie shares with us her appreciation and celebration of food as a child growing up and how later that changed to disordered eating through conditioning. Eventually, comes back into balance through research and education to now supporting others to lose weight and change their relationship with food forever! Bio: Leslie Cabral is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, health coach, and a diet rebel at...


It is Never Too Late

I love when fitness intersects with personal growth and mindset and this guest, Diane Amelia Read does so in her business. I love how she's had 64 solar returns and is on fire!! There is no slowing down for this vibrant, dynamic, fit and confident Personal Transformation Coach whose mission is to help women fall in love with themselves. Bio: Diane Amelia Read, Personal Transformation Coach is on a mission to make the world a more loving and interconnected place by helping people fall in...


The Dark Night of the Soul

In this episode with Weylyn Ember we explore her own journey of pain through a series of tremendous losses. As she plunged into the Dark Night of the Soul, her courage brought her deeper to go underneath it all to then emerge to her own truth and her immense gifts as a healer. Weylyn teaches us how you can embrace non-traditional forms of therapy in connecting to nature, energy healing, shamanic healing, and knowing your spirit guides to access deeper healing and a sense of...


Chatting with a Witch

This episode was "wicked" fun!!! No really, I got to speak to the Woodland Witch, Rebeka Maxwell. Now I am sure many things come to mind when you hear witch, but I invite you to have an open mind. Rebeka has many gifts and she embraces them all while owning calling herself a witch. If you are a psychic, healer, or medium and haven't quite figured how to navigate it all, then Rebeka is your person. Take a listen! Bio: Rebeka has been on her path as a Witch for a few years now. Her journey...


Leading with the Divine Feminine

This episode with Leslie Rochelle was truly awe-inspiring and I know that it will be for those women that are in the corporate world right now knowing that they have earned the right to lead in a bigger way and perhaps have not been seen or have not been able to break through the traditional male-dominated status quo. She offers sage advice coming from personal experience on how to first know yourself, show up authentically, and know-how to harness feminine energy to break the glass ceiling...


Farm Girl Fearing to Farm Girl Leading

In this episode, we have the incomparable Anessa Collins, She EO 1.0, a Leadership Coach for high achieving women. She has been empowering women into authentic leadership for over 14 years. This is her story: I’ve been where you are and felt the disconnect between being a successful leader and being myself. For so many years, I thought I needed to conform to succeed. Be quiet, be loud, be pretty, be perfect, follow the rules. Along the way, I gradually forgot who I was and this minimized my...


Reaching Heights

Just as the phoenix that rose from the ashes so does this beautiful soul, Lydia Ignacio. An amazing Social Worker, therapist, Coach and Healer who turned her own pain into triumph and lives empowering others.


Trauma to Triumph

Meet the beautiful and charismatic soul of Lydia Ignacio, Social Worker, Coach, Healer and founder of Reaching Heights. A woman who turned her tragedy unto triumph and long the way never lost her smile and her joy for life and living.


A New Beginning Post Cancer

Interview with the extraordinary Kristen Wood-Ferullo, a young breast cancer survivor who turned her tragedy into triumph by opening up a fitness studio and giving seniors a home after their Wellness Center closes.


Mother-Daughter Relationship

A very special episode with my daughter Christine. A very intimate look into our relationship, sexual trauma and healing between mother and daughter.


Functional Medicine Meets Integrative Nutrition

Interview with Julie Freeman, a master nutritionist, mind-body counselor and empathic human being talks about her journey and her unique and individualized approach to nutrition.


Latinx Proud

Candid conversation between two Latina women sharing experiences as 1st generation American. In this podcast I introduce, Elizabeth Gomez, an incredible Nurse Practitioner who is passionate about community healthcare and empowering the latino community. 1


The Natural Way of Medicine

Candid conversation about natural approaches to medicine with Dr. Christine Cronin. She holds a PhD in Natural Health and has some interesting methodologies in assessing imbalances in the body. Her unique and individualized approach ensures that every person is being treated holistically.


Race Matters

The race wars and the civil unrest run deep in our country. Starting from the top down there is systemic racism at all levels. You will hear the very powerful voice of one such view of African American educator, Health Coach, Activist, Personal Trainer and so much more....Angela Crawford.


Two Life Coaches

Interview with Amanda Leigh Patti, an International Healer and Radiant Life Alchemical Coach. We navigate topics of our healing journey, self limiting beliefs, abuse in relationships and much more....


It Was Written in the Stars

Interview with Remi Ibraheem, a prolific writer and gifted astrologer who teaches how complex and profound astrology is as a science and a tool for a deeper understanding of what our purpose is in this lifetime is.


A Dreamer

Interview with Adrienne Cordero Lausell, Denise's 22-year-old trans daughter talks about her journey from boy to her true being of female. Instagram: @adrienne.co TikTok: @adri3nne.co


Strong is the New Skinny

Hayley Ryan Doyon, fitness professional, artist, wife and mom takes us through her own personal journey of years of self loathing and disorderly eating to discovering a new path through sports, nutrition and redefining fitness on her own terms.


A Dreamer

Interview with Adrienne Cordero Lausell, Denise's 22 year old trans daughter talks about her journey from boy to her true being of female.