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DogLab is a show about dog behavior, for anyone who has ever loved a dog. From the team at Instinct Dog Behavior & Training. Join co-hosts Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser as they interview dog behavior experts on topics about our canine family members.

DogLab is a show about dog behavior, for anyone who has ever loved a dog. From the team at Instinct Dog Behavior & Training. Join co-hosts Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser as they interview dog behavior experts on topics about our canine family members.


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DogLab is a show about dog behavior, for anyone who has ever loved a dog. From the team at Instinct Dog Behavior & Training. Join co-hosts Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser as they interview dog behavior experts on topics about our canine family members.






The Sticky Interaction between Medical Issues and Behavior with Dr. Chris Pachel

We have a special treat for you today; world-renowned veterinary behaviorist and lecturer, Dr. Chris Pachel has joined us to discuss a sometimes confusing topic; medical issues and how they can cause or contribute to behavior issues. The more experience one gets with behavior and training, the more and more it becomes evident that some behavior issues are related to a seemingly unrelated medical issue. But here’s the thing; just like chronic or acute pain, or inflammation, or UTIs, or...


The "Teenage Phase"/Adolescent Dog with Dr. Naomi Harvey

The "Teenage" Phase (6 months - 2 years) with Dr. Naomi Harvey We have a special episode for you today, with a world-renowned researcher Dr. Naomi Harvey from Dogs Trust, who has been all over different media outlets recently to discuss her latest research on adolescent dogs. The findings are utterly fascinating and difficult to exaggerate; while anecdotally canine experts have for years discussed similar phases of development in adolescent dogs that we see in adolescent humans, the data...


The Future of Detection Dogs with Dr. Lucia Lazarowski

Today we have Dr. Lucia Lazarowski to discuss the future of Detection Dogs, and how we can use that knowledge to improve the selection and development of our own pet dogs. In this episode, we discuss the history of detection dogs, the difference between passive and active indication, behavioral evaluation and selection, developing and socializing puppies, cognition abilities in detection dogs, and olfactory learning and memory. We also spend a good amount of time discussing resiliency in...


Pet Grief with Dr. Katherine Compitus (Part 2 of 2)

Today's episode (part 2 of 2 with Dr. Katherine Compitus) is on a tough but important topic, pet grief. If you are struggling with this or will be in the future, we hope this episode helps you through the grieving process. Our Guest: Dr. Katherine Compitus, D.S.W., is a licensed clinical social worker in New York. Her research focuses primarily on clinical social work, the social determinants of health, and the human-animal bond. She is also the founder and chairman of Surrey Hills...


Dr. Katherine Compitus Part 1 of 2 - Animal Assisted Therapy

Today we have Dr. Katherine Compitus here to discuss two important topics; Animal Assisted Therapy and Coping with Pet Grief. Due to the importance of both subjects, we have decided to break this into two parts, with this first episode exploring Animal Assisted Therapy and the next episode focusing on coping with losing a pet (which will be released next week). Animal Assisted Therapy as a concept has become popular in recent years, but what actually is it? And what is the difference...


The Evolution of Pet Parenting with Dr. Shelly Volsche

Today we are investigating human-canine coevolution, and specifically, the role pet dogs currently play in our families. I think for most of us long enough in the tooth, we have seen a dramatic shift in the roles dogs play in our families, and the expectations we place on them. While I live in NYC now, growing up in Nova Scotia I can rarely remember people walking their dogs on leash (and certainly not bringing them to restaurants or birthday parties), but I can clearly remember neighborhood...


Lost in Translation with Ruth Crisler and Sarah Fraser

In this episode, Sarah Fraser and Ruth Crisler are back by popular demand to discuss Lost in Translation; how dog body language or behavior can easily be misinterpreted. This nuanced discussion taps into the immense experience of our guests, and will certainly help you understand your canine family member better. Guests: Ruth Crisler Ruth Crisler has been working with dogs and horses since 1991 and training dogs professionally since 1998. She is a Certified Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA),...


Dog and Kid Safety with Dr. Emily Levine and Helen St. Pierre

In today's episode, we discuss Dog and Kid Safety with veterinary behaviorist Dr. Emily Levine, and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Helen St. Pierre. We discuss Dr. Levine's soon-to-be-released children's book titled "Doggy Do's and Don'ts" (email to be notified when this becomes available on Amazon in May 2020), why kids are more likely to be bitten by a dog that they know, the benefits of kids having a pet dog in the home, how to bring a new dog...


Helping Dog Owners Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today we are focusing on practical advice that you can use for common behavior and training issues in this COVID-19 lockdown world. While the shutdown provides some unique challenges, it also provides some opportunities to make progress on behavior and training goals. We discuss enrichment (both mental and physical at 00:04:55), leash reactivity (00:26:00), separation anxiety (00:56:50), puppy socialization (01:14:42), and foster dog basics (01:23:00). If you are only interested in one or a...


Genetics and Behavior with Dr. Jessica Hekman and Trish McMillan

We have two incredibly intelligent and talented guests today to talk about a complicated and sometimes controversial subject; genetics and behavior. I promise this is worth listening to, and our guests bring a unique mix of scientific and practical knowledge that makes this episode one you don't want to miss. Guests: Dr. Jessica Hekman is a postdoctoral associate at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and teaches online classes about the biology and genetics of canine behavior. Jessica...


Play Bows and Visual Perception with Dr. Sarah Byosiere

Today’s episode is “Play Bows and Visual Perception”, with Dr. Sarah Byosiere. This is a fun one, and the discussion will help you understand the function and evolution of your dog’s play bows, and how your dog visually sees the worlds. Guest Bio: Dr. Sarah Byosiere is the Director of the Thinking Dog Center at CUNY Hunter College where she focuses on studying the behavior and cognition of domestic dogs and other canids. Dr. Byosiere began her career at the University of Michigan where she...


Making Sense of Smell with Jessica Schulte

Today’s episode is “Making Sense of Smell” with our guest, Jessica Schulte. It’s a fascinating conversation about how this superhuman ability informs the ways in which our dogs perceive, navigate, and understand the world around them. It also provides insight into the value of adding structured or competitive nosework into your dog’s routine. Our Guest: Jessica is a certified dog behavior consultant and a certified professional dog trainer and is one of the first Nose Work instructors...