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Lab 013: Predator

Our city boy/hot girl summers are coming to a close, and while we will miss summer, there’s one thing we won’t miss - mosquitoes. We all were bitten by mosquitoes…A LOT. But mosquitoes don’t just make us itchy - a recent New York Times article called them “the deadliest human predators on the planet.” In this episode, we put mosquitoes under the microscope - why do they need our blood in the first place, what kind of illnesses do they carry, and why do some people (Titi) get bitten more than...


We're Back!

Dope Labs is back for Semester 2 on September 12, with a whole new batch of episodes dropping every other Thursday. And we want to hear from you! Call us at 202-567-7028 and tell us what you think we should dissect this semester.


BONUS: Semester One Bloopers!

From Wakanda to vaccines to Safaree’s hairline, there was a lot to talk about in Semester One… but there was also a lot of material that hit the cutting room floor. In this post-Semester special, T & Z take you through their favorite bloopers and outtakes from Semester One. Don’t forget to tune in for Semester 2 on September 12th!


Lab 012: The Cookout

It’s the Semester Finale! And Titi & Zakiya would like to invite you to their virtual cookout. In this Lab, they dive into the science of taste, flavor, and neurogastronomy and serve it up right alongside the mac and cheese and potato salad (without raisins). Show Notes:


Lab 011: I Look Like Bae

From the BET awards to the NBA awards folks are coming out looking GOODT from head to toe! Getting dressed up is easy, but Titi and Zakiya want to know how everyone's faces look so flawless. So, in this episode they dive into the chemistry, material science and biology of looking like BAE. And for a little help, they enlist all-star beauty expert Joanna Simkin, whose clientele includes Issa Rae, Marsai Martin and Regina Hall. Show Notes:...


Lab 010: It Was All a Dream

Titi and Zakiya take a trip down memory lane but... it seems like their recollections are VERY different! In this episode they dive into the psychology and sociology or memory and try to understand why their memories of the same thing are so different. Show Notes:


Lab 009: How NOT to Get Away with Murder

If you are into true crime this lab is for you! For decades, the “Golden State Killer” case had zero leads. Then, in 2018, investigators found a suspect using an online genealogy database. In today’s Lab, Titi & Zakiya dive into all things commercial genetic testing to find out how all of these at-home DNA kits are getting your 3rd cousins locked up! Guest: Erin Murphy, JD Show Notes:


Lab 008: Fair Play

Caster Semenya lost her case against the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF). Titi & Zakiya take a deep dive into the world of hormones, specifically testosterone. What makes it so special? How does it affect performance? How does the IAAF decide cutoff values? What in the policing women’s bodies hell is going on here?!? They have questions and want to see the IAAF's lab notebooks! Guest: Dr. Anthony Hackney Show Notes:...


Lab 007: Show Me the Money

Prompted by Elizabeth Warren's bold proposal, the 3,582 Democratic Primary candidates are starting to get serious about addressing the student loan crisis. T & Z use economics and policy (yes, it's science!) to better understand the root of the problem, and what we can do to fix it. Guest: Colleen Campbell Show Notes:


Lab 006: Starchella

Beyonce just dropped Homecoming, basically forcing us all to bow down to the EPITOME of a star. But Titi and Zakiya want to know, what do the stars in our galaxy have in common with the biggest star on Earth? Guest: Amy Steele Show Notes:


Lab 005: Wakanda Forever

We want vibranium and we want it now! Titi and Zakiya explore the depths of vibranium's capabilities and try to find things in the world that come close. Guest: Dr. James Kakalios. Show Notes:


Lab 004: Protect Ya Neck

After being eradicated in the US in 2000, measles is back with a vengeance. There are already over 250 confirmed cases in 2019. What's next, the Black Plague is back?! In this week's lab, Titi and Zakiya apply the sciences of epidemiology, medicine, and communication to better understand all of the back and forth that's happening around viruses and vaccines, and how various influences, including celebrity (ahem, Jenny McCarthy) and social media can affect our health behavior. Guest: Dr....


Lab 003: Lie to Me

The internet has become a petri dish for lies and we are SHOOK. So we decided to unpack all kinds of scientific theories around why we lie, and what we can do to stop it. Guest: Iyamide House of Sabanoh Mental Health. To learn more, visit Show Notes:


Lab 002: Edges Snatched

It’s not just women wearing weaves and wigs! Thanks to Safaree and Tyga, men are no longer keeping their hair restoration procedures a secret. Titi and Zakiya use psychology, biology and genetics to get to the root of what’s going on with our hair, or lack thereof. Guest: Dr. Monte Oyd Harris. To learn more about Dr. Harris, visit Show Notes:


Lab 001: Cuffing Season

Valentine’s Day traditionally marks the end of Cuffing Season, which means that today, cuffers and cuffees everywhere are scrambling to figure out whether or not to seal the deal. In their very first lab, Titi and Zakiya dissect cuffing season using the sciences of biology ethology, and ecology. What is it? How did it start? And what can we do to strategize better the next time cuffing season rolls around? Guest: Dr. Paula Alejandra Trillo Show Notes:...


Welcome to the Lab!

Dope Labs premieres on February 14th, with new episodes dropping every other Thursday. Follow us on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast fix.