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EP036 Kim Shults Learn-to-Swim Expert & Author- Specializing in Autism & Adults with Anxiety

"According to the CDC 37% of adults can't swim the length of the pool" Learn to Swim Kim lives in San Diego, CA where she has been providing customized swim lessons for all ages and abilities since 1991. She is an innovator in swimming instruction for people with autism and those overcoming water phobias. Her successful record of aquatic breakthroughs inspired her to found Face in Water, a non-profit organization that helps individuals worldwide develop lifesaving water skills. She has a...


EP035 Jenny Bennett Mother and Drowning Prevention Advocate Parents Preventing Childhood Drownings

Mother and Drowning Prevention Advocate Parents Preventing Childhood Drownings Read Jenny's story and listen to today's podcast as she talks more about her story and what she has begun, a mission to create change. She's on a mission so that other parents do not have to know her pain and what she didn't know that exists around water. There is a common theme as I talk with other parents that understand what I understand is we thought we did everything right. Visit Parents to Preventing...


EP034 Rich Specht with Cultivate Kindness The ReesSpecht Life Foundation

Today's episode Rich Specht with Cultivate Kindness The ReesSpecht Life Foundation. Honoring his son Richard Edwin-Ehmer Specht (Rees) He talks about how following the loss of his son. Mother Nature shows up and delivers him and his family what looks to be a knockout blow. Then a special person comes into his life to give him the proof that shows that there is really good people in the world. His mission found him through a special person. Listen as Rich tells his story and how his...


EP033 Grief, Drowning and the Holidays The Importance of What We Do

Grief a Grief and loss during the holidays. The importance of what we do and how what we know can and does save lives. It can affect families in a positive or negative way. Grief this time of year is very personal to me. With that being said I talk a little bit about it and my feeling in this show. Drowning has no boundaries, it doesn't discriminate, it is fast and silent it shows up when you least expect it. Understand this when you think that someone is watching your child, you may be...


EP032 Weekly Spotlight with Jan Marie Smith Swim Instructor Swimharmony.com

Todays Podcast is with Jan Marie Smith, she's a swim instructor, teaching all ages, and an Aquatic Yoga instructor. Listen to Jan and hear her passion for what she does as she impact people's lives on many levels. JAN MARIE SMITH - AQUATIC TRAINING EXPERT Swim Harmony Jan Marie Smith is a long time swim instructor-known throughout Colorado for her compassionate caring style of teaching. She began her swimming career as a competitive swimmer going all the way to the Junior Olympics and state...


EP031 Nobody is Listening to your Message. Does your Message ATTRACT or REPEL

Does your message attract like a magnet or does it repel like a magnet? Your message is your lifeblood to your overall success. However, no one spends anytime or focus on their message. You want to get better results, then you must spend so much time on the development of your message. Your message should have a value proposition statement. For example, You help people with X so they can have X. So what is the problem you solve and what is the value that you bring to the marketplace. Listen...


EP030 Weekly Spotlight with Swim Instructor Katrina van Eyk from Victoria Australia

This weeks weekly spotlight is with Katrina van Eyk. She is a passionate swimming teacher, coach, business owner and mum. She runs Regional Swim Clinics, Van Eyk Swim School and School Swimming in Pyramid Hill, Victoria, Australia. She currently teaches 50-55 children in and around her community on lessons to learn to swim. Working with educational programs not only in her school but the local schools as it is a mandatory program in the schools in Victoria. Through her three-pronged business...


EP029 What’s Your WHY is it BIG Enough Do you Repel or Attract into your Life

In this episode I'm going to get on my soap box for a bit and talk about your WHY. When life shows up is your WHY big enough and strong enough to carry you through the storm? I know many years ago when I first learned about the power behind having a strong WHY in my life. Why I get up and do what I do. My WHY was always around my daughter and how she drowned. What I wanted to do about it. With that being said it still wasn't BIG enough or STRONG enough to carry me through. I had always...


EP028 Spotlighting Her Passion with Jaimie Clout Aquatics Director Stating at a Young Age

Our Spotlight is on Jaimie Clout. She is a Aquatics Director in the City of Bristol Connecticut. Jaimie is our Drowning Warrior Weekly Spotlight. As Jaimie is on the front lines of this battle, where we wage war everyday against the epidemic called Drowning. She shares with us, starting at a young age following here dream and desire to save lives. Listen as she also shares about events and lessons that she has learned. We need to find more people like her. If you know someone lift them up so...


EP027 3 Things That Could Be Killing Your Online Efforts

Yes you read that right my list of 3 things that could be killing your online efforts. Before you get your ruffles in a bunch on my 3 things. Hear me out. This is to get you to look at what you may be doing that is killing your online efforts. Subscribe to our podcast you just may win a book that we're giving a way this month titled The On Big Thing by Gary Keller You work so hard to get your message out there. You put in time and for many of you that time is the equivalent to a full-time...


EP026 People Slip Through The Cracks Leaving and Quitting on Water Safety & Drowning Prevention

How do we feel when people slip through the cracks. This is how I feel every time someone drowns that they have slipped through the crack and I didn't get to them in time or someone else didn't get there. Can you believe it, we are a TOP raked podcast in Norway of all places. We are ranking all around the globe so keep doing what you're doing and sharing our show. We are making an impact. Lets not give up. I know that we can't talk and get to everyone. However, when we have people leave this...


EP025 Let’s Recognize the Silent Warrior that do the Hard Work Behind The Scenes and Their Support

Today's podcast Silent Warrior. I spend some time with my Wife, Lori. We can be our worst enemy to our self, however those that support what we do and push us to get out of our comfort zone. This show is for all of you that are silent Warriors Fighting the Fight everyday along side of us. We sometimes forget to say thank you for all your support. Lori is a non-swimmer listen as she explains how and why she never learned how to swim. She also talks about what happens that day on June 15,...


EP024 Blood Clots Life Happens Knocked Down but not Out What Inspires You?

What do you do when life happens? If you live long enough life will happen. If you know my story I don't need to tell you how life really showed up in a BIG way June of 1993. October is here. As we move into the 4th quarter of the year and begin to reflect on the last 9 month of this year. Are you on track to meeting your goals for the year, or are you behind? What do you do when people in your life tell you to give up on your fight, no matter what that is? Ask yourself these two question...


EP023 Gerry Dworkin, Lifesaving.com Aquatics Training & Consulting Services

Gerry Dworkin, Lifesaving.com Aquatics Training & Consulting Services. This should be required information for all Aquatic Professionals and not to mention First Responders. Gerry shares his extensive experience not only as a first responder all around the country in different climates and situations. His vast experience lead him to aquatics as he realized the need for aquatic training in this undeserved area. He has put together a team along with training with his years of first hand...


EP022 Swim Strong Foundation Shawn Slevin Talking Water Safety Learn to Swim Skills

Learn To Swim Today's episode #22 with Shawn Slevin with the Swim Strong Foundation. She talks about her experience starting as a competitive swimmer and how she had taken her passion to give back to her community in and around the surround NYC area.. Are you looking to Learn To Swim or for a partnership to work with an organization that is focused on the mission and understands the problem and works everyday to make that difference. Just listen to this episode to learn about Shawn and her...


EP021 Hurricane Florence and the Stupid Things we Do and Our Domino’s

Hurricane Florence Hurricanes are dangerous. That includes Hurricane Florence. People will die when this is all over. The only question is how many deaths? Remember Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico where 3,000 people lost their lives during and following the storm many of which were swept away do to the amount of rain and rushing water. Hurricane Florence is going to dump a massive amount of rain that will be causing flash floods, high water that people will drive through. Stupid people...


EP020 The Two Sides of Water Safety and The Business of Water Safety & Drowning Prevention

Where do you spend your time? The 2 boxes of Water Safety and Drowning Prevention vs The Business of Water Safety and Drowning Prevention How to bring your time that you spend in one box, more in line with what you should be focused on to move your program and the mission to move your goal forward. You see after 25 years following my daughters drowning I believe to many people spend their time in the first box or the one on the left side. I have found myself spending way to much time in this...


EP019 Grow a Pair What’s More Dangerous a Gun or a Pool Great Question Let’s Talk

We're talking to people on the front lines of water safety and drowning prevention. I talked with Nicholas Dionne, the Aquatics Director at Northern Middlesex YMCA, he shared with me what they are doing and how the recent events of drowning has affected their business. They do a great job on the education and working with children teaching swimming lessons as young as 6 months old. Babies in the water. How do we reach the new parents before their children get into the water. Is Pediatricians...


EP018 The Wave System Drowning Detection This Technology is in our Hands Everyday

Drowning Detection Technology. Yes this is a game changer in my opinion. This is why I say this. My daughter drowned 8 feet away from a lifeguard over 25 years ago. If this technology was there as it is here today, my daughter would also be here today. Listen to this episode 018 as we talk about drowning technology as they explain their system and how it works. It is a very simple system in the way it works with the basic technology that we all use and is in our hands everyday. The WAVE...


EP017 Let’s Talk, Somebody From Our Past, Nonfatal Drowning and Life Expectancy of your Nonprofit

Yes you read that right, somebody from our past that was there at the pool 25 years ago reached out, following the episode 014 that I did with my daughter Talia. We need to have more talks about how the affect's of the drownings of their siblings will and does affect and shape their future. Good or Bad. Plus those also that may have been there and that are affected too from these types of tragedies. There is a whole other part of drowning out there that many times doesn't get the attention...