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Every educator has something they are really good at, we want to talk about it. EDU@YourBest is a conversation with anyone in education that wants to share their passion for teaching and learning. Hosted by Matthew Moore; Teacher, Author and Trainer.

Every educator has something they are really good at, we want to talk about it. EDU@YourBest is a conversation with anyone in education that wants to share their passion for teaching and learning. Hosted by Matthew Moore; Teacher, Author and Trainer.
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Every educator has something they are really good at, we want to talk about it. EDU@YourBest is a conversation with anyone in education that wants to share their passion for teaching and learning. Hosted by Matthew Moore; Teacher, Author and Trainer.






POI013 Myth #8 “I understand what flipped learning is”

"I know what flip is" As the cycles of education ideas and vocabulary wax and wane it is easy to confuse familiarity with an education term with understanding.of that methodology. Flipped learning has now been in education circles long enough that most have heard the term. Many have heard the term often enough they feel they have reached a thorough understanding. As a flipped educator for nearly seven years I still feel I have more areas to understand and explore. Join us for this audioblog...


Points Of Interest 012 Myth 7 Part 2 "Best for ALL Students"

Okay so if flipped learning can be adapted to students on the two tails or extremes of the normal curve, and if flipped learning is malleable and effective enough to be customized to various student groups, is there anyone for which flipped learning does not work best? I think that answer has a definitive yes. In this episode we talk about the "Just tell me how to do it" student and the troubled relationship they have with flipped learning.


Points Of Interest 011- Digital Natives and Flipped Learning

This audioblog is the companion piece to the original blog at I discuss the role and relationship of research and flipped learning to the idea of the digital native. Join us.


Points Of Interest 010 Myth #4 Homework At Home

The basis of flipped learning myth #4 is the second half of the definition of flipped as “videos at home/ homework at school” In the previous post for Myth #3 we discussed the limitations of defining flipped learning as “videos at home”, and the false limitations it places on students and teachers. Now let’s take a look at the second half of that incomplete definition.


Points Of Interest 009 Myth #3 Instruction at Home

The basis of flipped learning myth #3 can be found in the limited definition of flipped learning as “videos at home / homework at school”. We discuss how this definition is a viral yet limited view of flipped learning. check out the original blog at


Points Of Interest 008 Myth #2 Flipping is Easy

The second misconception about flipped learning is “flipped learning is easy for the teacher”. There is a tempting element of flipped learning that if the students are watching videos, and the students are doing homework, then the teacher is free to not have to do those things. That is only somewhat true. Join me as we talk about the road to flipping. check out the original blog at


Points Of Interest 007 Flip Myth #1

I hope to cover just a couple myths about flipping in the next few blogs. The first two have to be grouped together because they are opposite sides of the same coin and both address the real and perceived effort required to flip a class. Myth number one: “It it's really hard to flip a classroom” Join me here or at


Points Of Interest 006 - Myth # 5 Revisited

Previously I attempted to debunk flipped learning myth number five that states “no tech is needed to flip”. I still believe that for flipped learning in the modern classroom this is a true statement; however, I must admit there are those with reasonable opinions and reasonable perspectives that vary in the technology necessary. Join me as we look at some of the work of Dr. Robert Talbert and technology beyond video. Source: Cited:...


POI 005 Myth # 7 FLIP is best for ALL students

This is the audioblog for the blog of the same name found at


POI 004 Just run a Cable thru a Wall ... #flipblogs

I short audio record of all of the things necessary to get my classroom planning done on what should have been a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Another entry in the #flipblogs series.


POI 003 Fiddle-Farting Is More Fun Than Working

This week my job really got in the way of my fiddlefarting. In this blog I discuss what I would rather be doing than what I have to do as an educator. Listen in and enjoy.


POI 002 Myth # 6 - “Flipped learning results in overuse of technology”

Myth number 6 is “flipped learning results in overuse of technology”. Myth number 5 was “no tech is needed for flipping”. Like most teaching and learning myths, this myth has a flip side of the coin as well and that leads us to myth #6 and the overuse of technology. Listen to this blog as read by the author.


Points Of Interest 001 - Myth #5 Flipped Learning & Mickey Mouse

This episode addresses a common myth about flipped learning that no technology or video is required. I use Mickey Mouse as an example of the necessity to join sight and sound with text to realize the full potential of flipped learning. Join me as we talk history and education.


EAUB014 Central Illinois Professional Development Institute

I sat down with Dr. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle following a two day regional professional development institute to talk about the need for collaboration and professional growth. With limited financial resources for professional development, we talk about opportunities and benefits that can emerge when teachers, buildings, and districts combine their efforts to benefit one another. The Central Illinois Professional Development Institute has been successful but we discuss opportunities for growth...


EAUB013: Talking New School w/ Jennifer Brummer

Mrs. Brummer is a teaching veteran of 19 years in the science classroom, but this year she began a new chapter at a new school. We discussed what it is like to move from a long term teaching job in one junior high to take on the challenges of teaching in a different district with new colleagues. Join us as we discuss being the new kid on the block.


EAUBep12 Talking DeltaMath with Zach Korzyk

In this episode I had the opportunity to sit down with Zack Korzyk via webcam and talk about this game changing math tool. DeltaMath (found at is an infinite practice set program that allows students to practice to success mathematics problems that thoroughly cover Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus with more courses on the way. Zack is an in-service teacher who has created this tool for his students and shares it with us out of his passion for math and education.


EAUB11 Educating Expectant and Parenting Students with Adrian Moody

This episode we talk with guidance counselor Adrian Moody about addressing the needs of expectant and parenting students. Research shows that the responsibilities and challenges of pregnancy and parenting can have a significant impact on a student's educational success. In turn, educational achievement has a significant impact on long term financial stability. We talk about how to best help these students in the public school system.


EAUB Get to know EDU@YourBest: Everything great in education

This is our first official week of the podcast and we are kicking out some of the content we have compiled for a strong start and for you to get to know us. Follow us on twitter @EDUatYourBest and check us out on iTunes, Stitcher, Google, and any of your favorite podcast formats.


EAUB10b Nick Walsh - Fire For Effect (Short Version)

This shortened podcasts highlights the key steps in the process of making FFE and the details of its inaugural local viewing in September 2018. The extended trailer for Fire For Effect - A Grassroots History of the Vietnam War can be found here:


EAUB10 Nick Walsh & Fire For Effect: A Grassroots History of the Vietnam War

Nick Walsh is a long time educator and historian that has spent the last eight years documenting and compiling a documentary focused on the Vietnam War and the role played by Decatur and the surrounding area. Fire For Effect: A Grassroots History of the Vietnam War will be released to a local audience in September 2018 at Richland Community College with wider release in the near future. Join our conversation about the genesis and journey of this project. The extended trailer for Fire For...