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Artificial Intelligent, The Ultimate breakthrough Technology

Body This week on episode 84 we are talking about Artificial Intelligence and how it can help Emergency Managers, plan for, and respond to disasters. Natural disasters are out of the reach and influence of human beings. However, a lot can be done to minimize the loss of lives. Artificial intelligence is one viable option that can potentially prevent massive loss of lives while at the same time make rescue efforts easy and efficient. Guest Bio This week we talk to Greg Brunelle from On...


EP 83 What is the Real Cost of Natural Disasters?

Body This week we talk to Anne Stauffer of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Anne surveyed state emergency managers and their staffs requesting information on 2012-16 spending for state-funded disaster assistance programs, expenditures related to federal programs, and federal reimbursements received. Pew then determined each state’s total disaster spending by adding the two spending categories and reducing that figure by the reported reimbursement amount. The researchers also held follow-up...


EP 82 A look In The World of Healthcare Emergency Management

Body This week we are talking to Charles Lane about emergency management in hospitals. The Book Five Days at Memorial lays the groundwork for the reason to have a dedicated EM at your hospital. However, some people have not headed the challenge. Charles talks to us about the challenges and victories in hospital emergency management. Guest Bio Charles Lane has worked with a variety of healthcare provider types to develop, implement, test and maintain their emergency management programs....


EP 81 Turn the Tables Making Donations Management Successful

Body This week we talk to Tiffany Everett From Good360 a non-profit that connects business with other non-profits providing services to the community. This service allows the non-profit to spend more of their money on providing services rather than buying items. How Good360 fits in the EM space? They are experts in donations management, relieving the second disaster of donations. Guest Bio Tiffany is a dedicated nonprofit leader leveraging years of experience in program development and...


EP 80 What Happens When You Become a Preparedness Community Activist

Body This week we are talking about community preparedness at the grassroots. The Northeast L.A. Disaster Survival Task Force was born out of frustration from a group of community members that could not find disaster information for their neighborhood. They found general information, however, they felt that there could be more. Mark Lagacé one of the founding members of the group is here with us today to tell us how they formed and about their award-winning information piece. Guest...


EP 79 The Rise of Private Disaster Relief Organizations In The World

Body This week we are discussing the role of the non-government disaster response organizations. Since 2000 there has been a steady increase in the number of organizations not affiliated with government that are responding to and doing an effective job during and after a disaster. Texas Disaster Inc, is a company that was formed after Hurricane Harvey by Jon Cole. Guest Bio Texas Disasters’ mission is to connect the people of this world to a single platform which has the tools, plans, and...


EP 78 Empower Youth Leadership To Solve School Violence

Body This week we are talking about keeping our schools safe with peer leadership. Julia Gabor brings us an excellent program that helps recognize teens that are at risk for violence and brings them into the mainstream with peer to peer workshops and more. Julia’s unique program may be that answer to help reduce school violence. Guest Bio Julia has an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that has been demonstrated both in the startup world and in the nonprofit landscape. She has a wide...


EP 77 Non-Traditional Education: Are You Right For It?

Body This week we are talking about going to school. Yep, that is right we are talking about the professional development of the emergency manager and higher education. Dr. Kemp from Capella University, one of the first Ph.D.’s in Emergency Management joins us to talk about how EM programs have developed and where they are heading. Guest Bio Dr.Mike Kemp is an accomplished leader in higher education earning a Ph.D. in Emergency Management, two Master of Science degrees (Criminal Justice &...


EP 76 What is On The Mind of Todd DeVoe

Body This week EM Weekly Wants to Thank you for being a loyal listener of EM Weekly. We talk a little about what the future holds for EM Weekly, and we take a look at how disasters are shaping up for 2018. Relates Shows EM Weekly EP 68 Behind the Scenes of the National Training Center EP 71 Why Developing Leadership Skills are Important EP 73 Blow Your Mind With The Leaders Brain EM Student EP 12 You Need to Know The Role of the EOC Links LinkedIn: https:...


EP 74 Breakthrough Technology That Can Save Lives

Body This week I sit down with Vic Merjanian the CEO of Titan HST at the international headquarters in Newport Beach California. Vic and I discuss the new features in the Titan HST app and how he sees his company as a partner in public safety. Guest Bio Vic A. Merjanian, Esq., is Founder and CEO of Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc. Mr. Merjanian is dedicated to improving school safety, as well as organizational safety (spanning private and public businesses, NGOs, and...


EP 75 No Questions Asked Civil Defense Is the Answer

Body This week we are talking Civil Defense with Preston Le Roy Schleinkofer from the Civil Defense Virginia. Preston has written for Michael Mabee’s blog on civil defense and is very active in organizing his state of Virginia and helping others start their own Civil Defense organizations. Guest Bio The founder of Civil Defense Virginia, Preston Le Roy Schleinkofer, is a retired military veteran of 22 years and a retired federal officer of 27 years. His entire adult life has been in the...


EP 73 Blow Your Mind With The Leaders Brain

Body This week we are talking about science, yes the science of the Leading Brain. I have with me the author of the book The Leading Brain Friederike Fabritius. She joins us from Germany to give us the insights of what our brain is doing when we make decisions, and how to clear our head when the time counts. Guest Bio Friederike Fabritius is a leading expert in the field of Neuroleadership. As an executive coach and leadership specialist, she has extensive expertise working with top...


EP 72 Are Your Students Safe from Disasters

Body This week we talk to Soraya Sutherlin from the Campus Safety Group. We discuss some timely topics that are facing our children’s schools, and how we can include the children in training for the unthinkable event that may impact them. Join EM Weekly as we talk to Soraya and explore this important part of emergency management. Guest Bio Soraya Sutherlin leads the Campus Safety Groups’ Emergency Management Division. She is a Certified Emergency Manager, CEM, by the International...


EP 71 Why Developing Leadership Skills are Important

Body This week we are talking to Mike Figliuolo who is a thought leader in leadership. Leading a dynamic department or team that is emergency management can be challenging. Mike walks us through some easy steps to start your leadership journey. Guest Bio Mike is the Founder and Managing Director of thought LEADERS, LLC – a professional training firm focused on leadership development. His new book One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership is designed to help...


EP 70 What You Need To Know About Emergency Management Education

Body This week we had the opportunity to talk to one of Emergency Management’s pioneer educators Paula Gordon. We discuss the history or emergency management education and where it is headed. In addition, we discuss the great research that is being done in the field of emergency management. Guest Bio Paula D. Gordon is a writer, analyst, and educator. She has served since 1996 as a member of the Practitioner Faculty of the Johns Hopkins University and teaches at other institutions as...


EP 69 What is a Shake Alert? And Will It Save Lives?

Body Today we are talking to Josh Bashioum from the ShakeAlert program. ShakeAlert is an earthquake early warning system that is disgined to give up to 60 seconds of warning that an earthquake is coming. How many lives could be saved if we can get this system up and running in the United States. Systems such as the ShakeAlert are in Japan and Mexico and have seen great success. Guest Bio Josh Bashioum is the founder and CEO of the Early Warning Labs. Early Warning Labs, LLC (EWL) is an...


EP 68 Behind The scenes of the National Training Center

This week we have Steven Heidecker and Chief Tonya Hoover of the National Training Center on to talk about training programs and new and exciting things coming out of their shop. Steven is with the EMI and Chief Hoover is with the National Fire Administration. Guest Tonya Hoover Tonya Hoover is the Superintendent of the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Academy (NFA). She was named to this position in May 2017. As Superintendent, Ms. Hoover provides leadership for the NFA, which...


EP 67 The Reason Why You Need To Embrace Resiliency

This week we talk to Dr. Philip Burke about community resiliency. If you have seen Dr. Berke on FEMA’s Prep-Talk you know how passionate that Dr. Burke is about this subject. Community resiliency starts with land use, the location of homes and services out of the flood zones, proper building codes to help reduce the damage, and involving the community in the decision-making process. EM Weekly is excited to have you join this conversation. Guest Philip R. Berke’s research focuses on the...


EP 66 Spotlight On The Revolutionary Active Shooter Incident Management

Body Today we bring you an innovative way to practice responding to an active shooter. Training can be expensive and at the end of the day the average officer, firefighter, EMT and emergency manager only takes a small lesson if any away from the training. C3 Pathways has created a training program that puts the responder in the middle of the action and they never have to leave the classroom. Related Shows EM Weekly: 18 Active Shooter, Lessons Learned EP 25 Business Emergency Response...


EP 65 Fresh on The mind of IAEM Canada's President

Today we are discussing Emergency Management in Canada. We learn from Greg Solecki some of the differences, challenges, and similarities that EM’s in Canada face. IAEM in Canada is only 15 years old and they have already made an impact on the profession. I am happy to have Greg on the show. Related Shows EP 36 IAEM 2017 Conference and Emex with Ellis Stanley https://www.emweekly.com/see-65th-annual-iaem-conference/ Guest Bio Greg Solecki is a well-known and respected emergency...