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Weekly EMS podcast from Jim Hoffman of EMSSEO.com. This is the old station and the live show now is at emsofficehours.com

Weekly EMS podcast from Jim Hoffman of EMSSEO.com. This is the old station and the live show now is at emsofficehours.com
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Weekly EMS podcast from Jim Hoffman of EMSSEO.com. This is the old station and the live show now is at emsofficehours.com




EMS Podcast

EMS podcast


EMS Compassion Or Criminal Conduct?

Recent two FDNY EMS Paramedics have been accused with faking an ambyulance call report after some confusion with a DNR. We all know that the Call Report is a legal document. But did these medics act on compassion based on the patients and family wishes? Or did they make such a grave error as to cost them their jobs and even jail time? Join us for a special live show and give your thoughts on the topic. Here is a link to the article in the Staten Island Advance. It should get your juices...


EMS Language | Professional vs. Communication

This week we discuss the language of EMS. Using profesional communication as a standard vs communicating amoungst each other with common EMS slang. Is there a place for EMS slang or should we do away with it and focus on a standard of communication that leaves no room for error? We also plan on talking about EMS Facebook pages and the culture of negativity as well as answer a few questions sent in by listeners. Join us for another live episode and give your opinion via toll free call in or n...


EMS Rapid Fire | November 2014

Get ready for another rapid fire episode where anything goes. EMS is a great professional with lots of topics to discus and many opinions to be heard. Come listen to the latest in EMS culture and join in the conversation via phone or chat, or just listen in as Jim, Josh and Dave give their take on the latest in EMS.


EMS Turnover | Losing Experienced Professionals

Is EMS the stepping stone to other professions? Do providers leave EMS to pursue better career options when they find so few in EMS. Sometimes its not about pay. Its can be about career movement, job satisfaction and options for the long haul. Is teaching and supervisory positions the only rungs in the ladder? What do you think has the constant revolving door in EMS spinning? Join us tonight for the Office Hours opinion and some thoughts on how to keep providers who bring experinece to the...


EMS Response, Training and Patient Outcomes

We focus a lot on response in EMS. Our response allong with our training can effect patient outcomes. But what about when response is the focus without equal attention to training. Getting there is only part of what we do, yet is often the one marker that is looked at when it comes to a patients outcome. This week we talk about EMS response, call types, training and how they reflect on patient outcomes. Does the 8-10 minute response have a positive impact or is it better training and...


Talking About The 9/11 Memorial And....

With the anniversary of 9/11 coming up Jim, Dave and Josh plan on talking a bit about the Memorial itself. Mainly how many feel it is designed to earn revenue more than anything else. That can be hard to argue with the high price of entry, t-shirt sales and offerings of statue of liberty miniatures. Have you been to the Memorial? What do you think? Is it too costly and does the sale of tourist items lessen the meaning of this hallowed ground. Please join us with your opinion, some 9/11...


Using Time To Guide EMS Patient Care

Early in EMS education we are presented with the idea that "time" is a factor in much of what we do. Golden Hours, Platinum Ten Minutes, Time is Muscle etc. While some of these can help us with our treatment and transport decisions, have you ever wondered or questioned if they are getting in the way of patient care? As EMS providers we bring much of the Emergency Department to the patient. Even more so we are expected to provide certain levels of care to our patients prior to delivery to...


Have You Experienced The Pucker Factor?

If you have been in EMS for any length of time you most likely have had the pleasure of the pucker factor. That call that gets you stressed before you even get there. EMS dispatch assignments such as pediatrics, major trauma or cardiac arrests. These calls and others like them put you into high alert mode and even higher stress mode. This week we talk about this and other topics like Ebola and the truth about EMS providers and contact precautions. Join us for this discussion and listen to...


Treating From The Sidelines | EMS Talk Radio

This episode we discuss a recent video where EMS providers in NYC are shown with a patient in police custody who ended up dying. More importantly we talk about the all the Monday Morning Quarterbacks that have judged and sentenced these providers with knowing the full story, including local politicians and other EMS governing bodies. We also talk about the perception in EMS with videos like this one and how that perception is damaged even more with countless FaceBook posts and comments. This...


The Foreign Language Of EMS | Treating From The Sidelines

EMS has a language of it's own. Have you ever tried talking to someone outside of EMS about a call you had, the way you do things at work or even explaining how a protocol works? They usually get confused, don't understand or it's just too much and they don't care. They may even think you are cold or uncaring based on a story you may tell or frustration you described from a call. This week we talk about this language and why we do it, how it helps us cope and if we should even bring...


Anyone Can See A STEMI | Why We Should Do Better

This second half of last weeks live episode with Dave Brenner talks about reading 12 lead ECGs and why we should go beyond the basics of just identifying a STEMI. We also discuss why you should want to go beyond the basics in this and in all things EMS. Take a listen and jump over to Itunes when you can and give us a rating there. It really helps the Apple juju. --------------------------------------------


EMS Talk Radio | 24 Hours Shifts and 12 Leads

Join the live EMS Paramedic talk radio show with Jim Hoffman and Dave Brenner this week. Josh may call in and join the crew as a car cast. This week we talk about 24 hour shifts, 12 leads and other great EMS topics. Join us live in the chat room and feel free to call in toll free during the show with your comments and questions


EMS Utilization and Crew Time Management

As EMS professionals we do a job. Part of that job is being available to take calls and respond in a timely manner. Utilization of EMS crews and tracking times on scene, in hospitals etc. ensure we are meeting the goals of response. However, when does this metric of time begin to effect patient care, documentation and even response? Take a listen to this episode and share your thoughts below. I have a feeling we will be re-visiting this topic soon and hope to add your feedback to the...


Paramedic EMS Talk Radio | June 29, 2014

Join us for the live EMS Paramedic radio show. Jim, Josh and Dave will bring their own topics and open the back of the ambulance doors so you can add your own to the jump bag. The bag is as full as ever but we can jam some more in as always. This week: OMG EMT <- Jim watched a few episodes - pleazzzzzzz. In hospital time, EMS utilization and it's effects on patient care Summertime, drownings and July 4th shenanigans. Plus member questions and more.


When Your EMS Partner Is an A=Hole

EMS is tough. Lots of training, stress, patients, families and even supervisors all make a days work in the EMT/Paramedic life. But what about when your very own partner is a total ass. Maybe to you, to patients or even other health care professionals? How do you handle this type of personality trait? If you have been in EMS for a bit you are sure to have been exposed to some extent a partner like this or may even still are. Join us for this episode as we talk about ways to deal with these...


EMS Rapid Fire | June 2014

How is your summer going so far? It's early June and time for another EMS Rapid Fire episode where we discuss anything here on the show. EMS news, social media, training and more. We are sure to bring up questions we recieved from the listeners since the last episode and answer them live on the air. Thoughts for this week. Have the number of non emergent calls increased since you started EMS?What are some key con ed training you should have AFTER EMT/Paramedic graduation?Facebook, Twitter...


EMS Week aka The Week That....

EMS Week 2014 has begun. Oh the fun, prizes, days off and benefits of being an EMS provider are finally bestowed upon us all. Or - it is business as usual and the one week that is named EMS Week is shared with other events, requires us to be on a week long public awareness campaign and often is overlooked by even our management. Hey we are not looking for too much, but maybe just like during Nurses Week you see posters and ads that say "Thank a nurse" we could have something similar. Instead...


Building Trust As An EMS Professional

This week we continue with the second part on building trust in EMS. In this episode we talk about training, skill building and personal abilities when it comes to building rapport with our patients.


Paramedic Radio | Trust In EMS

Join us for another fast paced episode of EMS discussion. This week we bring up the topic of trust in EMS. How do we develop trust with our patients, ED staff and our EMS partners? Each has its own approach and it's own value in how we do our jobs and how successful we are as EMS Professionals. Listen live, call in toll free or chat with us during the show. Don't forget to subscribe to us on Itunes using the tabs here on BTR and be sure to leave us a quick rating while you are there.