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The podcast focusing on the connection between human rights and environmental issues.

The podcast focusing on the connection between human rights and environmental issues.


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The podcast focusing on the connection between human rights and environmental issues.






The Threat of Eviction - Protecting the rights of those living on the road with Juliet Murray

In this episode of the EarthRights podcast, Mel is joined by fellow vehicle dweller, Juliet Murray, to discuss life on the road, fighting against eviction and protecting the rights of vehicle dwellers within the wider Gypsy, Roma, Travller community. ***Juliet and Mel recorded this a few weeks ago, the Community with Mel representing has since gone to court, but it was adjourned for want of trial papers from the Council... They will be heading to court again on Thursday 7th July*** For...


Scarring the Earth - Other Sides of the War in Ukraine with Kate Liashchenko & Anastasia Laznya

In this episode of the EarthRights podcast, Pippa is joined by Kate Liashchenko and Anastasia Laznya for a follow up conversation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Expanding on the conversation EarthRights had with Kate in Feburary just days before the Russian invasion, Anastasiya, a Ukranian ecologist/marine biologist, discusses further issues that relate directly to the issues of human rights and the environment, such as the impact of the war on global energy production, food...


Igniting Conflict: Ukraine v Russia with Kate Liashchenko

A timely and critical conversation with EarthRights' Ukrainian friend, Kate Liashchenko, as today Putin has officially invaded Ukraine, unprovoked. It is sending shivers down the spine. To get a clearer picture on the ongoing conflict and tense relationship between Ukraine and Russia, listen to Kate, Pippa and Mel's discussion on this tense and emotional situation on the EarthRights podcast. In the episode, they confront the recent history between the two nations, since the fall of the...


Perspectives in Taiwan with Ray Chang

The EarthRights podcast is back with new music and an insightful conversation with Ray Chang about living in Taiwan under the threat of Chinese invasion. Ray is a recent Taiwanese graduate in political science, who we met in Prague awed by his break-dancing moves. Today's episode begins with a historical account of the relationship between Taiwan, China and the South China Sea. Tensions revolve around disputes over land and territory. The first known settlers in Taiwan were Austronesian...


You're not crazy, the world is: Our end of year chat.

Pippa and Mel reflect on their year of podcasting with EarthRights, their current concerns in terms of politics and the media, their jobs, COP26 and their personal favourite moments.


Fleeing, not only from persecution with Alphonsine Kabagabo

EarthRights is in conversation with Alphonsine Kabagabo, Director of Women for Refugee Women, about the difficulties in seeking asylum and being a refugee. We are focusing on women and other systemically disadvantaged groups, such as children and LGBTQ+ groups. This is so important as we must give a voice to the most vulnerable. We discuss why people flee their homes. Women may flee, not only from persecution but from gender based violence in private and public domains. Women are also...


Life in Limbo. Trafficked: Siva's survival story from Sri Lanka to England

This is a very special episode. EarthRights is with Siva, a human trafficking survivor. Starting with Siva's poem about growth and perspective, we spend the episode going through Siva's 4 year journey from Sri Lanka to the UK, as well as the difficulties that he has faced since arriving and living in the UK. After all he has been through, he was only granted leave to remain in the UK last year! When Siva left Sri Lanka, at the height of the ethnic conflict in the 1980s, he did not know...


The Colombian Civil War and Peace Process with Paola and Mary

In this next BONUS episode of the EarthRights Podcast about post-war peace processes, Mel is in conversation with Paola (Colombian national living in the UK) and Mary (PhD student researching the impact of the armed conflict and drug policy in Colombia). In view of the very recent uprisings and protests going on in Colombia and Europe, Paola and Mary tell us about the history of this conflict, the establishment of FARK, the left wing illegal army and the post war peace process currently in...


The Ethnic Conflict and Peace Process in Sri Lanka with Ovida Dias Gunasekara

In today's BONUS episode, of the EarthRights Podcast Mel and Pippa talk to Ovida about Sri Lanka's ethnic conflict and the problems with peace processes. In this episode, we start by defining what peace processes are and exploring the difficulties that can occur when other nations intervene with internal conflicts. Ovi gives a detailed explanation of the deeply routed history of the conflict between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities and how this conflict dates back to the colonial era in...


Deviant Leisure or Political Freedom? The History of Berlin's Clubbing Scene with Philipp Reimann

In this timely episode of the EarthRights Podcast, as people experience a new-found freedom in heading out of the year of 'lockdowns', Mel is in conversation with their dancing companion, Philipp Reimann, about the history of Berlin's liberal clubbing culture. Mel and Philipp talk about the difficult to define right to leisure. Leisure, play time and free time differ from society to society, individual to individual. But dancing and music are certainly one way people choose to spend their...


Mexico's Border Crisis with Frank Hernandez

Mel and Pippa are in conversation with Mexican journalist, Frank Hernandez, for Episode Nine of the EarthRights Podcast. They discuss the Mexican border crisis and whether the new Biden administration is a cause for hope or concern. Frank was born and raised in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican town on the border of the U.S.. He is now residing in the U.S., working for the Mid-West Centre for Investigative Reporting, a non profit newsroom in Illinois covering agriculture and rural life in the...


Are we chilling in Orwell's 1984? - Media, Migration & Identity with Melis Omalar

For Episode Eight of the EarthRights Podcast, Pippa and Mel are in conversation with Melis Omalar, journalist at Guiti News(an independent news outlet that focuses on migration) and communications assistant at the International Rescue Committee. Identity is so complex - there are so many different aspects to each person's live. Melis shares with us her experience living in Berlin, Germany as a Turkish-German. She has often felt 'othered' - German people often pre-judge Turk-Germans and. A...


Creating Climate Justice with Roxane Chaplain

During Episode Seven of the EarthRights Podcast, EarthRights is in conversation with Roxane Chaplain, Personal Assistant to Marie Taussaint at the European Parliament. Together they work on environmental and legal matters at the EU level. Roxane, Pippa and Mel discuss the concept of climate justice, which means to frame the climate emergency as a political and legal issue rather than one purely physical in nature. Roxane has also worked for Notre affaire à tous over the past few years and...


Love and Rage - XR in Portugal with Cheila Collaço Rodrigues and Inès Deroche Rios

Welcome to Episode Six of the EarthRights Podcast; Mel and Pippa are in conversation with Cheila Collaço Rodrigues and Inès Deroche Rios, current and former Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists in Portugal. We start with the impact of the Portugese dictatorship, which Cheila explains moulded modern Portugese culture. People are very conservative and fearful, having experienced dictatorial violence so activism has often been hidden quiet; but this makes the XR movement there very special as...


Secrets of Russia with Russia's Anonymous Heroes

For Episode Five of the EarthRights Podcast, Mel and Pippa are in conversation with two Russian friends, who have asked to remain anonymous given the current unstable political situation in Russia. Ideology, corruption, propaganda, Alexei Navalny and methods to silence criticism - this episode aims to unveil some of Russia's secrets... Whilst the interviewees oppose the Russian government, much to the surprise of Westerners, they are in the minority - a lot of people will not agree with...


Fighting Corruption and Fostering Inclusion in the Czech Republic with Marketa Fišarová

For Episode Four of the EarthRights Podcast, we are in conversation with Marketa Fišarová, former Social Inclusion Officer in the Czech government. When Mel first moved to Prague for her Masters, Marketa offered Mel a place to live and consequently showed her around the city and taught her about the Czech way of life. This laid the foundations for an international friendship, one that is quite uncommon among the majority of the nationalist Czech population. Marketa tells us about the...


Frozen Conflict: Ukraine's Coal Crisis with Kataryna Liashchenko

For Episode Three of the EarthRights Podcast, we are in conversation with Kataryna Liashchenko, Ukrainian Sociologist, about the Frozen Conflict: Ukraine's Coal Crisis. This is an extremely informative episode on how Ukraine's failure to move away from coal production has led to an environmental crisis, but also a society and economy rooted in corruption. Corruption has subsumed Ukraine since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, leading to a frozen conflict with Ukrainian separatist groups...


Creating a Circular Economy in Ukraine with Vlada Melnychuk and Olja Brusko

In this episode of the EarthRights Podcast Series Two, Pippa and Mel are in discussion with Vlada Melnychuk and Olja Brusko, two climate activists from Ukraine, who formed Zero Waste Society Ukraine. The discussion starts with #FridaysForFuture Movement, which began in August 2018, after Greta Thunberg and other young activists sat in front of the Swedish parliament every day for three weeks and their strike went viral. Since then, Vlada and Olja have been organising strikes of this kind in...


Roma Rights with Fil Sys

We are kick starting Series Two of the EarthRights podcast in conversation with Fil Sys, trainee lawyer and Roma rights campaigner. "There is a creeping injustice across Europe that is just not talked about. Roma people are the largest minority in Europe yet these people are subject to some of the most medieval racism, segregation and prejudice in Europe." As a Roma man himself, Fil openly and honestly shares his first-hand experiences of racism and discrimination with EarthRights. This is...


Introduction to EarthRights Series Two

EarthRights is back for Series Two to unravel the connection between human rights and climate change like never before. Join Pippa and Mel for conversations with activists and professionals from around Europe and beyond telling their stories of struggle against human rights abuses and the climate crisis. Visit our website for more information and talking points. Follow EarthRights on Instagram and Twitter.