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The podcast focusing on the connection between human rights and environmental issues.


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The podcast focusing on the connection between human rights and environmental issues.






E1 S5: Thinking of food

Thinking of food In this first introductory episode of 'Food for thought,' EarthRights' hosts, Mel and Pippa, welcome listeners to revive their connection to the land and nourish change. The episode unfolds during the harvest season with vivid reflections on Mel's recent experiences at Coed Talylan in Wales and Pippa's stay on a farm in the Montenegran mountains, where they both immersed themselves in tending to the land and the seasons, chopping wood, constructing eco-homes, harvesting food from lush gardens, and feeling deeply absorbed by their surroundings. These profound connections spark a revival for the podcast after a long pause. This newfound inspiration propels the series, aiming to foster reconnection among people and with the land, emphasising the need to move beyond macro politics and global organisations. One of the overarching themes of the series is: food and land go hand in hand. This sets the stage for discussions on critical issues, such as major investors buying and privatising land, disrupting traditional access, and the impact of sea level rise and season changes on farming practices. The episode moves on to address the pressing need to delink food access from economic factors, advocating for equitable access to nutritious food for all. It discusses global food insecurity, emphasising issues of access, poverty, and power. From a human rights and environmental standpoint, the episode highlights the importance of social movements in defining the boundaries of human rights and challenging corporate agendas. It discusses the evolving concept of extreme poverty post-COVID and the definitions of rights, particularly the right to food, exploring the choices between food security and food sovereignty. The episode concludes with an announcement of the series plan, including upcoming episodes on land access with Nick Hayes and the Coed Talylan community, urban farming, sustainable fishing, food as a universal language, empowerment through dealing in seeds, diet choices, consumer choices, and more. Get ready for a thought-provoking journey through the "Food for Thought" series! EarthRights will be encouraging listeners to reconsider their relationship with food, land, and each other. Each episode promises to nourish the audience with meaningful insights and actionable steps toward a more sustainable and just food system.


S5 Intro: Food for thought

In the realm of "Food for Thought," hosted by Mel and Pippa of EarthRights, the series explores environmental justice, human rights, and sustainability through food. Mel's transformative experience in the Brecon Beacons in the forst and Pippa's at a farm in Montenegro reignite their connection with Earth, inspiring them to delve into the complexities of the current food system. Focusing on everyday practices rather than global politics, the series delves into themes like food sovereignty, urban farming, and land rights, featuring discussions with experts like Nick Hayes. Addressing challenges such as land privatisation and seed concentration, the podcast empowers listeners to confront unjust global food systems with managable steps and actions. Join the journey toward sustainability, human rights, and environmental justice in every bite! Stay tuned for more 'food for thought'.


S4 E22: [Un-edited] Coming back down to EarthRights - the healing power of nature

"Coming back down to EarthRights: The Healing Power of Nature" In the final episode of our Cycle for Life series, join me (Mel) for a walk in the woods where I bring our journey full circle, exploring the profound impact of nature on mental health and well-being. As avid cyclists, we embarked on a remarkable 10,000km journey, not just as a personal challenge, but as a testament to the healing power of nature and the urgent need to reconnect with our natural world. We begin by addressing the core ethos of our podcast: the pursuit of uncensored knowledge and the sharing of stories that truly matter. This episode delves into the significance of connecting with the Earth, emphasising the critical link between human rights and a healthy, sustainable environment. While international laws are gradually recognising these rights, our access to the outdoors plays a pivotal role in safeguarding our mental health. Studies from many sources highlight the direct positive impact of spending time in nature, reducing stress levels, and improving mental health. On our cycling journey, we encountered diverse wildlife, fostering a deep sense of connection and respect for our Earthly companions. Through this, I emphasise the importance of: identification, naming, and noticing as crucial steps in appreciating the intricate web of life. By noticing details, caring, and protecting, we can build emotional connections with nature, driving us to preserve ecosystems and their inhabitants. Our personal experiences highlight the transformative power of nature. As we cycled through various terrains, we found solace and healing in the embrace of the wind, the rain, and the Earth itself. Cycling not only became a means of travel but also a symbol of empowerment, showcasing the low carbon footprint and economic viability of eco-conscious travel. This episode highlights the vital importance of incorporating nature into our lives. By recognising our kinship with trees and wildlife, by advocating for mental and physical health, and by empowering ourselves with eco-conscious choices, we can collectively heal, learn, and thrive.


S4 E21: [Un-edited] Dragonflies and Fireflies - the Dykes of River Donau



S4 E20: [Un-edited] Cycling West (Istanbul - 'Rosemania' - Serbia)



S4 E19: [Un-edited] Reflections in the Black Sea (Kızılırmak River - Sinop - Amasra)



S4 E18: [Un-edited] Cycling 5000km for suicide prevention



S4 E17: [Un-edited] Magic amidst the fairy chimneys (Tuz Gölü - Ihlara Valley)



S4 E16: [Un-edited] Dialling in with Konradio (Demre - Beyşehir)



S4 E15: [Un-edited] Akdeniz - Turkish White Sea (Datça - Kas)



S4 E14: [Un-edited] Sasha's story: fleeing Russia to escape conscription



S4 E13: [Un-edited] Cycling with Sasha - escaping conscription in Russia (Selcuk - Datca)



S4 E12: [Un-edited] Fruit & Notes on the Turkish Coast #2 (Pergamon - Ephesus)



S4 E11: [Un-edited] Fruit And Notes On The Turkish Coast (Assos - Pergamon)



S4 E10: [Un-edited] Cycling East - Arriving In Turkey (Ipsala - Çannakale)



S4 E9: [Un-edited] Zero to 'heroes'



S4 E8: [Un-edited] A peak into Macedonia



S4 E7: [Un-edited] Knocking on Albania's door



S4 E6: [Un-edited] Riding with nature - hvala Croatia!



S4 E5: [Un-edited] Krka to Korčula