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EdCuration, in partnership with educators across the world, explores the tools, resources, practices and movements that are reshaping education. Learn about how to keep teaching and learning fresh, engaging, relevant and impactful in your classroom, school or district.


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EdCuration, in partnership with educators across the world, explores the tools, resources, practices and movements that are reshaping education. Learn about how to keep teaching and learning fresh, engaging, relevant and impactful in your classroom, school or district.






Any Teacher Can Take Computer Science Instruction to a New Level

Curt Minich has been teaching computer science for 31 years. He and three of his students heartily endorse CS Academy from Carnegie Mellon University as the complete package that has allowed them to achieve a level of coding that they hadn't previously imagined. CS Academy includes consistent hands-on support for teachers, and it's completely free. Resources: CMU CS Academy is an online, graphics-based computer science curriculum taught in Python provided by Carnegie Mellon University,...


Accelerate Learning and Loving Science for Every Student

Hear from two educators about how Penda Learning is raising both student engagement and standards mastery in Science, Grades 5-10. Heidi Alves is a former high school biology teacher who now serves as the K-12 science and curriculum specialist. Jeremy Blinn is a Secondary Science Curriculum Specialist. Personalized learning for all students: struggling readers, ESE students, and ESOL students. Science content has been hand-crafted for NGSS, FL NGSSS, and TX TEKS. Resources: Learn more...


Strategies from The Learning Scientists to Support & Accelerate Learning for all Students

Dr Cynthia Nebel, is an instructor in the doctor of education (Ed.D.) in leadership and learning in organizations program at Vanderbilt University. In her research, she examines techniques to improve student retention, emphasizing learner charateritics and applied settings. Professor Nebel spreads the science of learning to educators worldwide through her work with the Learning Scientists. Resources: QoreInsights’ Classroom Education Plan (CEP) creates powerful teacher learning...


Provide ELLs and Spanish Learners With a Strong, Culturally Relevant Literacy Foundation

Bilingual educator, Karla Estrada, shares how BeeReaders is unlike any other Spanish literacy resource through its flexible features and truly authentic texts from multiple Spanish speaking countries. It motivates students to read in an instructionally-sound, gamified environment. Resources: Learn more about BeeReaders Interested in trying our authentic Spanish reading learning experience with your Spanish-speaking students for 30 days? Click here for your FREE class trial. See the...


A Path to Educational Equity and Justice: Our Turn Brings Real Change

Mohan Sivaloganathan is the Batman of Social Impact, as a nonprofit leader by day and hip-hop artist by night. He guides the work of Our Turn, the nation's leading movement of students fighting for education justice. Mohan was awarded as a “40 Under 40 Rising Star” by New York Nonprofit Media and a “Next Generation Leader” by the Human Services Council, and was featured in Good is the New Cool, an Amazon Philanthropy & Charity #1 new release. Visit Mohan Sivaloganthan on LinkedIn:...


Build Student Voice, Agency & Hope by Becoming ”Solutionaries”

Middle School teacher, Julia Fliss, shares the resources, framework and trainings from The Institute for Humane Education, that have guided her students to become "solutionaries" in their classroom, school, families and the wider community. Resources: Get The Institute for Humane Education's Solutionary Guidebook Learn about The Institute for Humane Education's Solutionary Micro-Credential Zoe Weil, co-founder of The Institute for Humane Education, is the author of seven books...


Proven Strategies for Students with Dyslexia & Structured Literacy for ALL Readers

Stephanie Pratt, M.Ed. is a Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist, explains the proven strategies to support students with dyslexia, and how the Science of Reading is essential tier one instruction for all learners. Stephanie is Founder and Director of the Pratt Program for Students with Dyslexia at Bishop Walsh School in Cumberland, Maryland, where she has used the Orton-Gillingham approach to help hundreds of students in grades K-12, learn to read, write and spell. She has taught a...


Learn About a Text-to-Speech Tool Increases Equity & Engages ALL Readers

Mike Daugherty, director of technology and Innovation at Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools, shares how Read&Write increases equity and improves outcomes for all students. The easy to access app helps with reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work. Resources: TextHelp Read&Write is a text-to-speech literacy support tool for students at all reading levels -- especially effective for struggling learners and ELLs OrbitNote...


Coming of Age in 2020: Teenagers on the Year That Changed Everything (From the NYT Learning Network)

Join this inspiring and touching conversation with New York Times Learning Network editor, Katherine Schulten. Former high school English teacher and literacy consultant, she shares the process and creators of the NYT recently released book, Coming of Age in 2020: Teenagers on the Year That Changed Everything. Resources: Connect to Inquiry Partners for their Inquiry Five School Bundle Connect to Katherine Schulten on LinkedIn Get the book! Coming of Age in 2020: Teenagers on the Year...


Build Educator and Student Well-Being Through the Science and Practice of Gratitude

Paloma Mena-Werth, a teacher-leader and Middle School Band teacher, shares how GiveThx has built community among the staff and students at her school and is elevating relationships, overall school climate, and the work environment. It's quick, research-based, SO easy -- and it's free! Resources: Connect to GiveThx for their free pilot opportunity Hear what teachers and students have to say about GiveThx Book: Making Grateful Kids: A Scientific Approach to Helping Youth Thrive by...


Book Banning, Triggers, Cancel Culture, and the Teacher’s Dilemma--with Dr. Deborah Appleman

In Literature and the New Culture Wars, Professor Deborah Appleman addresses the contentious contemporary discourse around which books deserve a place in the classroom, breaking down practical strategies for teaching troubled texts while still confronting and dissecting the controversies they may invoke. Resources: Connect to ALEE, providing everything teachers need to teach novel studies effectively deborahappleman.com @deborahappleman Order Literature and the New Culture...


Moosiko Makes Music Instruction Accessible to All, Helping Students Thrive in School & Life

Veteran music teacher, Matthew Hall, shares how Moosiko's K12 guitar (& ukelele) platform has increased both student engagement and achievement by allowing for student choice. Flexible and systematic instruction, and easy tracking for the teacher allows for better connections in a flipped classroom. Resources: Connect to Moosiko and sign up for a full semester free pilot. EdCuration's Certified EdTrustees Micro Professional Learning ExPLorations EdCuration's Blog: Learning in...


Dr. David Bain Believes in Making Teaching Both More Doable and More Successful for All Students

Dr. David Bain, Sr. Vice President of Innovation & Analytics at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, helps us understand how advancing educational technology is shifting our approach to intervention from a way to address struggling learners to a way to provide targeted, personalized learning for all students. Resources: Connect to AnetaEd, allowing PreK - 5th kids navigate to websites, links and apps in the order and at the times that educators want for them, all on their own. Aneta enables...


Dyscalculia: Diagnosing and Addressing Math Challenges

Luke Butcher, Product Developer at International Dyslexia Learning Solutions, discusses dyscalculia research, helping us sort through, understand and address our students' math challenges. Learn about the tools for screening and addressing dyscalculia. Resources: Learn more about the IDLS Numeracy Intervention. Purchase through EdCuration and receive a 10% discount Access the IDLS free Dyscalculia screener Learn more about the IDLS Literacy Intervention. to address Dyslexia and other...


Drag Queen Story Hour celebrates literacy, diversity, and inclusivity with glamour and glitter

Jonathan Hamilt, Executive Director of Drag Queen Story Hour, shares the literary and creative programming for kids and teens of all ages led by drag queens. Drag Queen Story Hour, often misunderstood, is a family friendly program working to create a world where all kids (and adults) can celebrate diversity and glamour. Resources: Connect to BeeReaders Español and inquire about a free pilot See Angel Electra's Story on YouTube Connect to Drag Queen Story Hour Follow Jonathan on...


Educators and Students love Gamified, Real-World Career Exploration for K-12

In this episode we hear from Laura Benisch, the Director of Career Planning and Partnerships at the Lincoln Academy Public Charter School in Beloit Wisconsin, about real-world and career-focused learning, and the platform that is supporting all of the educators and K-12 scholars in the state of Wisconsin in career exploration. Resources: Connect with Xello, and learn more today EdCuration's Certified EdTrustees Micro Professional Learning ExPLorations EdCuration's Blog: Learning in...


Teach More, Hover Less: How to Stop Micromanaging Your Secondary Classroom

Author and educator, Miriam Plotinsky, shares strategies for giving students more voice, more choice, more responsibility and more challenge. Having spent 20 years as a classroom educator, Miriam now writes for publications like Ed Surge, Ed Week, and Edutopia. Her first book (for teachers) is Teach More, Hover Less: How to Stop Micromanaging Your Secondary Classroom. Resources: Connect to today's sponsor, Schoolytics, and sign up for a 30-day free trial Miriam Plotinsky's...


High-Impact Tutoring, 24/7, For All Grade Bands and Subjects, in Seven Languages

Principal Melissa Barlow, English Teacher Hannah Hodge, and 11th Grader Kaleb, are enthusiastic to share how TutorMe has enhanced student achievement, empowered teachers, and is shifting the culture at Yukon High School in Oklahoma City. TutorMe provides highly qualified tutors, available 24/7, in 7 different languages. Resources: Connect with TutorMe to learn more EdCuration's Certified EdTrustees Micro Professional Learning ExPLorations EdCuration's Blog: Learning in...


Build Students’ Confidence, Critical Thinking and Growth Mindset With No Added Time or Expense

Andrea Keith brings her background as a classroom teacher, professional developer and ed-tech leader, to her current role as the Executive Director of Let Grow. Let Grow is making it easy, normal and legal to give kids the independence they need to grow into capable, confident and happy adults. Learn about Let Grow's programs for schools. Resources: Read&Write from TextHelp OrbitNote from TextHelp Let Grow The Let Grow Play ClubThe Let Grow ProjectThe Think For Yourself...


Current Events, Science & Social Studies Content Delivered in Daily Newscasts, by Kids for Kids

Middle school teacher, Thé Bui, inspires us with all the ways NexGen News has elevated student voice, brought continually new and engaging content to his curriculum, and built a culture of curiosity, creativity and student-led learning in his science and social studies classroom. Resources: Connect to NexGen News to learn more and take advantage of their free two-month pilot EdCuration's Certified EdTrustees Micro Professional Learning ExPLorations EdCuration's Blog: Learning in...