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Emancipation Nation (EN) Podcast is a podcast devoted to providing advocates, and those that want to be advocates, ways to competently fight various forms of human trafficking. EN will bring on guests that have been successful and will provide the audience with valuable, practical, best practice information that can be implemented.


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Emancipation Nation (EN) Podcast is a podcast devoted to providing advocates, and those that want to be advocates, ways to competently fight various forms of human trafficking. EN will bring on guests that have been successful and will provide the audience with valuable, practical, best practice information that can be implemented.






Episode 202: Insights from the 20th Annual Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference

Want to know more about one of the most significant events in the fight against human trafficking? Join us on a fascinating journey as we discuss the highlights of the 20th annual Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference with our esteemed guest, Anna Schram. We explore the incredible success of the conference, which welcomed 1,400 attendees from 27 countries and 49 states. Hear about the thought-provoking tribute to Dr. Celia Williamson, and a stirring video featuring survivors' experiences. Learn about the innovative use of gamification and our virtual platform, which created a more interactive and engaging experience for attendees. We also share insights about the affordability of the conference, the smooth technology experience, and some standout vendors. Discover the story behind the ethically sourced shirts from Worthwhile Ware and the exclusive 20th annual t-shirts. We wrap up with a discussion on the impactful feedback we received, particularly from the session on moral injury, which resonated strongly with survivors. As we look forward to the 2024 conference, we encourage individuals from all backgrounds to submit their presentations for consideration. Listen in, as we reveal how to submit your abstract to present at next year's conference!


Episode 201: Understanding Obstacles in Human Trafficking Victim Recovery: Housing and Transportation

Ever wonder why some victims of human trafficking struggle to escape their situation, even when help is available? Tune into our Emancipation Nation episode 201 and allow us to shed light on two fundamental barriers that often impede victims from receiving the assistance they desperately need: transportation and housing. In this episode we unravel the significance of these basic needs and how their inadequacy can hinder victims' journey towards healing and freedom. In this enlightening discussion, we navigate the different types of housing solutions for victims, ranging from temporary shelters to transitional housing, and how each serves a unique purpose in the survivor's journey. Dr. Williamson, drawing from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, underscores the impossibility of focusing on higher-level needs without first catering to the basic physiological ones. Join us as we delve into these pressing issues, and gain invaluable insights into how we, as advocates, can more effectively address these barriers and equip survivors with the resources they need to begin their journey towards healing and independence.


Episode 200: Screening and Assessing the Needs of Victims of Human Trafficking: 10 Common Areas of Need

In this episode, we equip you with vital knowledge about what to screen and assess for when assisting victims of human trafficking. Our trusted guide is none other than Dr. Celia Williamson, director of the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute at the University of Toledo. She shines a light on a recently revised screening tool designed to identify at-risk and currently trafficked youth. This episode will help you recognize the 10 vital areas where trafficking victims may require assistance, such as basic needs, safety, orientation, education, and legal aid. Ever puzzled over how to shield at-risk girls from the clutches of human trafficking? We will provide a brief explanation of the transformative 'best life' curriculum, a powerful resource to empower girls to spot perilous situations and individuals. It also assists them in finding secure solutions and evaluating their choices wisely. March on with us as we navigate the complex needs of survivors, from legal and mental health needs to basic needs and sometimes substance abuse needs. We emphasize the necessity of connecting survivors with the right services and supports, empowering them to regain their own individual power. As we wrap up, we delve into the importance of healthcare and preventive care for survivors, giving you crucial insights into their specific needs and the importance of a holistic approach. Don't miss out! If you are interested in receiving the latest, free, valid screening tool to be used with youth ages 12-17, please email me at celia.williamson@utoledo.edu


Episode 199: Proactive Mindset for Mental Health: The Holiday Edition

November is here and the holiday season is upon us. Amidst the hustle, bustle, and extra stress, the Emancipation Nation's gift is to you is to offer strategies to maintain and enhance your mental health during the season. Thus, I've curated a survival kit of powerful, clear, and concise tips to help navigate these additional pressures. Let's dive together into the art of managing emotions. Keeping your mental health in check isn't all about reactive strategies, it's about fostering a proactive mindset. We'll explore the profound connection between your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and how altering one can impact the others. The essence of these discussions will revolve around the power of positive self-talk and the transformational impact it can have on your daily life. The Emancipation Nation podcast isn't merely about doing something; it's about doing the best thing. We're here to guide you through the festive season and beyond, furthering the fight for freedom. Stay tuned, subscribe and let's continue our journey to emancipation, one episode at a time.


Episode 198: Military Police to Trafficking Advocate: The Journey of Dr. Christian Nanry

Picture this: a young military police officer, serving in South Korea, witnesses the horrors of human trafficking. Later on in life he meets someone that opens his eyes and heart to help fight this grave injustice. This is the real-life story of our guest, Dr. Christian Nanry, a special agent who spent years with the US Marshals and as a military police officer. His compelling journey, shaped by faith and experience, paints a vivid picture of a global issue that is often hidden in plain sight. In our conversation, we peel back the layers of legal prostitution in South Korea, an industry shrouded in darkness and marred by exploitation. The shocking truth of young girls being recruited from various parts of Asia and Europe, often trapped in a cycle of debt bondage, is a story that needs to be told. But it doesn't end there - we also discuss the power of education in law enforcement and how skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, humility, and empathy can make a significant difference in this fight against trafficking. Join us in this conversation. Are you ready to open your eyes, ears, and heart in order to be a part of the change?


Episode 197: The Hidden Layers of Safety in Surviving Human Trafficking

What does safety truly mean in the context of human trafficking and how do we ensure it for victims? Does it stop at providing a safe physical space, or does it delve deeper into the realm of emotional and psychological well-being? In this episode we unpack the multi-layered concept of 'safety' and its implications for survivors of human trafficking. This episode serves as a wake-up call to not just understand, but to deeply appreciate the devastating effects of chronic and complex trauma inflicted by human trafficking. We discuss the essential role of trauma therapy, specifically EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), in addressing the internalized shame and feelings of powerlessness that can inhibit a survivor's path to recovery. We explore the critical importance of specialists who are trained in trauma therapy and how they can help survivors rebuild their inner safety, brick by brick. Prepare for an enlightening journey into the heart of trauma, recovery, and the true essence of safety.


Episode 196: Facing Fear and Pursuing Dreams: An Empowering Journey Towards SELF-EMANCIPATION

Looking fear straight in the eyes and choosing the path less traveled - that's the theme of this episode of Emancipation Nation. We uncover how fear, an emotion we're all too familiar with, can often serve as the chains that hold us back from reaching our full potential, our real dreams. Through personal anecdotes and stories of how successful individuals faced their fears and emerged victorious, we cast a spotlight on the idea that success isn’t always about wealth, but could be about personal growth, relationships or just reaching a goal. As a host, I delve into my own journey of overcoming fear, from moving mountains to ensure my daughter gets the Montessori education she deserves, to getting accepted into Case Western for my Masters degree, and eventually pursuing a PhD. The episode also underscores the importance of self-care as a catalyst to not just nourish ourselves, but also to keep our fears at bay and enhance our lives. In essence, this episode is a call to action to embrace the unknown, challenge self-limiting beliefs and march forward towards your dreams. So, let's not just exist, but start living our dreams.


Episode 195: Success Through Solidarity: Harnessing the Power of Teamwork Against Trafficking

Sharing invaluable insights, Dr. Doug Gilmer, an influential member of the Department of Homeland Security's Center for Countering Human Trafficking and mentor for the Frederick Douglass Human Trafficking Institute's Fellows Program, unveils the secrets of running effective and diverse coalitions in the fight against human trafficking. Prepare to be educated as he presents the enlightening findings of his dissertation on the results of multidisciplinary teams tackling this grave issue. As we dig deeper, we uncover not only the surprising perspectives within these multi-disciplinary teams but also the central role trust and accountability play in their success. Imagine what can happen when victim service providers and law enforcement officers find common ground and shared purpose! Is it easy to stay in one's lane? Can trust be rebuilt once it's broken? Listen in as we explore these compelling questions. Despite the challenges, Dr. Gilmore highlights the importance of shared goals and understanding each other's motivations. Packed with wisdom and invaluable lessons, this episode enlightens us on the power of collaborative coalitions.


Episode 194: Navigating the Complexities of Human Trafficking Advocacy with Erin Albright

Step into a candid conversation with me and my esteemed guest, Erin Albright, as we pull back the curtain on the pervasive misconceptions surrounding human trafficking. Erin, a seasoned expert with over a decade of experience, helps us break down the sensationalism that often obscures the nuanced reality of this global crisis. Together, we take a critical look at how the drive for attention has often led to inaccuracies in public understanding of this grave matter. Join us as we traverse the intricate landscapes of history, systemic factors, and the need for change in the anti-trafficking movement. With Erin's deep insights, we shine a light on the often-overlooked history of this movement and the systemic issues that perpetuate the 'perfect victim' narrative. This episode takes you through the complexities of collaboration and emphasizes the need for a well-rounded, informed approach to decision-making and advocacy. Dive headfirst into our discussion as we stress the essence of learning before doing. We explore the importance of fully comprehending the nuances of human trafficking and the value of being surrounded by knowledgeable people.


Episode 193: Embracing Fear to Live Your Dreams

What if embracing the fear and excitement of change could be your ladder to success? Join us as we swing on the metaphoric trapeze of life, exploring the thrilling yet terrifying moments of transition. Dr. Celia prompts us to face our fears, take the plunge and appreciate the expansive moments that accompany these changes. She shares some of her journey from poverty to renowned academic as a testament to the power of embracing change and relentlessly chasing your dreams.


Episode 192: Understanding Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Trauma and the Differences Between Both

Have you ever stopped to consider the psychological impact of constantly dealing with trauma on those who work tirelessly to help others? Melissa Kaiser, an established social worker and North Dakota’s first human trafficking navigator, takes us on a revealing journey into the world of compassion fatigue and secondary trauma, a world she navigates daily in her fight against human trafficking. Melissa unveils how incessantly being exposed to other's trauma can lead to a debilitating erosion of compassion, empathy, and trust, ultimately shifting one's worldview. As we walk with Melissa through her experiences, she sheds light on her critical role in the Emancipation Nation Network. Her passion for education drives her to create a course aimed at equipping those in the anti-trafficking community with the necessary skills and knowledge to combat trafficking effectively. She emphasizes the importance of fostering open dialogues about compassion fatigue within teams. Finally, we delve into the importance of also understanding secondary trauma and the need for deep self-care, reflection, and adjustment in such a demanding field. This episode is a heartfelt reminder of the importance of mental wellbeing, humor, and community.


Episode 191: Working Through Trauma to Become a Successful Business Woman Helping Other Survivors Find their Success

Join us for a powerful discussion that will leave you both moved and inspired. Our guest is Tina Dixon, a thriver, advocate, and entrepreneur who has faced unimaginable hardships and emerged on the other side as a beacon of strength and resilience. Tina bravely shares her harrowing 30-year journey from being enmeshed in human trafficking and domestic violence to embarking on a path of sobriety and liberation. Listen as she takes us through her terrifying encounters with the Dixie Mafia in a remote Louisiana brothel and her triumphant escape. Also in the spotlight is Tina's remarkable transition from being a victim to a victorious advocate, fueled by her past experiences to empower and engage women who've been similarly scarred. As part of her healing journey, Tina shares her experiences with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a therapeutic technique that uses eye movement and vibration techniques to help survivors reprocess traumatic events and cope with triggers. We dive deeper into the often under-recognized but critical aspect of trauma healing for survivors of sex trafficking. The story takes a turn from the personal to the communal as Tina talks about her groundbreaking organization, Queens, founded to empower women in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Hear Tina's invaluable advice for advocates and survivors on leveraging their transferable skills for professional success. This conversation is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of lived experiences. Get ready for this powerful conversation.


Episode 190: Dissecting the Myths and Facts of Human Trafficking: An Episode for the Human Trafficking Novice

Guaranteed to enlighten the novice, this episode is focused on debunking the common myths and. misconceptions that cloud our understanding of this global crime. Prepare to rethink your assumptions to understand a world where manipulation and exploitation of vulnerabilities take center stage. It's not always about commercial sex—labor exploitation is a major player too, and it's happening right under our noses, in industries we interact with daily.


Episode 189: The Disturbing Truth about Organ Trafficking

Dare to step into the chilling underworld of organ trafficking with me, Dr. Celia Williamson. This harrowing journey paints a stark picture of how human organs are commercially traded outside of the recognized medical system, a realm where profit trumps ethics. Gain insight into how this horrific form of exploitation occurs. Brace yourself as we lift the veil on the shocking prices attached to human organs and the astronomical value of the organ trafficking industry. Later in the segment I delve into the grim realities underlying organ trafficking. Witness the stark contrast between the scarcity of organs and the skyrocketing demand for them. Confront uncomfortable questions around why organ trafficking occurs and who is involved. Join me as we expose the often desperate buyers in this illicit trade, and grapple with the dire choices made by those living in poverty. This episode promises to expand your understanding of human trafficking beyond its conventional definitions of forced labor and sexual exploitation, casting a harsh light on this lesser-known yet equally tragic facet of human exploitation.


Episode 188: Approaching and Combatting Human Trafficking as a Law Enforcement Officer: Conversations with Kyle Baker

Remember the impactful moments that change your life course? For our guest, Kyle Baker, his was a case involving two young girls, one lost in the world of drugs and commercial sex work while the other girl's life abruptly upended. This grim encounter lit a flame within Kyle, igniting a life-long journey battling human trafficking. Join us as he shares the invaluable lessons he's gained throughout his career, revealing how advocates and law enforcement can collaborate more effectively. In our riveting conversation, we navigate the intricacies of working with survivors and law enforcement. Kyle emphasizes the urgent need to grasp the understanding of victimhood, trauma, and trauma bonds. He explores why the approach to combating human trafficking requires a different lens than traditional law enforcement investigations. Kyle expresses the necessity for quality training delivered by experienced professionals and survivors. Join us and equip yourself with the knowledge to make a real difference in the fight against human trafficking.


Episode 187: Honoring Two Decades of Justice: The Human Trafficking Conference

Get ready to embark on a journey with the extraordinary conference planner, Anna Schramm. We delve deep into the intricacies of the upcoming Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference, a historic event that is marking its 20th year. Anna gives us the scoop on the registration rates and deadlines, and emphasizes that affordability doesn't compromise quality. A special mention to all college students and survivors of human trafficking - there are discounts and free access for you. But hurry, prices are set to increase in a week. If you haven't registered yet, circle August 29th on your calendar to save money on this enlightening opportunity. Let’s raise a toast to the 20th anniversary of this impactful conference. To commemorate it, we're releasing exclusive 20th Annual Conference t-shirts from Worthwhile, a Fair Trade company. Not just a keepsake, the proceeds from these t-shirts go directly towards supporting programs for survivors. Save the date for the kickoff event on Tuesday, September 19th, from 6-7 pm Eastern time, to be followed by the three day Program with 110 various presenters. Did we mention the conference also offers a variety of continuing education credits for professionals in fields such as social work, counseling, and the legal field? Tune in as we uncover the potential of this conference and how your participation can make a real difference.


Episode 186: The Power of Clear Communication in Social Impact

Ever grappled with simplifying complex research to engage a non-expert audience? Witness how, Nancy Hardcastle, a remarkable expert in crafting compelling presentations, lends her unique strategies to social impact leaders. Our conversation explores the hurdles faced by researchers in creating accessible presentations and how Nancy's expertise helps distil these complexities. Drawing from her experiences at human trafficking conferences, she underlines the significance of clarity and comprehension in captivating diverse audiences. On a journey to create powerful stories? Nancy's two-hour workshop provides a blueprint. Whether you're an advocate or a researcher, her meticulously designed packages can transform the way you communicate your work. She breaks down her offerings, and transparently discusses pricing, which opens a world of transformation for those striving to influence change. If you're in the field of human trafficking or any area that requires translating intricate information for varied audiences, this episode is an essential listen. Nancy's insights could revolutionize your presentations, making them unforgettable.


Episode 185: Challenging the Narrative. A Deep Dive into the Misrepresentations of "Sound of Freedom" and the Realities of Human Trafficking

The recently released movie that's taken the world by storm, the "Sound of Freedom" raked in an astounding $50 million to date. But what if I told you this film, with its American hero rescuing innocent children from far off lands, isn't painting the full picture of human trafficking? Join me as I navigate the complex narrative of this controversial movie, challenging the distorted image it portrays of human trafficking. While the film is certainly compelling, there are serious misrepresentations to dissect. Not all customers who buy victims are dirty and sweaty or wealthy beyond measure, some hide in plain sight, in legitimate jobs and occupy everyday positions of trust. And while the protagonist's heroics are commendable, the reality of human trafficking is unfortunately more complex and requires more complex solutions.


Episode 184: Part II The Rest of the Jennifer Bryant's Story of the Unseen Reality of Familial Trafficking

What if one of the most dangerous places for a child was their own home? Tune in as we walk with Jennifer Bryant, a courageous survivor of familial trafficking, down a dark path that begins with a seemingly regular childhood and descends into a chilling world of manipulation, abuse, and exploitation by her own father. Jennifer's story is a harrowing exploration of the often-overlooked reality of familial trafficking. From her father's disturbing manipulation tactics, to her being sold to a gynecologist and simultaneously trafficked from her father's bar, Jennifer's narrative unveils the horrifying reality that victims of familial trafficking endure. Our discussion doesn't just stop at her past; we delve into Jennifer's experiences in a neglectful psych ward, the mind-boggling indifference of her mother, and the repeated exploitation she faced. This conversation is a clear reminder of the importance of understanding the signs of familial trafficking and the urgent need for resources and support for survivors. Yet, Jennifer's story isn't just about survival, it's about resilience, advocacy, and empowerment. Jennifer uses her horrific experiences as a tool to illuminate the concealed atrocities of familial trafficking and to fill the glaring gap in the anti-trafficking field. This episode is a testament to the resilience of survivors and a call to arms in the fight against human trafficking. Join us as we uncover the heartbreaking truth and the inspiring strength of Jennifer Bryant.


Episode 183: A Dark Journey to the Light: The Hidden Reality of Familial Trafficking Part I

Welcome to an episode that pierces through the hidden underbelly of society, shining a light on a gut-wrenching tale of survival. We welcome Jennifer, a beacon of resilience, whose personal story serves as a stark reminder of the often overlooked issue of familial trafficking. Raised in an environment laced with manipulation, grooming, and familial trafficking, Jennifer bravely recounts her experiences, from her childhood summers spent in the claws of her father to the stark existence at her mother's house. Her childhood was a meticulously planned grooming process, marked by exposure to a world of sex trafficking. The heart-wrenching journey into Jennifer's past doesn’t stop there, as she unveils her horrifying teenage years being traded for drugs, alcohol, and favors from affluent men by her own father. Her trauma, however, didn't break her. Instead, it forged her into a survivor leader and an advocate for victims like herself. This is an episode that confronts the ugly truths of familial trafficking and celebrates the power of resilience – you won’t want to miss it This is Part I of a two part story.