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YOU ARE PRICELESS and our shared human potential is incredible! Get a major boost of life's power, no matter your current circumstances, with interviews and shared principles of joy, success and happiness!

YOU ARE PRICELESS and our shared human potential is incredible! Get a major boost of life's power, no matter your current circumstances, with interviews and shared principles of joy, success and happiness!
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YOU ARE PRICELESS and our shared human potential is incredible! Get a major boost of life's power, no matter your current circumstances, with interviews and shared principles of joy, success and happiness!




Ep. 064: Comedian GREG MORTON (America's Got Talent)

Greg Morton is a very unique and dynamic stand-up comic who has worked in the comedy world for well over three decades. He is known for spot on movie impressions and has a very energetic stage presence, as millions witnessed on the 2019 season of America's Got Talent where he was praised by all the judges. Greg gave us an in depth interview covering what drove him to comedy as well as some of what he's learned from what went right - and wrong - over the years. Comedians are fascinating...


Ep. 063: JUST AN INCH - Between Striking Out & Striking Rich

In this episode, we talk about the fine line between striking out and striking rich. It separates success and failure. It separates mistakes and triumphs. We discuss a very poignant analogy from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as well as some stories from our own space program and arriving on the moon. We even talked about the Apollo 13 mission and some important lessons learned from that story.


Ep. 062: KORN'S RAY LUZIER (Interview 2)

The band Korn have been a solid presence in music now for over 25 years and their new album, "The Nothing," shows they are as relevent, passionate, cohesive and vibrant as ever. Korn's popularity continues to grow and their artistry is unstoppable! In this interview with their incredible drummer, Ray Luzier, we cover so many areas of recording, touring, Korn Koffee as well as many questions from fans that were sent via social media. Ray was gracious with his time and ever grateful to the...


Ep. 061: EXPANDING COMFORT ZONES for Power & Perspective

Comfort zones are a place where we, well, find comfort. That means they have lower elements of stress and fear and perhaps even work. As Grant Cardone said, "The greatest YOU will be discovered far outside your comfort zone!" It is important, therefore, to find balance and recognize some of the delusional thought processes that sometimes keep us back from becoming our best selves by expanding that comfort zone and venturing out of it. We talk in the episode about fear as well as some stories...


Ep. 060: YOUR Purpose-Driven Life, Batteries INCLUDED!

Many times in our lives we are diverted either by our own decisions or unavoidable circumstances. When we are living with purpose, unlike those old toy commercials that alway said "batteries not included," the batteries and power to your life are in finding and fostering that purpose. We talk in this episode of the greatness found in all of us. I shared some examples related to Connor McGregor, David Goggins and others as well as highlighting the 50 year anniversary of the first men to land...


Ep. 059: EMILY FRISELLA - Balanced Body & Nutrition!

What a great interview we had with the incredible Emily Frisella! We covered everything from carbs and ketosis to our mindset, food addiction, soda and much of her great work. She has a unique and powerful cookbook called The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen Cookbook. She has a great, upbeat outlook and her knowledge and expertise are impressive. Visit her on her website at www.FitHomeAndHealth.com. Also, follow her and her robust community @EmilyFrisella on Instagram. This is a great interview as...


Ep. 058: Mitchell Levy - TEDx Veteran, Branding Expert & Leader

Mitchell Levy is a wonderfully charismatic man with a keen understanding of branding, marketing and business. He provides valuable consulting and other services to businesses including upper level executives and CEO's. He also provides ghost writing and other related services to effectively build brand recognition as a thought leader or recognized expert in a certain field. In this interview, we discussed all of this along with some skills and techniques involving authenticity, vulnerability...


Ep. 057: Maki Moussavi & Our Quest to Fulfillment!

Maki Moussavi is a success coach and the author of the new book, The High Achiever's Guide: Transform Your Success Mindset and Begin the Quest to Fulfillment. In this interview, we discussed finding clarity both in what we are tolerating and in expectations towards actual, meaningful fulfillment in our lives. We talk about how to avoid putting things off and actually challenge ourselves, our fears and delusions to consciously reprogram our minds towards the outcomes we want and deserve. Buy...


Ep. 056: Jill Valdez (Success Principles in Life & Business)

As founder of LINK, Jill Valdez is a very wise and experienced business professional committed to helping others in business to maximize their results on all levels. In this interview, we thoroughly discussed everything from management styles and company culture to effective interviews and interacting well with employees and others. We also covered some examples related to AT&T, Apple, McDonald's, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. Whether you have a business, want to start a business, have a...


Ep. 055: KORN'S Brian "Head" Welch & Daughter Jennea

This is an interview with two amazing people who have been through A LOT and come together with a beautiful father/daughter relationship. They invited all of us to join them on this journey through the new documentary, "Loud Krazy Love," coming out on DVD June 11th! We covered so much here from addictions to dreadlocks, parent involvement to the music itself. Enjoy this great interview with Brian "Head" Welch and his lovely daughter, Jennea.


Ep. 054: The BIG Picture Is Liberating!

In this episode, we discuss the differences between the BIG picture and the small details of life as well as the importance of balancing both. We might also refer to this as MACRO vs. MICRO and it applies in all areas of life as well as in our lives as a whole. I talked about the movie "Signs," which I watched recently with my boys, as well as some recent things I've heard from Chris Hardwick (ID10T Podcast) as well as Mel Robbins and others. The BIG picture can free us from letting small...


Ep. 053: The Power of Saying NO!

When we learn to consistently say "NO" to the wrong things to make room for the RIGHT things, a world of harmony and consistency can unfold for us. Join us in this episode as we talk about some of the logistics of this principle and how it applies across the board in life, whether that be in business, relationships, personal interests, etc! There is great POWER in the word "NO"!



In this incredible interview with Lisa Bilyeu, we discussed a wide range of topics including her background in the UK and how she met Tom to her heros, relationships, empowering women and so much more! It's interesting to see how her journey and evolving mindset have fueled her part in this power couple's immense success. This is another interview you don't want to...


Ep. 051: Anchoring in NOW!

PEACE. This is something that it's safe to say we all seek in our existence here. It is a priceless commodity that is sometimes hard to come by, perhaps because we gullible humans often look for it in all the wrong places. We talk in this episode about finding real, lasting peace, expanding our mindfulness and controlling our thought patterns. I elaborate on some thoughts surrounding my great aunt, Elinor Otto, who will turn 100 in October 2019. We discuss some of her trials and triumphs and...


Ep. 050: TOM ZIGLAR, son of the late, great ZIG ZIGLAR!

What better way to celebrate our 50TH EPISODE of the podcast than to talk to the son of Zig Ziglar, one of the greatest motivational authors and speakers in history! Tom is continuing in his dad's footsteps and has a new book called Choose to Win, out now with lots of great options through www.ChooseToWinBook.com. Tom shares all sorts of insights in growing up as Zig's son and his work ethic and genuineness that fueled his rise after many thousands of hours of study, blood sweat and tears....


Ep. 049: Sony Animation's BRANDON JEFFORDS

In this episode, we have a real life animator who has worked on a BUNCH of great projects you're familiar with, including "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2," "Smurfs: The Lost Village," and the "Hotel Transylvania" franchise. He has a story of passion and discouragement, trials and triumph that all of us can relate to in our pursuit of our own passions and successes. Listen as we discuss everything from old cartoons and influences to driving taxi and the unfailing support of his wife as...


Ep. 048: JAMIE LERNER - The Ever-Loving Essence of You!

This is a special interview with Jamie Lerner, co-author of the book, The Ever-Loving Essence of You! We talked about allowing and taking care of ourselves and others by changing our mindset and our approach to habits in general. She is a very experienced and loving therapist with many years of experience, so her insights are very valuable to one and all! Enjoy!


Ep. 047: Laura Gassner Otting - Limitless!

This powerful interview is one you don't want to miss! Laura Gassner Otting is an author and accomplished speaker and coach with a broad background working with non-profits, businesses and much more! We talked at length about getting out of our own way and freeing ourselves from the worries of what other people think. This is about boldly carving our own path with purpose and living our best life. Go here to find out about her new book: Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own...


Ep. 046: ELAINE HOWARD: "Passion in the Bones"

Elaine Howard is an accomplished attorney who wrote an impressive book called "Passion in the Bones: A Guide to Breaking the Chains of Negativity and Living Your Own Adventure". In this interview, we discussed the nature of negative and positive energy and the choices we make to focus on passion and positive things to turn one's life around. Elaine has a great story and gave us a great interview. I can't recommend this book enough. Visit www.PassionInTheBones.com to learn more and to get...


Ep. 045: LINKS In Our CHAIN (Phil Opens Up)

We talk in this episode about how doors close and open, creating new links in the chain that makes up our life here. Each closed door welcomes a new opportunity as other doors can then open. We talk about Jamie Lee Curtis and her story of links in a chain, after being fired, that led to much of her continued success in her career. Phil opens up also about his own life situation since starting the podcast and why he was absent from the podcast for almost a month...We have much more in store,...