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Training, Educating & Mentoring Today's Fire Service
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Training, Educating & Mentoring Today's Fire Service




EHT Podcast Episode 44: Vertical Ventilation

In this episode the group discusses vertical ventilation on peaked and flat roofs, including commercial versus residential. Tim and Jeff have guests on this episode with great information and experience on ventilation. Tai Rondeau and Beau Espinosa join us with some valuable information and tips on conducting vertical ventilation.

EHT-Episode 40–Search and Rescue Part 1: Truck Work Part 6

In this episode the group discusses some basics of search and rescue. As you can guess, this is a topic that provides a great many avenues and options. The critical nature of this tactic is why we do what we do–to save lives. What may seem simple and easy is really a skill that […]

Ground Ladders Part 2: Podcast

Join us again with Part 2 on ground ladders. The group will discuss deployment, ladder choice and some common sense ideas for using ground ladders, no matter the size or location of your department.

EHT Episode 38–Truck Ops Part 4–Ground Ladders Part 1

This is part one of the use of ground ladders. In this episode we discuss the challenges of where we store them, deploying them and some of the small nuances that can make all the difference in your ground ladder uses. No matter how large or small your department, you will be faced with […]


EHT Episode 37–Truck Ops Part 3–Forcible Entry

In this episode the group discusses forcible entry for success on any fireground. Whether you’re urban, suburban or rural–the skills set is the same and the challenge of getting in and out are critical to our success. Listen in and share!


Truck Ops Podcast Part 2–EHT Episode 036

This episode discusses the transitioning from an engine or other company to the truck company. Your panel discusses the differences you can expect when operating on a truck company as opposed to the engine. The experience of the panel offers a unique perspective that can be applied to any department. Remember, it’s not the […]

Truck Ops Podcast Series–Episode 1-Intro

This is the first in a series of podcasts from Engine House Training, LLC that will discuss Truck Work. We will be creating these series of podcasts on everything operational over the next several weeks and months. So, be sure to stay tuned in for many more informational and fun podcasts on all […]

031–EHT-The Double Edged Sword of Loyalty–Podcast

The Double Edge Sword of Loyalty There are bad leaders out there, no doubt “Management reserves the right to manage poorly” What you should expect: Fair & consistent treatment Genuine concern for your wellbeing & development The tools & support you need to do your job To be challenged and to […]

The Leadership Triad–EHT Podcast

Chief Dennis Reilly and Jason Hoevelmann discuss leadership for firefighters and fire officers specifically regarding being a consistent leader and officer using the Leadership Triad. It comes downs to a strong moral compass and the firm foundation based on ethics and doing what’s right. THE MORAL & ETHICAL OBLIGATIONS OF BEING AN OFFICER: Your decisions […]

First Arriving Command: Part 1–Podcast

Don’t over-compicate the roll of command. In this episode Chief Pronesti discusses a simple initial size up option that takes into account the building. This is not the only option out there, just one we discussed in this particular episode. Size–how do you determine size and define that for your crews? Use–understand the […]

Columbia Memorial Stair Climb

Check out their page at Columbia Memorial Stair Climb After you climb 110 stories you will feel an overwhelming sense of pride. Sure, you’ll be proud that you finished the climb, but more importantly, you’ll take pride in knowing that in this great country there are still hero’s that are willing to make the ultimate […]

Surviving the Poor Company or Department

Chief Reilly took some fabulous notes, here they are: Set your standards, your own code, and then live by them. Do not allow others to define what good or bad is. Management always has the right to manage poorly Normally bad assignments done last forever. Don’t do something that will stay with you for your […]

Setting Expectations: Part 1

This podcast addresses only three components of setting expectations for your members. It is really one of the most important things you need to do as a newly promoted officer, or if you are trying to gain control of a division, shift or crew. If they don’t know what’s expected, it’s impossible for you […]

With or Without the Hose Line?

In the last few weeks I posted about being aggressive. In that post I mentioned that we, our department, will search without a hose line. This seemed to raise some eyebrows and concern about what I said. This podcast addresses what I mean by that and some ways to search without the hose line in […]

Take the High Road: No Gossip Allowed!: Podcast

This episode discusses the harm and challenges associated with speaking out of turn and partaking in the gossip that can be so ever prevalent. Take the high road, don’t participate and get all of the facts before speaking about something or someone. It can be harmful to the person being talked about and to […]

5 Common Mistakes New Fire Officers Make: Video and Podcast

Here is a video of a recent FREE webinar about five common mistakes that new fire officers tend make. These are by no means exclusive, but from my experience are committed by many new officers. -Don’t try to change the world -Don’t have an authority complex -Don’t micromanage -Don’t be a quitter -Don’t avoid discipline […]

Basics of Bailout: Podcast

Bailout is a last option for us when things go bad. We can do all of the right things and still find ourselves in trouble. It doesn’t and won’t happen often when we train and operate in standard manners, but we have to be prepared. This podcast discusses some basic concepts that we at Engine […]

For the Good of the Group: Podcast

This episode discusses our intentions and how, as leaders and fire officers, we need to put the group ahead of ourselves. Servant leadership is real and it makes a difference in your relationships and effectiveness as a leader. I have four basic priorities for myself and my members when on duty and in this […]