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Curious friends (not experts) have fun diving into a variety of topics that intrigue them ... From Mormonism to Online Dating, Transcendental Meditation to Midwifery; Science, Technology, Biographies & more ... Everywhere You Go is Bullshit. Formerly known as The Fundamentals Podcast.


Portland, OR


Curious friends (not experts) have fun diving into a variety of topics that intrigue them ... From Mormonism to Online Dating, Transcendental Meditation to Midwifery; Science, Technology, Biographies & more ... Everywhere You Go is Bullshit. Formerly known as The Fundamentals Podcast.








Kind of Bloosh | An Anthology of 'Extra Fun'

From the early years of the podcast and the hours of off-topic conversations, comes a special collection of our favorite bits from the original Extra Fun series! — From the original episodes in order of appearance : 00:00 : Moynahan v. Monaghan - Tom Brady’s ball scandal, and continually mixing up Bridget Moynahan and Michelle Monaghan - March 2015 10:56 : Pink Bloosh! - The origin of our affinity for André Blush and Pamela Anderson’s Icelandic strip club - August 2015 18:26 : The Legend of Vic Alfonso - Darren’s impending fatherhood, contemplating careers as vacuum salesmen, and the looming legacy of a Cadillac dealer - September 2015 31:50 : Kevin Bacon Cats - Kevin Bacon arrives with mac salad and a VHS copy of Tremors, Martin retells his favorite Scary Story to Tell in the Dark - November 2015 37:22 : Head Bumps - Martin hit Darren in the face with a Squash ball, and Martin recalls his dangerous Football injuries - January 2016 45:15 : All Eyes, No Ass - Darren introduces his son and talks about being a first time Dad - March 2016


Mormon Patriarchal Blessings | Siblings in Zion Podcast

As we mentioned in the last episode on Mormonism, Dan & his sister Lisa have started a new podcast called Siblings in Zion! Today we present an episode from that show in which the siblings discuss the LDS practice of 'Patriarchal Blessings'. Check out the links below and subscribe! --- In this episode Dan and Lisa read their super special, *very* unique Patriarchal Blessings (also known as Mormon horoscopes) and dissect them into what is standard Mormon jargon, what is total BS, and what is likely influenced by knowledge provided to the patriarch beforehand. As you might expect, there are some differences between blessings and expectations for males and females. They also hit some serious mental hurdles attempting to make any sense of what the pre-mortal life could possibly have been. What the hell is a spiritual body?! --- Website: http://siblingsinzion.com Apple: https://bit.ly/sizapple YouTube: https://bit.ly/sizyoutube Spotify: https://bit.ly/sizspotify http://instagram.com/siblingsinzion http://twitter.com/siblingsinzion


Mormonism | Part 4 - Leaving the LDS Church

In this season finale (more on that at the end of the episode), Dan's sister Lisa joins us to conclude our series on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She talks about the structure of missionary life bleeding over after she returned, her struggle to conform to the expectations of women in the church, some of the very weird things she used to believe, and the process of learning and accepting the incompatible truths that would lead her to resign her membership and seek a life of her choosing. We also discuss the future of The Fundamentals and expansion to new things. Stay tuned!


Mormonism | Part 3 - LDS Missionaries

Finally, Dan's sister Lisa joins us to talk about growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being baptized by her brother, attending BYU-Idaho, and serving a full-time mission for 18 months before eventually beginning to question the claims of Joseph Smith, the origins of the Book of Mormon, and the history of the church.


Seventh-day Adventist

Church on Saturday? Jesus Christ: Private Investigator? In 1844, after 'The Great Disappointment' of the Millerite movement, Ellen G. White began having visions. Eventually, she was among the founders of a new christian denomination known as the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We'll talk about how their beliefs and practices differ significantly from other Christian churches, and what the heck Jesus is doing up there in his heavenly apartment.


I Don't Want to Die! 💀

We ponder death and its place as the motive of religion. Yes, of course we talk about Mormonism, and Dan comments on the progress of having more honest communication with his Mormon family.


Yuri Gagarin | The First Man in Outer Space

In 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin orbited the Earth in the Vostok 1 spacecraft, becoming the first human being in outer space. He returned to great celebration and lived as a hero in his homeland. That is, until his still mysterious death in 1968 ...


Energy Drinks!

There are a lot of products out there with the promise of energy, mental focus, and greater performance. Sales of 'energy drinks' generate more than $10 billion annually, but what are you really paying for? What is actually in them? Are they safe? We talk about all this as we taste test a variety of popular brands. Let's rip the lid off it!!! Video Version : https://youtu.be/_brs-_OoHcQ


Book of Mormon 'Evidence'

We watch a video entitled Evidences of the Book of Mormon: Complexity ... and we have some things to say. Watch the video version here: https://bit.ly/2PqgDnQ


Recycling ♻️

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. There is a reason for that order. Despite our best efforts and intentions, recycling is not the idyllic process most of us assume it is. Now that China has enacted the 'National Sword' policy, it is even more difficult to carry out. We need to be aware of what is possible for us to do, and how we can maximize our actions within the parameters of the places we live. YouTube : https://youtu.be/JJ9YnzQNd2w https://www.recycleacrossamerica.org/


Dad Boners & The Facebook Apocalypse

Current political bulls**t, data privacy, the Facebook apocalypse, the Mormon temple in Rome, the idea of inviting Mormon missionaries to speak with us on the show, future president The Rock, and Darren pops a dad boner over fixing appliances! Video version: https://youtu.be/6qpSKwAMUrE


What in the World 15

With R. Kelly being arrested again and not making bail, it got Darren thinking about the most expensive bail amounts ever set ... which leads us to some interesting cases and disparities between them. R.I.P. Aaliyah


Introduction to The Fundamentals Podcast

In our very first video episode we talk about who we are, what we do, where we've been and where we are going! We look back at some of our favorite older episodes, and look forward to subjects we would like to cover in the future. Check out the video at our new YouTube channel and subscribe: http://thefundamentalspodcast.com


There's a Baby in My Pants!

Darren tells the story of his wife's heroic delivery of their new baby daughter. They say the second one comes faster ... no kidding!


The Death Penalty

Capital Punishment. The Death Penalty. Human Sacrifice. It has been been practiced since antiquity. What was once a more physically brutal and public event has become primarily a medical procedure behind locked doors. We talk about the ethical arguments, the various ways it has been applied throughout history, its current role in the societies that have held on to it, and whether or not it is valuable as a deterrent against the crimes it is used to punish. Also: BLOOD EAGLE. YouTube Channel: http://everywhereyougopod.com


The Golden Age of Knowledge!

We watch a Scientology propaganda video, compare the Mormon and Scientology churches considering their financial dealings and property holdings, moral relativism, apocalyptic future scenarios, and the imminent arrival of Darren's baby daughter ...


Mormonism | Part 2 - History of the LDS Church

An abridged history of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; from the birth of Joseph Smith, Jr. to the present day as the church spread from New York to Kirtland, Nauvoo, Salt Lake City, and eventually across the world. Enhanced video version on YouTube: https://bit.ly/2RZPnRw


What in the World 14

What in the world is the world's ... whatever ... Super bikes and Super volcanoes ...


The Stock Market

Stocks. Bonds. Mutual Funds. Buy! Sell! Whether you let it ride or play it safe, we the people can play the game of business. We talk about the fundamentals of financial investment, how it has changed over time, and how it influences our economy. The Fundamentals of The Stock Market.



With Darren's second child due any day, we sat down with Dan's dear friend and professional midwife Charli Zarosinski to talk about the fundamentals of midwifery practice, its benefits, misconceptions, and the differences between childbirth at home and hospital. Visit hearthandhomemidwifery.com & listen to Charli's show The Homebirth Midwife Podcast