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Season 2, Episode 3 - Harvest Highlights 2018 - Wild Harvest Table

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Our 3 Harvest Highlights 2018 episode is an exploration of the wild harvest this year with Moira Tidball- CCE Seneca's Nutrition Issue Leader and creator of the Wild Harvest Table website. We discuss a range of issues, including the use of ingredients such as squirrel, canned Canada goose and much much more! Episode transcript (pdf): https://cornell.box.com/s/4m5ll5odmknr28kyynz4dmw54m7q85jo Links: Bio of Mo : http://localfood.cornell.edu/moira-tidball/ Wild...


Season 2, Episode 2 - Harvest Highlights 2018 - Apples and Berries

It's our second Harvest Highlight. Apples and Berries are where it's at this episode! We talk with three of our specialists in the field to learn about this years growing season and harvest/ Our guest are Craig Kahlke -Team Leader, Fruit Quality Management Lake Ontario Fruit Program, Mike Basdow -Tree Fruit Specialist Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Team and Laura McDermott - Team Leader, Small Fruit and Vegetable Specialist Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Team. Season 2,...


Season 2, Episode 1 - Harvest Highlights 2018 - Vegetables

The first of our 2018 Harvest Highlights series. Today we talk with Ethan Grundberg and Judson Reid, two of our vegetable specialists, about the growing season and what this years harvest looks like. More info on CCE Area Teams: http://cce.cornell.edu/page/areateams Episode transcript (pdf): https://cornell.box.com/s/x8hvef4yg3mc2nroliufc70foz087wdf Credits: Title and End Music by Ryan Andersen - Bike Ride With You from the album Swimming. freemusicarchive.org/music/Ryan_Andersen/Swimming/...


Episode 5: Nutrition and the Farm Bill

In the last episode of the farm bill series, Extension Out Loud hosts discuss nutrition programming with Lara Parrilla, nutrition & community development issue leader with CCE Tompkins County and Randi Quackenbush, advocacy & education manager with the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. Episode transcript (pdf): https://cornell.box.com/s/8uyzznbuoe75kjuqn73dv64ulzb54o8s Relevant links: Lara's bio: http://ccetompkins.org/staff/lara-parrilla Rani's bio: https://www.foodbankst.org/staff-listing...


Episode 4 Bonus: Cornell Cooperative Extension and dairy

Guests Jerry Bertoldo, dairy specialist with CCE Northwest NY Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Program and Tom Overton, CCE associate director and director of PRO-DIARY, discuss CCE programs supporting dairy farmers across New York State. Download episode transcript (pdf) : https://cornell.box.com/s/jdwwfe6ueoxlyyyoy28qug24kt4elm3h Relevant Links: Cornell Cooperative Extension : http://www.cce.cornell.edu Dairy Delivers: Economic Impacts of Dairy in New York (pdf):...


Episode 4: Dairy and the farm bill

In this episode we talk with Dr. Andrew Novakovic, E.V. Baker Professor of Agricultural Economics at the Dyson School at Cornell University. This conversation explores the economics of dairy and current challenges that dairy farmers are facing with a focus on the impact of the farm bill on the NYS dairy industry. Episode 4 transcript (pdf) https://cornell.box.com/s/pisaz8165y8jp39z9nbsaeph9su43ji6 Relevant Links: Federal Milk Marketing Orders:...


Dr. Andrew Novakovic Tariffs and Trade - Dairy

What does international trade have to do with the dairy industry? Agricultural economist Dr. Andrew Novakovic explains in this snippet from an upcoming Extension Out Loud podcast episode. Hosts Katie and Paul and their guest went on a timely tangent about trade, tariffs, and NYS dairy that gives important context to the trade negotiations that are currently underway. Check out this snippet and tune in next week for the full interview.


Episode 3 Bonus: Farm to School and Food Hubs

After we wrapped up Episode 3 we talked with Cheryl Thayer about several of the programs she mentioned and she graciously agreed to venture out into the world and talk with Dave Walczak of the western New York food hub, and Bridget O'Brien Wood Director of Child Nutrition Services for the Buffalo, New York school district. Episode 3 Bonus transcript (pdf) - https://cornell.box.com/s/i35o37h8k9s007wsbtkl2j1t5x8ee9ea Music by The Local Farmers Union - thelocalfarmersunion.bandcamp.com/


Episode 3: Local food and the farm bill

In this episode we talk with Cheryl Thayer, Local Food Distribution and Marketing Specialist with the Cornell Cooperative Extension Harvest New York Team. Cheryl is actively working to support and grow local food systems here in New York. This episode – while it does discuss the farm Bill – explores the idea of local food systems more broadly. We talk about some of the programs active here in New York that support different aspects of local food systems like double up food bucks, the field...


Episode 2: Conservation and the farm bill

In this episode we explore the impacts of Title 2 - Conservation - of the Farm Bill. We talk with Dr, Amanda Rodewald of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Allan Gandelman, of Main Street Farms about the impact of conservation funding through the Farm Bill. The farm bill is the largest source of funding for private land conservation in the country. In this episode we learn how that funding is used to conserve land, what it means to conserve land, and some programs in NYS that help farmers...


Episode 1: An Overview of the United States farm bill with Julie Suarez

Welcome to Episode 1 of Extension Out Loud! In this episode, Julie Suarez, Associate Dean of Governmental and Community Relations in the College of Agriculture and Life Science at Cornell University, discusses the history and process of passing the farm bill as well as its current status in Congress. She also discusses the particular importance of the bill to NYS food systems, farmers, and citizens. Episode transcript (pdf): https://cornell.box.com/s/6vz4vg70dfxpi7gcv47zsvirqwqazwat Related...