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Fast Jet Performance is a site dedicated to finding out what makes the difference between the top 10% and the top 1% of those who are truly successful and performing at the top of their field.

Fast Jet Performance is a site dedicated to finding out what makes the difference between the top 10% and the top 1% of those who are truly successful and performing at the top of their field.
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Fast Jet Performance is a site dedicated to finding out what makes the difference between the top 10% and the top 1% of those who are truly successful and performing at the top of their field.




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Transition Out of the Military - Chris Chambers, Proudhouse Properties ex-Royal Navy Pilot

I talk with my good buddy, Chris Chambers about what Service life meant for both of us and what we are doing now we've left. Chris was a Lynx pilot and deployed multiple times to sea. What does a life of conformity mean, do the Services intentionally repress or is that done to the individual by the individual. Chris is a good guy and is still giving back to the community and the RN.


What's my New Job? Confidence Issues as a Pilot and Is Being a Fighter Pilot as Romantic as it is in the Movies?

In this episode I talk you about my new role as the Strategy Director for Aeralis who are making 3 military flying training aircraft which have 85% commonality of parts, making savings for the customer of 30% over 25 years - go and buy your spouse a nice gift, we just saved you money (20.30) Or, alternatively you could use those savings to add capability to your front-line platforms, just an idea. I also reply to a young guy going through multi-engine training and struggling with...


A Chat with a 23 Year Old Joining the Royal Navy to Fly

Today I talk with Karl, a 23 year old guy, who has been through both the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) with the Royal Navy and the Officer Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC) for the Royal Air Force, completing both. He wanted to fly and yesterday he called me with the results - did he get in? Links to books we mention: 'Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World' - General Stanley McChrystal 'Extreme Ownership' - Jocko Willink and Leif Babin


Why the Best Fighter Pilots are Often the Biggest Failures

‘Fail the trip.’ I said to the flying instructor who’d just flown with one of our top students. He gave me a confused look. I was expecting it – my demand, to him, was entirely unreasonable. We knew the student well, I’d read her flying reports from her previous two flight schools and from our own Squadron where she was learning to be a fast jet pilot in the RAF. She was excellent; her flying was above average in all respects – she was hard working and well prepared for her flights. But...


Emergency Engine Shutdown and Forced Landing - RAF Tucano (with COCKPIT AUDIO)

I speak with a buddy of mine, ex RAF Flying Instructor, Jon Dunn about his emergency in 2007 - his engine failure led him to conduct a very difficult forced landing. We talk about 'surprise', shock, preparedness, training, criticism and leadership. A great guy and a deep thinker with some very profound advice - don't miss this one!


The Nolan Principles - the Seven Principles of Public Life

How are these relevant to you? I got your back legends - let me talk you through it! In 1994, the UK government established a Committee on Standards in Public Life. The committee was chaired by Lord Nolan, and was tasked with making recommendations to improve standards of behaviour in public life. The first report of the committee established the seven principles of public life, also known as the 'Nolan principles'.


Stealing Aircraft for Suicide - Aviation and Mental Health

I talk about Richard 'Rich' Russell, the Horizon Air employee who allegedly stole a passenger plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac) and crashed it into the ground. *CAUTION* Some disturbing audio between Richard and ATC who are struggling to talk him down.


I'm on the Radio!

Have a listen to a radio show I did with Becs for Cosford Radio during their airshow! We cover careers in the military and how I got into it!


Sanctuary: Not just the Home of Lost Fighter Pilots

It was a blinding flash of sunlight that forced my eyes to squint into the distance and my heart-rate to soar - but it was no good… I’d lost her. The dim outline of a fighter jet, that I’d been pointing at head-on just a couple of seconds ago, was now gone. It’s the biggest fear of any pilot, losing sight of the aircraft you are about to fight - you can’t fight what you can’t see. The temptation was to frantically search the sky in the hope she’d reappear but I knew it was...


HIGH PERFORMANCE Interview for a Business Owner

A recent interview for a business owner and vet who has a Podcast called Blunt Dissection'. ---- Dr Dave Nichol On today’s show, I am delighted to be joined by Squadron Leader Tim Davies, a qualified fast jet instructor for the Royal Air Force. Over his 20 year career, Tim has been a frontline Tornado GR4 low-level strike attack pilot, before becoming a fast jet flying instructor. He served all over the world and clocked up over 2,500 flight hours. As an...


Why Fighter Pilots know that Quick Reactions are for Losers!

‘I plan for the 6th order effect and I do it in about half a second.’ If I had heard that from anyone other than another fighter pilot, I would’ve laughed them out of the room but, from my buddy, Jim - I knew it was true. I flown with him many times before. He was the kind of guy that radios weren’t invented for - he just didn’t need to use them. I knew what he was thinking before he’d even thought it because we’d both been trained in exactly the same way. We’d gone through flying training...


'Are We Going to Die, Again?' - The Power of Positive Thinking

‘Are we going to die, again?’ ​ That’s all my Weapons Officer (WSO) said to me when I asked him for the time. ‘Bro, the CHECK-IN-TIME, when is it?’ I repeated as I yanked an ejection seat strap from it’s housing and towards my lap. There was no reply. It was obvious he was busy in the rear-seat of our Tornado bomber and heavily pre-occupied with the complexity of this evening’s flight. It really was a ‘dark and stormy night’ and our plan was going to take us into some of the worst weather we...


Email from a Young Guy who Can't Get a Job

My response... Warrior, Thanks for your email, I’m here to help you so let’s get to it and I’ll start off by answering your questions then we’ll move onto some further advice. 1. You experienced hardship when applying for the RAF & RN, with similar motivations to myself, how did you cope with this? When we are young we don’t always think that things have a result which will be equal to our actions. We think that some things we win and some we lose so, for me, I just thought that some guys...


Why this One Forgotten Email Proves that Millennials are the Luckiest Generation, Ever.

I like millennials. There, I’ve said it. And, before my inbox explodes with all the hate mail from my more ‘senior’ readers, let me explain. I like millennials because they have so much potential and yet, they don’t even know it. They are today's 'underdogs' and, once upon a time, I was an underdog, too - all the criticism aimed at millennials could have been aimed at me. ​When I was young, I too was arrogant, self-assured and confrontational. But, there’s another reason I like millennials....


FJP Live Event Webinar | January = Positivity

January will signal the start of the 12 months of experimentation - but in a good way and one that you'll enjoy. We will talk about why we are programmed to have a NEGATIVE MINDSET and what we can do to understand it. We'll then look at what we can do to bring MORE POSITIVITY into our lives without alienating our friends and family. Contribution is always welcome, come onboard - we GOT THIS!


Let's Talk Failure - Why Millennials are Going to Change the World!

Here I talk about why I think Millennials are going to change the world for the better through their energy and by being disruptive. I ran a slide show alongside this talk, it's on the Facebook page if you want to watch the full video but, in all honesty, it's just me talking to a camera. I've included the pictures I used, below. Link to Facebook Video here... CLICK ME


'Wing Girls' Movie (2018) Interview with Susannah Jane and Cabrina Collesides

Six female air show fighter pilots for the U.S. Navy, find themselves at the head of the squadron on a pre-emptive strike on North Korea (North Kiyung) - Interview by Tim Davies YouTube Video here


Why I Quit the Greatest Job in the World - The Curse of the Bovril Snail

‘Well, that's the flying done.’ I thought, as the jet slowly rolled to a stop. And, as I moved the throttle to the closed position, I knew it would be the last time I ever flew a fighter jet. I opened the canopy and, as the engine wound down and took the generator offline, my screens turned black. I could see the crowd walking out from the Squadron carrying the fire extinguishers with which to spray me, just like I’d done to many of my pilots before and yet, I felt little emotion. I had a...


7 ESSENTIAL Yet Overlooked Lessons from the Mayweather - McGregor Fight

It looked just like any other overhyped boxing match of recent times. The older guy who had already made a tonne of money being challenged by the younger guy who was also looking to make…a tonne of money. But to many of us it was about so much more. A lot of guys will often say that their wife doesn’t understand them and, at 4 am on this particular morning, my alarm was telling me that I was about to become one of those guys. As I shrugged off the disdain coming from ‘her’ side of the bed, I...


The Underlying Brutality of Military Life

Email from Rob. As so many have before me, I wanted to put pen to paper, (to coin an old phrase), to say thanks for your unwavering desire to help people succeed and to congratulate you firstly on what I believe to be very pertinent and grounding articles and podcasts, and secondly for what appears to have been a very successful flying career, (I say that because by now you may well have left the service and you’re still here to tell the tale, having undoubtedly made a big difference in a...