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The Finlandia Podcast Network is a series of four podcasts produced by Finlandia University telling the many stories of FinnU!


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The Finlandia Podcast Network is a series of four podcasts produced by Finlandia University telling the many stories of FinnU!




Finlandia Fridays Epsiode 193: Kalevalathon 2023 with Dr Hilary Virtanen

In this episode, Finlandia University's Associate Professor of Finnish & Nordic Studies, Dr. Hilary-Joy Virtanen, joins Finlandia Fridays to discuss an exciting conversation regarding her upcoming reading marathon of Finland's national epic, The Kalevala.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 192: Men's DIII Hockey Head Coach Joe Bucar

Cowbell Weekend is happening Feb. 3 & 4! Finlandia Lions DIII Hockey Coach Joe Burcar talks about his team's upcoming series against Marian University Sabres in this episode.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 191: Diversity Dinner 2023

In this week's episode of Finlandia Fridays, host Jordan Shawhan sits down with Mariana Nakashima to learn about FinnU's upcoming Diversity Dinner, happening at the Finlandia Hall Cafe, February 6 - 10.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 190: The Annual Criminal Justice Trip to Europe with Dr. Richard Gee

In part two of this exciting criminal justice series, Dr. Richard Gee sits down with Finlandia Fridays podcast to discuss the annual Comparative Criminal Justice course's trip to Europe. A video highlighting our favorite moments of the 2022 trip was released earlier this week here:


Finlandia Fridays Episode 189: The Criminal Justice program with Dr. Richard Gee

Graduates of the Finlandia University Criminal Justice program are sprinkled throughout all layers of the criminal justice system, pursuing careers in federal service, safety and security, law, social work and the police force to name a few. Ahead of next week’s video release of FinnU’s 2022 Comparative Criminal Justice course trip to europe, in this episode Dr. Richard Gee sits down with Finlandia Fridays podcast for part one of an exciting two part series.


Voices on Vocation: 006, Juan Marin

In this episode of Voices on Vocation, Dr. Rene Johnson sits down with Finnu's Associate Professor of Mathematics to discuss how he found his vocation and turned it into a lifelong career.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 188: Internship opportunities and degree options for business students

This week on Finlandia Fridays, marketing and management professor Kevin Manninen stopped by to talk about Finlandia's International School of Business (ISB) and an upcoming exclusive internship opportunity for Finlandia students.


Voices on Vocation: 005, Ross Rinkinen ('04) and Travis Hanson ('08)

Voices on Vocation: 005, Ross Rinkinen ('04) and Travis Hanson ('08) by Finlandia University Podcast Network


Finlandia Fridays Episode 187: Giving Tuesday With Kailee Laplander

Kailee Laplander ('12) stops by Finlandia Fridays in this episode to discuss an important tradition, #GivingTuesday.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 186: 2022-2023 Scholarship Packages

In part two of this featured series, Finlandia Fridays dives deep into the new scholarship packages offered at Finlandia and what they will provide incoming students.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 185: The Scholarship Calculator

Understanding the cost of a college education should be easy. So, here to introduce Finlandia’s all-new Scholarship Calculator is Dean of Enrollment Anthony Schwass.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 184: Senior Marketing & Graphic Design student Madelyn Waterman

Joining Finlandia Fridays this week is senior Lions’ Soccer player Madelyn Waterman, who sits down with host Jordan Shawhan for an exciting conversation about FinnU’s Marketing and Graphic Design programs, why she decided to attend Finlandia and what she’s looking forward to most in her final year.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 183: Exploring FinnU's PTA Program with Melanie Thurmond

PTA Program Director Melanie Thurmond joins us in this week's episode to explore Finlandia's Physical Therapist Assistant degree, why it's such a valuable offering and what sets FinnU's program apart from so many others.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 182: 'Dr. Cass' shares news from the arts, sciences & design programs

In this episode, Dr. Cassandra Hill, dean of Finlandia’s Suomi College of Arts & Sciences and interim dean of the International School of Art & Design, discusses several topics including her new roles, innovative new programs and her vision for the student experience.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 181: Five ways the Chapel & Pastor Sarah are here to support you

In this week's episode, Campus Pastor Sarah Semmler Smith sits down with Finlandia Fridays to share four ways the Chapel of St. Matthew & Campus Ministry are here to support you.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 180: Focusing on Mental Health with Sabrina Loven-Gulick

In this episode, Sabrina Loven-Gulick, a personal counselor and academic coach with TRIO Student Support Services at Finlandia University, sits down to discuss the upcoming Mental Health Awareness Week happening on-campus Oct. 3 - 7.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 179: Student Senate President Allison Cooper

In this episode, Student Senate President Allison Cooper invites students to make suggestions for the transformation of Mannerheim Central and shares dates for a few popular upcoming events!


Finlandia Fridays Episode 178: Creating community with Alex Hilterbrand

In this episode, Alex Hilterbrand joins the show to talk about student engagement, clubs and organizations, and upcoming campus events.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 177: Season 7 premiere with President Tim Pinnow

The Season 7 premiere of Finlandia Fridays with President Tim Pinnow.


Finlandia Fridays Episode 176: Class of 2022 Student Representative Arty Puntus

With graduation less than a month away, the Class of 2022 Student Representative, Arty Puntus, caught up with host Jordan Shawhan to talk about his time at Finlandia.