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Eps 305 - The Personal Project

Jim & Robert discuss personal projects to stay fresh and creative admist client work. Check out the discussion on FotoFacts Podcast Listener Group Page


Ballerinas, Weddings & Facebook Professionals

The twins interview the talented and amazing Oklahoma industry photography leaders, Tara Lokey Photography. Hear about her dancing passion as a ballerina in D.C., her work in public relations and how this Nebraska girl first started in wedding photography. Be sure to follow her on social media, especially on Facebook and ask how you can join the established, information-packed


Top 3 Wishes from 2 Top Wedding Shooters - Alex Dugan & Leia Smethurst

Robert spends time with two wedding shooters talking about lessons they wish were revealed BEFORE taking up weddings.


Episode #300 - Pick One

If you were on a desert island, what lens, light modifier and genre.


PhotoCon Update and The Surprise!

We interview Eric Williams, the Oklahoma City store manager on the upcoming PhotoCon details and surpirse "I love PhotoCon" car decorating contest. Both parts of the Facebook LIVE event are spliced together on this episode. We experienced some tech issues with the internet connection and the Facebook audio/video jumped as the phone was constantly trying to reconnect. Be not to worry, we recorded the audio on our backup iPad to push out on iTunes. Be sure to stop by Bedford Camera & Video...


The Moon, SpaceMan & Drones

The Twins are back in the saddle for a solo performance but this episode is NOT boring. Why Well, you got to listen dummy! LOL We are looking for the best way OR how you like to hear the podcast - iTunes, our website or Facebook LIVE. Jim will be posting a poll or survey on on Facebook Listerner Group. We LOVE feedback - good, bad or suggestions - so please drop us an email or a comment on Facebook! If you really, really, really want to show us some love, then post a 5-star review on iTunes!


Nikon and Canon Wars with Alex Dugan

Happy New Year! This is the first episode for 2018 and we are happy to have the talented Alexandra Dugan. If you follow us on our Facebook page, we recorded this episode live but since none of us were video ready, we opted for Harry Potter Socks. BTW, Alex LOVES Harry Potter so be sure to show up with a lightning bolt tattoo to her Envoy Class at Bedford Camera PhotoCon in March. This has been the longest recording so far in FotoFacts Podcast history, but we are expecting Jason Jones to...


Collaborate to Win with Pam Stukenborg

Robert interview’s Pam Stukenborg in Tulsa, hosted by Bedford Camera & Video. This episode was also simulcast on our Facebook page and get the complete audio. Click HERE to watch. I’m not going to spoil the all the moments of the podcast with descriptions of what we spoke about, but it can be a hot topic with many camera clubs and organizations. We would love to hear your comments by posting below or hitting us up on the Facebook Listeners Group Be sure to check back for more episodes in...


Top 5 Business Tips for Starting Your Photography Business

Listen in as Rhonda Thomas gives some great insight and tips for starting your photography business. Rhonda is CEO at National Business Concepts, Inc. She is also the founder of Single Parent Support Network. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Sellers, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Sales, and Real Estate Owned (REO). Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS)...


Triage the List with Leah and Leia

Get ready for an inspiration-packed episode with Leah Brown, a boudoir photographer based in Oklahoma City, OK. If you are wondering about the two different voices on the other side of the table, we also had Leia Smethurst as today’s co-host. This episode hosted by All About Chai on North May. Must you be a full-time to be a professional photographer? Take a listen to Leah’s approach in handling the demands of a regular job, family and your passion. If you missed the comment, she has been...


Photowalk Quick Recap with Jim

Jim sits down with the iPad to talk a bit about the Photowalk and his iPhone 8 Plus.


John James Jim and the Odd Man Out

John Jernigan – Point of View and James Pratt met us at Bedford Camera in Oklahoma City. If you want to hear some interesting stories from his career and his current projects in editorial and commercial photography. We discuss Film, Digital, A Degree in Photography, Oklahoma Today Magazine, Insectology, Tough Photography Jobs, Big Studios, Mark Zimmerman, […]


Travel, Toilets & Tear Drops with Mandy Lea

We catch up with Mandy, an extraordinary travel photographer living on the road in a small teardrop trailer, while she has good cell service in Ohio visiting the factory for NüCamp. We first meet this talented person about two years ago and have been infatuated with her travels and images ever since. Spend some time listening to […]


Policeman Shoots Photographer and Joe Edelman Shoots People

We had some fun with this episode folks! Technical difficulties, Live Facebook, Q&A, Gear Talk, and a Pentax is to blame! Joe Edelman, the man with nearly 100,000 YouTube Subscribers, A Weekly “Tog Chat” Live, 14 Different YouTube Playlists filled with tons-o-education from DIY Gear to Marketing. He is a busy man! We got Joe […]


The Sony 600mm Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Excursion 2017

Join the Bedford Camera team and other fellow photo enthusiasts for a travel excursion to America’s Southwest and the world famous 2017 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, October 6-10, 2017. We will travel together from NW Arkansas and Oklahoma to New Mexico for a 3 day, 4 night trip with professional photo guidance. Combining the Balloon Fiesta […]


Nose Hairs and Hooters with Jim and I

Jim met a young model during one of our recent episodes at Clarity Coffee. He asked her to be on our show, they set a date and here she is – Alyssa Nicole Schulte! She is fairly new to modeling but she is loving it. What a cute personality! She’s pretty witty and is very confident […]


Bedford Camera Photo Expo & Interfit Photo

Rick Weinstein from Interfit Photographic tells us some specs on the recently released Honey Badger Compact Flash Head. Listen to this episode to hear more about this great little power house.


Bedford Camera Photo Expo and Tether Tools

Liz Boettcher with Tether Tools tells about some great products.