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Holiday fears? How to make your WLS plans sweet, simple & sustainable!

In this episode, from my recent Facebook LIVE, we're talking about handling holiday fears, WHY some WLS friends told me they weren’t ready for accountability, HOW to keep your WLS holiday plans sweet, simple & sustainable...AND what I think about the pouch reset! So let's get started!


Get your WLS "mojo" back with a BLAST from the PAST!

Remember those early days after surgery when you weren't having thoughts like..."I’ve gained 35 pounds and I feel like my tool isn’t working anymore! I’m stuck because I struggle with motivation! I'm just trying to get my head back in the game! I've regained 35 pounds and I'm fighting to get it back off!" No, you weren't thinking those thoughts then - because those were the days of confidence, empowerment, control, excitement, and anticipation! But NEVER FEAR! Because we're going to take a...


Sweetheart, STOP doing that...if you want to achieve your goals!

Today we're talking about OBVIOUS changes you can make in your life - so you can achieve your goals! Sounds great, right? But the only problem is, these changes aren't OBVIOUS to you. You can't see your way through a problem. You've pretty much given up on trying to make a situation...better. But YOU KNOW I'm not going to leave you hanging there! So let's get started!


When lizards, squirrels & bees get in the way of your this!!

In this episode, we’re talking about life - what to do when those metaphorical or REAL lizards, squirrels, and bees show up and get in the way of you achieving your goals + TWO proven ways to help your follow-through be way easier and less stressful! So let’s get started!


HOW asking the RIGHT questions about what's getting in your way...can open up your path to success!

I'm always preaching that success is in the details! So when Isabel told me she hadn't been able to exercise because there was a lot of traffic, and she was getting home late from work...well, I just HAD TO KNOW MORE! Let's talk about how YOU can begin asking YOURself the questions that matter, so you can turn that roadblock into your path to success!


HOW to Avoid the Brick Wall of OVERWHELM!

Okay, you know you want to improve something in your life, AND you're ready to make the necessary changes to get there. AWESOME! So you make a big list of goals and you set out to do them all. But what happens within a few days, or at the most - a few weeks? You hit the BRICK WALL of OVERWHELM. You took on too much, too fast, and probably without enough information to create an effective plan. And once again, you're left feeling like you failed. NO more of that. There's a better way. Let's...


Become the EXPERT on YOU...and turn your hopes into reality!

It can be hard to trust yourself after spending years struggling - wondering, “How the heck did I end up here?” Whether that means years living with obesity, or too much time spent in a relationship you knew wasn’t working, or a decade in a job that was wearing you out and going nowhere. But I'm going to show you HOW to find the evidence from your own life that proves you are the EXPERT on YOU, so you can turn your hopes and wishes...into your reality!


Cindy's getting REAL honest with herself after gaining 30 pounds in 7 about you?

Daily trips to Starbucks, butter on your vegetables, or extra big handfuls of almonds can all contribute to putting on 30 pounds in 7 months. But what about when your spouse loses their job and you're worried about the future? When there's a family crisis and you can't sleep at night? Gaining weight after bariatric surgery IS NOT a simple equation of "too much food and not enough exercise", it's just not. Today, we're getting REAL...real honest.


How to stop your "sleepy thinking" from holding you you can live your best life!

Not too long ago, you decided you were unwilling to settle for a life of obesity...and you chose to have weight loss surgery. There were a lot of bold moves you had to make before you could have surgery, so many courageous actions. You did it because you believed in a healthier, happier life for yourself. But now, there are things in your life that need attention, that need improvement, but you're telling yourself, "There's nothing I can's just the way it'll never change."...


If you're looking for a REGAIN solution "out there"...I'll tell you where to find it.

The majority of weight loss surgery patients WILL deal with some regain. And when they're trying to do something about it, many of them will look for a solution "out there". But for most, the answer isn't "out there". Let's talk about WHERE the BEST solution is, and WHAT to do once you find it!


The RISK you can't afford to take after weight loss surgery.

You CANNOT afford to take this RISK after weight loss surgery! I'm on my soapbox today with this one - and bariatric surgery outcome studies support me! Do you REALLY want to live your healthiest and happiest life? I know you do - that's WHY you had weight loss live your best life to the fullest! So let's get started!


WHAT to do when there's TOO much going on to take care of yourself after WLS.

Meet our WLS friend Kelly, and find out what she's doing about her 65 pounds of regain...and how she's NOT just following the traditional weight loss advice we've all been hearing for years! It's time for a Fresh Approach for Kelly AND for you!


How to RE-ENTER life after "an event" and NOT set yourself up for WLS disappointment!

We're doing away with the thought, "What's wrong with me? Why can't I get back on track after.....?" and replacing it with the skill of PLANNING for RE-ENTRY! Because there's NOTHING wrong with you. You just need a little more time to ease back into life after situations and events.


Getting comfortable with your WLS groove!

Instead of "back on track" when you're stuck at a plateau, trying to deal with regain, or worried you'll NEVER reach your healthy about finding your weight loss surgery groove! Sounds better, even feels better just thinking about it, right? I'm discovering my own groove right now, not only with my weight loss surgery - but ALSO with my new life as a.....


Has losing weight become your "project"? Episode #5 "Bumps in the road" after WLS series!

What happens when the process of losing weight becomes the PROJECT you've spent YEARS and YEARS focusing on? Is it hard to let that PROJECT go? Could THIS be one of the puzzle-piece reasons for your WLS regain or plateau? How attached are YOU to your WEIGHT LOSS PROJECT? I may just blow your mind with this one - and I'm sharing two of my own experiences with this BUMP in my weight loss road!


You're on the ELLEN show! Episode #4 "Bumps in the road" after WLS series!

Today YOU are a guest on the ELLEN show! Amazing, right?!? I'm walking you through a powerful visualization exercise for INTRINSIC MOTIVATION! The "Bumps in the road" series is about HOW to deal with those things that come up during your weight loss surgery journey, that get in the way of you taking the very best care of yourself.


How to handle WLS summer struggles!

OH this episode is sooooo good! We're talking about the things that get in the way of your "best-laid" summer plans...and I've got so much good stuff to share with you!


We NEED to talk about THIS after WLS.

The bariatric surgery community isn't talking about this nearly enough, if at all. MENTAL HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT bariatric surgery guideline. And I'm talking about this today in the wake of the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, followed in the last week by my two very close friends each losing a family member to suicide.


"Bumps in the road" after WLS: Episode #3. When to piddle-paddle.

The "Bumps in the road" series is about HOW to deal with those things that come up during your weight loss surgery journey, that get in the way of you taking the very best care of yourself. Today we're talking about being willing to dig deeper, ask questions, and discover what's REALLY behind the blocks that you say - are keeping you from achieving your health goals.


"Bumps in the road" after WLS: Episode #2. The stories you tell yourself.

The "Bumps in the road" series is about HOW to deal with those things that come up during your weight loss surgery journey, that get in the way of you taking the very best care of yourself. Today we're talking about the uncomfortable stories you tell yourself and what you can do about them, so they don't block you from living your healthiest and happiest life with weight loss surgery.