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Bass Guitar and Jam Bands Part 1 of 2 (with Guest Host, Randy Nicklas) Ep024

Today on Fret Buzz Aaron and Joe feature the awesome Randy Nicklas, a touring bassist and music teacher. The guys discuss Randy's musical journey along with stories from the road from his time touring with Broccoli Samurai. During this time Broccoli Samurai had the opportunity to open for popular jam bands like Umphrey's McGee and Pidgeons Playing Ping Pong. The guys discuss whether you should play a 4-string or a 5-string bass guitar as well as different bass amps and effects pedals. They...


Classical Guitar (with Guest Host, Nick Lee) Ep023

In today's episode we talk about the cross-over of jazz and classical guitar, Andrés Segovia's role in the classical guitar, getting work as a classical guitarist, why classical guitar isn't as popular, what to look for when buying a classical guitar(woods, strings), nail upkeep and angle, a funny nail story, calluses, where to start when interested in classical guitar, different exercises and books to consume, players to check out, and alternate tuning. Thank you to Nick Lee......


Recording and Mixing Part 2 of 2 (with Guest Host, Tynz Hampton) Ep022

In part 2 of Recording and Mixing, the guys get into topics like where to start with a mix, how to approach mixing drums, an audio engineer vs. a producer, preproduction and communication, laziness and stealing music, having the client mix with you vs. mixing on your own, and expectations of an audio engineer. Tynz Hampton - District Entertainment Recording


Recording and Mixing Part 1 of 2 (with Guest Host, Tynz Hampton) Ep021

More This week Joe and Aaron sit down with guest host Tynz Hampton and talk about taking care of yourself before the studio, releasing your music now, the fear of putting yourself out there, mixing in a sonic space, the Fletcher Munson Curve, and taking a breaks for fresh ears.


Setup, Maintenance, Repair (with Guest Host, Larry Berwald) Ep020

In this weeks episode Joe and Aaron have Larry Berwald of in the guests chair. They get into the subject of how to care for your instrument and the things you can do to help extend the life of it.


The Recording Studio tips and tricks from the Fret Buzzards Ep019

Aaron and Joe begin the process of familiarising those who may not be as knowledgable in the studio envirornment. Making sure the palyer in in top condition, using the right microphone and experimenting with mic placement, cables, and the interface/preamps.


And all that Jazz Ep018

Aaron Sefchick and Joe McMurray discuss the influences that jazz has had on their lives. They talk about the jazz guitarists (and other instrumentalists) that originally made them excited to listen to and/or play jazz, including Kenny Burrell, Pat Metheny, Grant Green, and many more. Whether you are interested in playing jazz or just listening to inspiring music, this ever-evolving genre has many different flavors to discover.


Watch Your Tone of Voice (with Guest Host, Brent Barker) Ep017

This week, guitar virtuoso Brent Barker joins the Buzzards as a guest host to discuss how to develop and maintain an original voice, sound, and style in the face of an ever changing music industry. Topics include: staying true to your sound and artistry, adapting to shifting trends in modern music, reinvention of playing style, learning new ways to express traditional techniques, the future of instrumental guitar music, and so much more.


An Evening at The Big Top Ep016

In this episode, Aaron, Joe, and Tony deliver their top picks for the albums most influential on their playing styles, techniques, and overall musicianship. Sit back and relax this hour, as the guys run down their favorite riffs, licks, tones, recordings, noises, chirps, and echoing mountain ranges- all in the name of “Fret Buzz The Podcast’s Best of The Top”


Down at The Crossroads Ep015

This week, Aaron and Joe share their stories of reinvention following relocation to various cities and work experiences. They discuss the intersection of their own musical journeys, perspectives on academic music training, developing a foundation in ear training, and their evolving definitions of musical success. Today’s episode is dedicated to cough drop companies around the world, as Tony seeks an endorsement to combat his severe laryngitis.


Test Your Metal…Part Two (with Guest Host, Taylor Nordberg) Ep014

This week, renowned metal guitarist and bassist Taylor Nordberg reunites with his Blacknote Studios mentors, Aaron and Tony, to join the Fret Buzz team as a guest host as the fearsome foursome angle their picks, lock their wrists, and perfect their Dio hand gestures to discuss all things metal. Topics include: working as a metal musician, the appeal of metal as a changing genre, how to play within various forms of metal, bringing metal music out from the underground, self-promotion, and so...


Test Your Metal…Part One Ep013

Like the Gods of Valhalla, the Fret Buzz warriors attack with power, speed, and precision in their first two-part episode on Metal music. Today’s topics include elements of classic and contemporary genres of metal, approaches to learning metal guitar, influential bands and albums within metal genres, and the sheer physical force of Death metal.


Let Me Drive, Man! (with Guest Host, Brian Quinn of Candlebox) Ep012

In this week’s episode, Tony’s childhood friend, Candlebox’s own, guitarist Brian Quinn, takes a guest chair and joins the guys to discuss those ever elusive ingredients for professional musical success: drive, motivation, and perseverance. Topics include: the importance of reinventing your musicianship, studying new techniques on the road, the science and art of networking, developing a business mind, and guiding your career according to “the dream”. Today’s recording, editing, mic...


All The World’s a Stage Ep011

This week, Aaron, Joe, and Tony circumnavigate the globe and discuss how World Music has made an impact on their personal playing and writing styles. They examine the connections between various ethnic rhythms and melodies and their applications by musicians in modern Western music. They guys also explore the importance of maintaining a global awareness in one’s level of musical artistry and thinking. All of today’s content is supported by The Fret Buzz International Gift Shop, whose...


…But How Long Will This Take? Ep010

This week, guitarist Altan Aydin joins Aaron and Tony to address that plaguing focus of every young player’s mind: how to become good on the guitar. They share their experiences with moving from novice to proficient player, discuss the many struggles along the path, and offer invaluable suggestions to both new and more experienced guitarists in order to maximize practice time. So, be patient, stop whining, and know that you will understand it all...very...soon.


Fret Buzz The Podcast, Episode 009: Art is What You Can Get Away With Art is What You Can Get Away With Ep009

On today’s episode of Fret Buzz, Aaron, Joe, and Tony delve into what it means to truly live and work as an artist in a modern world. They compare today’s expectations of artists to those of years past, and share their own experiences with learning about how to make art that resonates with people on a deep level. Stories and insights abound, so get on your smocks, open new project files, and ink your quills, as the guys chew on everything art. Today’s episode of Fret Buzz was inspired by...


Let’s Band Together Ep008

In this episode, Aaron, Joe, and Tony deliver their hard-earned insights into that crown jewel of musicianship: the band. They dig into best and worst band experiences, effective collaboration, proper preparation of material, best “etiquette”, and so much more. All comments in this episode were voted on and approved in a democratic manner by a committee of serious and dedicated rockers at Fret Buzz Headquarters.


It’s a Musical Life Ep007

This week, the guys share their thoughts on establishing and maintaining a musical lifestyle in a modern world. Topics include: balancing home, work, and performance schedules, balancing family and musical projects, redefining the concept of the modern musician, changing public perception of the working musician, and much more.