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Sobriety, Recovery, Addiction Recovery, what's the difference? Deciding to get sober is not the same as being in recovery. Join me as I share my journey through addiction recovery and that of other's through conversations, life coaching and most importantly, support.

Sobriety, Recovery, Addiction Recovery, what's the difference? Deciding to get sober is not the same as being in recovery. Join me as I share my journey through addiction recovery and that of other's through conversations, life coaching and most importantly, support.
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Sobriety, Recovery, Addiction Recovery, what's the difference? Deciding to get sober is not the same as being in recovery. Join me as I share my journey through addiction recovery and that of other's through conversations, life coaching and most importantly, support.








Stop living in the past - why you and other can't see your evolution. Ep18

Sometimes others are to busy seeing who you were to see who you've become. Sometimes you are to busy seeing your old self in your head or in the mirror to see the new you. Are your actions, behaviors, attitudes, and words conveying you have changed? You are already making drastic changes in every area of your life because you are fully embracing sobriety and recovery - now, you know it is time to turn it up. You have realized long before now - continuing with old behaviors, attitudes, and...


Stop comparing yourself to others by getting to know the new you, Ep17

This is a page out of a book my therapist uses for our topics on our Monday night meetings. This was the excerpt for April, 29th. By getting to know ourselves in sobriety and recovery, we get to define who we are. Meaning, we get to re-evaluate what we stand for, our moral character, our belief systems, what we will enjoy and what we won't tolerate any longer. We also can stop judging others by no longer judging ourselves so harshly, or at all even. When we judge others we are finding in...


How to overcome toxic relationships and clear their negative energy, Ep16

Emotional Self Regulation Ask yourself why are they saying this? They will have to look at themselves and ask why aren't they trying as hard as you. Control the amount of information you are giving them about what you are doing


Control your emotions and actions or they'll control you, Ep15

Self-control is the ultimate expression of maturity and character in life. By using self-regulation (Intention - Attention - Distractions - Attitude) in your everyday life you will become more aware of why you do the things you do. If we are experiencing completely unruly thoughts we will be living our lives like an emotional yo-yo. Happiness and sadness come from past based thoughts. Anxiety and fear come from future based thoughts. Seeing where these above feelings and emotions come at...


To burn or not to burn the bridge - How to mend or end relationships in life, Ep14

Don't fear rejection because it's not about you, it's about them. - You can not lose what you didn't have. - If the relationship is strained then you are at a crossroad and something has to be done. - DO NOT put other's needs above your own. It is time for you to heal and grow and move forward and step into a new you. How would you act or respond in the conversation if you felt 100% WORTHY!? 1. Why is it important 2. What does saying goodbye look like? 3. Do I burn the bridge, stop...


You are worthy of abundance, prosperity, and forgiveness BECAUSE of your imperfections, Ep13

We've made mistakes, hurt others, hurt ourselves - yes, we know there are many amends to be made, and many that already have been. These errors in our ways do not mean we are no longer worthy or entitled to abundance. We are human and we are perfect when we are acting and behaving imperfectly. Failure comes from not learning the lessons we were offered through our actions that brought about negative outcomes. In fact, negative outcomes only stay negative when we don't learn the lesson the...


How to relax, be in the moment and enjoy the journey, Ep12

At what age does someone go from having potential to having wasted that potential? It is not easy for me to take a day off. Self-care is one thing, just chilling around my house and turning off my brain is another. Here are MY keys to being in the moment. You are done "wasting" time. You are sober now and you just bought back all that time from the future you would've been using. Only the self, the ego, cares about the future or the past - the present moment is all that really matters so...


Fear is a natural human experience - Embrace fear to overcome it. Ep11

Fear should not be avoided. Journey through the fear to gain the courage to continue forward on your quest. If you are not feeling fear in something you are doing then you are in your comfort zone - and no true growth occurs inside your comfort shell. Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Fear is a natural human experience We use our courage to create our capability and we use that capability to create...


How to fend off disappointment, be less confrontational, and control your emotions - Ep10

Expectations - lead to disappointment because rarely will something live up to the picture you have of it in your mind. Say what you mean and mean what you say Be okay expressing feelings/thoughts/beliefs that might upset someone.


Feeling self-doubt is an expectation thought thus controllable - Ep9

Self-doubt is a feeling and we know that feelings come from thoughts - which are abundant, fleeting and controllable. An expectation is a thought about how things, could, should, or would play out in reality. When I feel self-doubt I follow these 3 keys. The 3 ways I find confidence through self-doubt. My memories are just thoughts and thoughts drive feelings and feelings and thoughts are fleeting and abundant so clear the mind through intention driven thinking. Change can happen in an...


My path toward addiction, my mother's death and my family's role - Ep8

Valentine's Day is a day to share the love you feel toward the ones you love. For me, it is also the day that my mother succumbed to alcoholism and Crohn's. I share my story of my path to addiction and the events that left me with the trauma I am cleaning up and healing through as a man today.


Acceptance and non-judgement around recovery programs - Ep7

There are many ways to get sober and just as many toward the path of recovery. Being accepting of one another's paths and not judging each other for not doing it "my" way is key in being of integrity, humility, and gratitude. There are so many commentators on Instagram about how "you" should get sober. What's really important is that you stop using. How that looks today is probably not how that will look tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. Each moment is a step....


Cue, craving, response, reward and sobriety at special occasions - Ep6

Play it out to the credits. Having just one isn't a choice for us. See, in your mind, how the movie ends when you have "just one." We know there is an addict in us, we don't need to be reminded every second, of every day. Our addictive mindsets are in there, lurking, and to be aware of that is your most powerful weapon. Special occasions are difficult things to attend when you are in sobriety and addiction recovery. Super Bowl Sunday is my favorite holiday of the year and the first big...


Emotional maturity is accepting responsibility for your words and actions - Ep5

We are in charge of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Blaming someone else for how we behave is immature and unacceptable behavior. Children blame others for how they feel and as adults, we are in responsible for teaching them that we decide how we feel, but that's hard for adults to do when they too blame others for how they feel, think, and act. Emotional Maturity is so many things in life, let alone within addiction recovery. Trauma from our childhoods' reaches out and snares us...


Listen to your voice & the many paths to sobriety and recovery - Ep4

I have learned so much about myself in two-years of sobriety and about a year and a half in recovery. I am so excited to share my stories and this journey with you today. Everyone has their own path to go up. Just because my path looks different than yours doesn't mean I am lost. The key, for me, was realizing every way can work if the person making that choice is committed to sobriety and recovery. I am so grateful to my past self for making the decision to get sober as I am blessed to...


The Six Human Needs: Why they lead to addiction - Ep3

The Six Human Needs are foundational for everyone alive. In Addiction Recovery understanding how the six human needs lead you into addiction will drastically benefit you as you move through sobriety and into recovery. Here are the six human needs as defined by Tony Robbins: 1. Certainty 2. Uncertainty/Variety 3. Significance 4. Love/Connection 5. Growth 6. Contribution If an activity, person, job, hobby, or anything else you think of can cover at least three of these then you are...


Addiction Recovery: I'll never use again vs. One day at a time - Ep. 2

Growth Mindset in my addiction recovery is a pillar of my recovery stability. I reference both of these strategies in my sobriety and recovery. "I'll never use again," versus "One day at a time." One side of me steers away from absolutes and another side of me knows that my actions are my choice - and being that my choices determine my actions, why not say, "I will never use again." Conversely, one day at a time is very crucial for me and my development. My journey from sobriety and...


From Sobriety to Recovery Pilot

I am launching this podcast because there is so much I have learned and so much more to learn about my life in sobriety and recovery that I just had to begin the sharing process on a much bigger platform than just group meetings, community events and one-on-one conversations. Whether you are new to addiction recovery or an old timer there will be a place for you here. All voices are welcome and no one is left out - I am all inclusive. From emotional growth and maturity to living a life of...