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A photography podcast where we discuss everything from developing your own style to how to use your camera to it’s full potential.

A photography podcast where we discuss everything from developing your own style to how to use your camera to it’s full potential.
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A photography podcast where we discuss everything from developing your own style to how to use your camera to it’s full potential.




Fuego Magic with Jana Dillon FMP.008

I sat down with the amazing film photographer Jana Dillon and talked about LOTS of awesome things. She is a pro at capturing real and deeply emotional photos. We discussed everything from how to start shooting film, lighting in your office space and the importance of consistency, monitor calibration, continually growing by being hungry for knowledge, not worrying about what others are doing, sharing and growing as one, mentorships, making your website in two days, getting back into film...


Fuego Magic with Stephanie Betsill Co-Hosting! FMP.007

This is a special episode where I sat down with Stephanie Betsill to discuss how to make your clients feel comfortable through their entire experience with you. This way you can get the best photos possible while having an amazing time with them and creating an experience that they will tell everyone about! Stephanie's Website Steph's Instagram Services Mentioned Honeybook Pic-time


Fuego Magic with Cadence FMP.006

Cadence is a super rad photographer from Maui, Hawaii who owns Cadencia Photography. She has a unique style and an incredible eye for capturing raw & unfiltered emotion. We talked about LOTS of good stuff, she tells us about her beginning stages and how she got into photography. How she uses photography as a tool to connect with people on different levels. She lives and breathes her art. She also talks about how to bribe your customers with coffee for early sunrise shoots! Being real to...


Fuego Magic with Angela Nelson FMP.005

Today's episode features #bossbabe super artsy Maui, Hawaii photographer Angela Nelson! She LOVES off camera lighting. We talked about lots of things today. She told us how she went from her career as a school teacher to a successful full-time photographer. We also chatted about: work/life balance, running multiple businesses at once, mistakes made and lessons learned, making your business more legit, taking off your safety cord, leaping and not looking back, bush ninjas, high fiving your...


Fuego Magic with Chris J. Evans FMP.004

In this episode, we get to know Chris J Evans, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Maui, Hawaii who loves elegant images captured in the most natural way possible. He is really good at using off camera lighting! With a background in the fashion industry, he has brought a new perspective to the Maui wedding scene. We talk about transitioning from part-time jobs to full-time photography. We touch on many different topics such as: How to start a wedding photography business from...


Fuego Magic with Angie Diaz FMP.003

This episode explores the mind of super artsy photographer Angie Diaz. She is incredibly creative and not afraid to develop her own trends. We discuss lots of topics such as: getting to your shoots on time, rocky locations and fancy shoes, overcoming unwanted expectations, using photography to show people how beautiful they are, establishing your business in a new market in the midst of hardship, equipment malfunctions, soft photography, 100mm canon lens, shooting in live view mode,...


Fuego Magic with Rodrigo Moraes FMP.002

In this episode you get to meet Rodrigo Moraes, this guy is an absolute savage with the camera. He has so much personality and it all shows in his work. He is very passionate about photography and offered TONS of amazing information. We talked all about, his origins, his shooting style, mistakes made and lessons learned, to NEVER WEAR NEW SHOES TO A WEDDING, setting expectations, preferred shooting light, and much more. To see his work hear over to: Website Instagram Services Mentioned...


Fuego Magic with Stephanie Betsill Photography – FMP001

In this episode of Fuego Magic podcast, you get to meet an amazingly talented portrait and wedding photographer, Stephanie Betsill. This girl SLAYS the photo game. You will learn all about her career change and how she went to zero to sixty in no time. She gives us a detailed account of her journey into discovering her own style. Her favorite way of shooting, settings, and gear! Stephanie's Website Steph's Instagram Services Mentioned Honeybook Pic-time


Fuego Magic Intro Episode – FMP000

MEET YOUR HOST!!! This episode is an introduction to the Fuego Magic Podcast. You will learn all about your host Matias Ezcurra. His wife Sarah interviews Matias all about his journey to becoming a photographer, how he got to where he is today, how he likes to photograph his couples and why Fuego Magic was created. We talk about the beginning of being a self-taught photographer. How all of the free photoshoots and assisting jobs helped him gain confidence and get to his ultimate goal of...