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Lecture 8: Regulating Gene Expression

Last time we talked about transcription and translation; but that’s not all that cells do with genes. If you think about all the different cell types in the body, from your brain cells to your muscles, you realize that these cells must be different, right? Well, they all have the same DNA, so where do the differences come from? Well, today we’re going to talk about how cells decide and regulate which genes they express and turn into proteins, and which ones they don’t; on the Full Semester...


Lecture 7b: From Genes to Proteins (Pt. 2)

This is the second episode in our two part series on transcription and translation, that is, how cells produce the proteins they use. Last time we talked about transcription, so we’ve already covered how we use cellular machinery to create edited mRNA transcripts. Today we’re going to be talking about what the cell does with those transcripts once it’s got them, how it goes from mRNA to protein. So let’s talk about translation on the Full Semester Biology Episode 7: From genes to protein...