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Interviewing the Bright Minds of Mycology, Soil Science, Natural and Agricultural Ecology, Technology and Eco Business. Meeting Market Farmers, Exploring Backyard Businesses, Nature, Plants and the Demographic Shift Back to Working the Earth.

Interviewing the Bright Minds of Mycology, Soil Science, Natural and Agricultural Ecology, Technology and Eco Business. Meeting Market Farmers, Exploring Backyard Businesses, Nature, Plants and the Demographic Shift Back to Working the Earth.
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Interviewing the Bright Minds of Mycology, Soil Science, Natural and Agricultural Ecology, Technology and Eco Business. Meeting Market Farmers, Exploring Backyard Businesses, Nature, Plants and the Demographic Shift Back to Working the Earth.






Episode #39, Observational Beehives with Georgia Beekeeper Dan Long

Today we learn about observational beehives with Dan Long, Georgia Master Beekeeper, bee hobbyist since 1995, and serious beekeeper since 2011. He is a father of six and lives in Athens, Georgia where he is owner of a nursery specializing in clematis. Dan talks about the different types of observational hives and the people who build these small movable hives to bring along to the farmers market or to educational venues. We learn about his favorite type of observational hive that fits right...


Episode #38, Basics of Plant Breeding, Seed Collecting and More Farmers Marketeering Insights

This is the second part of the interview with Matt Ladegaard where we talk about the basics of plant breeding and adaptations, seed saving and plant genetics. We also talk about the local food scene here in Santa Fe, New Mexico and how the distribution happens from farm to table. Matt also tells us a bit more about the experience of being a market gardener and running the business side of things. You can meet Matt at the Santa Fe Farmers Market on Saturdays and Tuesdays.


Episode #37, Aquaponics Cannabis Grows with Steve Raisner

Today we have a very special guest, Steve Raisner, of the Growing with Fishes Podcast and the Potent Ponics Youtube station. He is an extremely knowledgable guy and the type of person who is always gaining more knowledge and evolving his practices based on what he learns. he is a legitimate scientist and researcher. We discuss dual root zone planting for cannabis for greater terpene production and terpene variety and also much faster and stronger plant growth. The benefits are huge and he...


Episode #36, Market Gardening with Matt Ladegaard

Today we meet Matt Ladegaard, a market gardener, entrepreneur and marketeer, founder of Groundstone Farm in Pojoaque NM, just north of Santa Fe where he sells retail at the Santa Fe Farmers Market and wholesale via Squash Blossom Local Food and La Montanita Coop. He went to school for sustainable agriculture and has worked at several farms around the country over the last decade. We cover what it’s like to be a market farmer, an overview of the the thriving Santa Fe farmers market community,...


Episode #35, Science and History of Brewing Kombucha with Honeymoon Brewery

Today we have a very interesting and information-packed episode with Ayla Bystrom-Williams founder of the Honeymoon Brewery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and her partner James Hill, head brewer of Honeymoon Brewery. They tell the origin story of their new brewery that is focussed on alcoholic kombucha brewed in one of the most pristine environments in the country at the foothills of the Sangre de Christo Mountains. First off, they share their entrepreneurial experiences, the barriers they had to...


Episode #34, Water Rights and Pollinator Gardens with Adrienne Rosenberg

Today we meet Adrienne Rosenberg, documentarian and Memphis native turned Northern New Mexican. We learn about pollinator insects, creating a pollinator refuge on your land, no matter how small, some of the very interesting history of acequias, the agricultural waterways and the water rights system that the Spaniards brought to New Mexico several hundred years ago, and the socio-cultural environment and history around managing these community water resources. Adrienne understands the...


Episode #33, Permaculture Revolution Barbados Edition with Bradley Babb

This is episode #33 of the Get in My Garden Podcast. Permaculture expert and New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program consultant Bradley Babb discusses his recent trip back home to the island of Barbados, the current state of permaculture and recycling on the island, what he noticed after nearly 20 years away, and some great ideas on how to educate the citizens and start solving some of the ecological and social issues the island is facing.


Episode #32, Trees, Weeds and Winter

This is episode 32 of the Get in My Garden Podcast. Today we visit again with Jon Romens, owner of Future Roots Regenerative Landscapes based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He answers our questions about trees, weeds and what to do in winter, and how to build soil and continue to think about our gardens and landscaping during the winter months. John introduces the idea of a different tree-focussed perennial agriculture model to feed ourselves and our farm animals, how to use trees to stop erosion...


Episode #31, Fostering Indigenous Microorganisms with Korean Natural Farming Methods

This is episode 31, and we have Korean Natural Farming and Soil Food Web expert Eric Weinert calling in from Hawaii where he is a farming activist and former candidate for State House of Representatives. He has over a decade of hands on experience in the methods of Korean Natural Farming. We talk about what Korean Natural Farming is and how to foster indigenous microbial life, how to feed your natural habit and foster a state of balance. We discuss what Eric has discovered over several years...


Episode #30, Saving the Bees with Fungi

We are back with Dylan Martin, Vice President of the New Mexico Mycological Society to discuss recent results of research into how bees are naturally using fungi to increase their immunity, ways we may soon be able to help our local bee populations with fungi, and what this means for us humans.


Episode #29, The Microbes that Lurk Miles Beneath

Here on earth, the soil food web is of great interest for farmers and gardeners, and so much research has happened over the last several decades to better understand microbes and their subterainean ecosystems. In fact, the underground biosphere is basically twice as big as Earth’s oceans and contains some 23 billion tons of organisms. The Deep Carbon Observatory calls it the subterranean Galapagos. The DCO is a collaboration of around 1,000 scientists studying “deep Earth” ecosystems....


Episode #28, Myco-Activism and Mycological Societies

In this episode, Dylan Martin tells us about the benefits of being involved with your local Mycological Society, some great events that have been hosted by the New Mexico branch, details about the mycoremediation hearing in Los Alamos, New Mexico and about other interesting mycology activism and research we need to follow. And lastly, if mushrooms are so good at sucking up toxins from the environment, I ask Dylan if we should we be worried the the mushrooms we consume my have high levels of...


Episode #27, The Rewilding Philosophy with Maximilian LionMan

Today we learn about the rewilding philosophy. There are very few people with the level of sincerity of next guest. He has a great back story and he calls himself Maximilian LionMan. Maximillian discusses the rewilding philosophy, the movement he is a part of to honor our ancient human ancestors, their wisdom and their connection to the earth. We talk about the trajectory of modern man and ways we can lead more connected lives, no matter where we live. Maximilian shares how to use the...


Episode #26, Mushroom Cultivation Methods with Dylan Martin

Dylan Martin is back to talk growing mushrooms at home as a beginner, and the progression from simple to more advanced methods. Growing mushrooms is so easy, and once you get started, it can become addictive. Dylan and I met on a busy weekend morning at a downtown coffee shop to chat about backyard and inside growing of fungi.


Episode #25, Radical Mycology, Mushroom Tech and the Frontier of Mycology

Hi Everyone, This is Episode 25 of the Get in My Garden Podcast, a chat with Radical Mycologist, Dylan Martin about Mycology, Mushroom Tech and the Frontier of Mycology. It has been a while since the last episode, as I have been consumed my my work at the farmers markets, planning my new soil health business and researching desperately needed new sound equipment for this podcast. The focus has always been to feature local experts, hobbyists and successful small business creators who work...


Episode #24, High Desert Orchids with Kelly McCracken

Today we revisit with Kelly McCracken of High Desert Orchids who was on the podcast several months ago when she was launching her online plant business. We talk about the evolution of her business, her very unique strategy she is using on facebook, and how she is successfully engaging and educating her customer via facebook groups and weekly live streams of her unique orchid plants. If you are interested in online marketing of your hobby and turning it into a successful business, you will be...


Episode #23, Controlled Environment Agriculture with Charlie Shultz

This is episode 23 of the Get in My Garden Podcast. Today we have another very special episode. The subject is Controlled Environment Agriculture. We meet Charlie Shultz, a researcher, farmer and teacher; a pioneer in the field of aquaponics and lead faculty in the very impressive Controlled Environment Agriculture Program at Santa Fe Community College. Charlie began working with fish and plants as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech while double majoring in Biology and Fishery Science. His...


Episode #22, Regenerative Landscaping with John Romens

In this episode, we meet John Romens, founder of Future Roots Regenerative Landscapes, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We talk creating shade canopies, building soil, plant root health, water management and water systems, biodynamic farming including the local scene and how farmers and wine growers are using these methods, and finally current weather patterns and what they means for our yards and soil.


Episode #21, Beneficial Insects: Their Application and Use, Tech Trends and Opportunities

This is Part B of the interview with Suzanne Wainwright, aka Bug Lady. She is a very busy consultant and public speaker on beneficial insects and is a leading horticultural Entomologist. We discuss beneficial insects in more detail, such as how they are applied, how they are used instead of pesticides applications, what to avoid when buying them, and of course how to get them. We talk about the research trends driven by large insectaries and the new bug products that are coming to market....


Episode #20, Biocontrols and Beneficial Insects with Bug Lady Suzanne Wainwright

On today’s episode, we meet the very interesting Suzanne Wainwright, aka Buglady. She is a very busy consultant and public speaker on beneficial insects and is a leading horticultural entomologist. She is so interesting, and we had quite a long chat starting with a discussion about conservation of native beneficials on small farms, soil nutrition and its affect on pests, the best methods of managing pests on a small farm operation, and how to properly identify insect problems or learn more...