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Season 7 Finale: Major Announcement Plus Lessons Learned After 100 Episodes

It’s been real! Season 7 has come to an end with a bang as we hit and celebrate 100 episodes… With all this excitment and joy I need to make an announcement about a hard decision that had to be made that I hope you can forgive me for. Listen in and comment below.


The Hard Truth About Hard Work

Keep your head down and work hard is a mantra repeated by many. The truth is keeping your head down and working hard is not enough. In fact, it’s one of the worst piece of advise you could ever receive. In episode 99, we break down the 5 ways working hard keeps us broke.


Fed Raising Interest Rates… Here’s What That Mean For You

You may have been hearing a lot over the past few weeks, or months, or years about the Federal Reserve Bank raising rates. In this episode, 98, we discuss who the Fed is, how these rates effect us, and hopefully give you a complete understanding what all this means for you!


PSA: No One Gets Paid By The Hour

I love talking to other Misfits because I’m always challenged and inspired with new ideas and philosophies I want to share with you. Today, we tackle the long lived misunderstanding of thinking we get paid by the hour. It’s one of those little half truths that we’ve been taught but today I want to shed ... Listen NowPSA: No One Gets Paid By The Hour


From Zero to Financial Independence

While this show is ALL about financial independence this episode is about the game plan to getting you from ZERO to real independence. While most financial folk will continue to push the traditional hope and spray techniques we take a different approach. An approach that gets you results in more like 10 years instead of ... Listen NowFrom Zero to Financial Independence


The Marshmallow Test – How To Ensure Your Child’s Financial Success

If you’ve never heard of the Marshmallow Test you’re in for a treat… (see what I did just there?) If you have heard of it you should know that the test itself has come under some scrutiny in recent years. Either way, there’s some goodness in all this that we can soak up and ensure ... Listen NowThe Marshmallow Test – How To Ensure Your Child’s Financial Success


But What About You?

We’ve been talking a lot about the kids lately but in this episode, we ask about Numero Uno… YOU! As leaders and parents we’re constantly on the look out for someone else… concerned about their well being… but today we put the focus back on where it probably should be… Let’s Get It!


When Money Isn’t Real

We continue with the topic of kids and money but with a twist. I have been under the weather and my voice has suffered for it. So today, I bring you a special audio treat from a man who ran a $10,000 experiment on his kids and shares what he has learned and how it ties ... Listen NowWhen Money Isn’t Real


The Rockefeller Secret To Lasting Generational Wealth

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to leave your children generational wealth that lasts, like the Rockefellers, this is the episode for you. You may have on your mind how to leave an inheritance but today we explore the difference leaving a “legacy” can make.


Why I Don’t Recommend Savings Jars For Kids

My kids don’t have a savings jar and for good reasons. Last week we talked about the 3G system and this week we discuss why there is no “SAVINGS” bucket included in the mix. Episode 91 Timestamps: First Time Tuning In? [1:27] Where’s The Savings Jar? [2:56] Defining Savings [3:32] Reason 2 [5:31] Reason 3 ... Listen NowWhy I Don’t Recommend Savings Jars For Kids


Intro To 3g & How We Teach Our Kids To Manage Money For True Wealth

Should we be giving our children allowances? How do you make sure they don’t grow up spoiled and entitled? What if you don’t have any money yourself? In this episode, we dig in on the mechanics of how to teach your kids to manage money. This is the simplest and most effective method that I ... Listen NowIntro To 3g & How We Teach Our Kids To Manage Money For True Wealth


Every Child Over 5 Should Be Taught This About Money

It’s rare that I come across an adult who felt they got the financial education they needed as a child. I think we can change that narrative… Today, in episode 89, we talk about kids and money. What are the challenges they’ll face with the rise of technology and the ease of making purchases? Plus ... Listen NowEvery Child Over 5 Should Be Taught This About Money


Welcome To Season 7

We’re baaaaaaaaack! It’s been long enough and and feels good to be back. In the episode we discuss what the Misfits have been up to the last month or so and what to expect moving forward in this 7th season of The Get Your Money Right Podcast!


Season 6 Finale

Like all seasons before it, this one, too, must come to an end. In this finale episode, we recap the highlights, talk about what we got planned for the break, and exciting things to come for next season!


Whole Life VS Term Life Insurance

One of the most polarizing debates in the personal finance world is the whole life vs term life insurance one. It also happens to be one of my favorite subjects to tackle because I like to crack open these types of controversies and show people just how silly they sound making their argument either. So ... Listen NowWhole Life VS Term Life Insurance


The 7 Fixes For A Broke Bank Account From The Richest Man In Babylon

If your bank account is looking thin and you’re looking for a cure this disease then you want to hear about how to cure it. In this 85th episode, we go over the 7 cures for a lean purse according The Richest Man In Babylon. Enjoy!


Black History Month: Phenomenal Stories of America’s First Black Millionaires with Author Shomari Wills

We wrap up Black History Month discussing “Black Fortunes: The Story of the First 6 African Americans Who Escaped Slavery and Became Millionaires” with author Shomari Wills. This is a great conversation full of insights and thoughts on the challenges these people faced and impacts they leave on our lives even until this day. ... Listen NowBlack History Month: Phenomenal Stories of America’s First Black Millionaires with Author Shomari Wills


Black History Month: Interesting Stories of How Slaves Purchased Their Freedom and Why You Should Too!

We continue Black History Month with an interesting look at stories of former slaves that were able to buy their own freedom. Then of course we relate it today and draw the parallels on how we can and should be working to purchase our own freedom now! In this 38 minute episode: Black History Month ... Listen NowBlack History Month: Interesting Stories of How Slaves Purchased Their Freedom and Why You Should Too!


Black History Month: Fault vs Responsibility

We kick off Black History Month with a candid discussion about the difference between being at fault and being responsible. This episode was inspired by a video post from Will Smith and you’ll be able to his is exact words here. In this 22 minute episode: Will Smith in his own words [3:38] What ... Listen NowBlack History Month: Fault vs Responsibility