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GW 04 Heather Rolland

Carla is back and today she is joined by local homesteader, Heather Rolland! Heather knows the Catskills like the back of her hand and she has stories upon stories about the wildlife here. She and Carla talk porcupines, bears, tracking, hiking safely, the final answer on the local mountain lion rumor, and some hot bee talk. Get more Heather at Please check out promo code WILD for 15% off your first purchase. Follow on Twitter...


GW 03 Spring Migration with Gabriel Willow

We promise that other animals will get the spotlight on the show soon, but it's the spring migration so we had to have Urban Naturalist, Gabriel Willow on the show to talk about it! Gabriel is a teacher and tour leader for the NYC Audubon, among other things, and he is brimming with knowledge about the local birds, as well as those passing through this time of year. He and Carla discuss what sparked his interest in birding, the impact of house cats on the wild bird population in North...


GW 02 Bird-gasm

This episode was recorded on the first day of Spring and that means it's time to swap out your bird feeders for nesting boxes! In this episode, Carla gives you all sorts of examples of how to be a responsible host to wild birds. She tells you what to leave out for nesting materials, how to avoid window strikes from migrating birds, and just why, exactly, bird feeders are a big no-no outside of winter. Plus, she gives out the only recipe you need for hummingbird nectar. Opening theme music by...


GW 01 Introducing Carla Rhodes

Welcome to the first episode of Gettin' Wild, with Carla Rhodes! This is a brief introduction to Carla, her mission with this podcast, and what you can expect to hear in the future. Thanks so much for listening and don't forget to subscribe for future episodes. Porcupine call courtesy of Lang Elliott at Find Carla Rhodes at is in association with