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In Talks With... we aim to break down the world’s most pressing problems in a way that is interesting, exciting, and easy to understand. Our podcast hosts, Emil Ekvardt and Spirit Rosenberg, talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world. Together, they shed light on some incredible work being done globally.

In Talks With... we aim to break down the world’s most pressing problems in a way that is interesting, exciting, and easy to understand. Our podcast hosts, Emil Ekvardt and Spirit Rosenberg, talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world. Together, they shed light on some incredible work being done globally.


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In Talks With... we aim to break down the world’s most pressing problems in a way that is interesting, exciting, and easy to understand. Our podcast hosts, Emil Ekvardt and Spirit Rosenberg, talk with organizations and experts dedicated to doing good in the world. Together, they shed light on some incredible work being done globally.




#181 Talks With... Global Council for Science and the Environment

Why wait until crises strike in order to bridge communication gaps between scientists and decision makers? Communication routes can begin now, in preparation to deal with large-scale environmental issues such as climate change. Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) connects scientists with decision makers to strengthen the impact of durable solutions to environmental challenges. Find out how you can create safe spaces to welcome crucial connections in communications. Want...


#180 Talks With... Healthy Gulf

The Gulf of Mexico, an area rich with diverse ecosystems, has lost much of it’s natural beauty due to the oil and gas industry. There are currently more than 27,000 oil wells that have been drilled and abandoned in the Gulf. Healthy Gulf works to reverse the long-term exploitation of the Gulf of Mexico’s natural resources. Find out how you can take action to support the Gulf Coast. Want to support Healthy Gulf? Find the episode on ...


#179 Talks With... National Center for Learning Disabilities

1 in 5 students in American schools has a learning disability or an attention issue. Yet many affected students still face unnecessary hurdles that can set their learning back. The National Center For Learning Disabilities aims for a US education system that fully values its disabled students. Find out about the difficulties students face by hearing from three young adults with learning disabilities. Want to support NCLD? Find the episode on ...


#178 Talks With... Environmental Law Institute

Our commitment to the environment must be enshrined in law if we are to take it seriously. The Environmental Law Institute gives crucial advice to the governments of developing countries to encourage them to implement sound, well-balanced policy. The laws they help draft, preserve natural ecosystems and protect the interests of local people. Find out how environmental education can help national judicial systems fight the planet’s corner. Want to support ELI? Find...


#177 Talks With...

The nationwide lockdown saw the number of gardeners in the US rise from 42 to 62 million. With so many extra hands in soil, it is essential to educate people on just how impactful their surplus harvests can be. connects gardeners with local food pantries in order to eliminate wasted food, malnutrition and hunger in their communities. Find out how you can help to eradicate hunger in your community. Want to support Find the...


#176 Talks With... Brother's Brother Foundation

These days many people are calling for a renewed model of humanitarian aid. Recognizing the myriad of flaws within the current system, we must work to provide sustainable solutions rather than perpetuating vulnerabilities and hardship. Brother's Brother Foundation works to bridge the gap between aid and sustainability by supporting localized programs and essential resources. Find out how you can help to reform the humanitarian aid sector today. Want to support Brother’s Brother...


#170 Talks With... Living Goods

If you live in rural Uganda and are about to give birth, you can’t just call an ambulance to drive you to the clinic. The infrastructure we take for granted is not established in much of the world. Living Goods increases access to medicine in developing countries with a network of digitally-trained community healthcare workers. Find out how your donation can help overburdened governments improve their health sector. Want to support Living Goods? Find the...


#175 Talks With... Water4

3.8 billion people across the world don’t have reliable daily access to safe drinking water. With $120 billion per year spent on international development, why is this enormous problem so perpetual? Water4 is a non-profit dedicated to eradicating the world’s water crisis whilst empowering local communities. Find out how you can start supporting local people in a bid to end the water crisis once and for all. Want to support Water4? Find the episode on ...


#174 Talks With... International Medical Corps

Everyone deserves help in a time of crisis. Unfortunately, the effects of global warming have blindsided many developing countries and taken an overwhelming human toll. International Medical Corps works with local healthcare teams to deliver a broad range of medical treatment and training to those in disaster zones. Find out how your donation can help save lives and soften the humanitarian blow. Want to support International Medical Corps? Find the...


#173 Talks With... Archbridge Institute

The degree to which family advantage is carried down through generations means that economic success is very unequally distributed, with children from higher-income families gaining opportunities often unavailable to those of lower-income families. Archbridge Institute works to lift the intrinsic and extrinsic barriers to economic mobility, so that people across the US can lead fuller lives. Find out how you can support economic mobility for a brighter future for all. Want to support...


#172 Talks With... Center for Effective Global Action

How do we ensure that government and philanthropic funds directed towards the relief of poverty and prevention of climate change are used effectively and deliver the greatest possible social and economic “return on investment”? The Center for Effective Global Action champions innovative and inclusive research on global development; improving people’s lives and inspiring positive social change. Find out how you can stay up-to-date with an organization working to drive systematic change on a...


#171 Talks With... The National Center for Families Learning

Learning doesn’t start and end in the classroom. In fact, the consensus among experts is that your academic development is strongly influenced by your family’s education level. The National Center for Families Learning targets low-income families, promoting literacy programs that engage both children and their parents together. Find out how new technology and home learning are revolutionizing the education sector. Want to support NCFL? Find the episode...


#169 Talks With... Bright Pink

Breast cancer is the second most diagnosed type of cancer among US women, behind skin cancer. Luckily, there are many ways to thwart it before it becomes life threatening. Bright Pink is on a mission to help save lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering women to know their risk and manage their health proactively. Bright Pink raises awareness about early interventions that prevent breast and ovarian cancer, while supporting and educating women affected by the condition. Find out...


#168 Talks With... Center for Ecoliteracy

With the vast spread of urbanization, we as a population are becoming increasingly disconnected with nature. This dramatically affects personal wellbeing and prevents many from understanding our relationship with the world around us. The Center for Ecoliteracy advances the teaching and modeling of sustainable practices in K–12 schools and works to build partnerships and school districts’ capacity to support healthy, sustainable school communities and food systems change in schools. Find...


#167 Talks With... NEEF

It is thought to take 21 days to form a habit. Imagine the impact we could have if every single person chose to form a new, environmentally-friendly habit to carry out in their day-to-day lives. The National Environmental Education Foundation is a non-profit organization creating opportunities for people to experience and learn about the environment in ways that improve their lives and the health of the planet. Find out how you can make changes in your everyday life in order to better...


#166 Talks With... Livestrong

There are more than 16.9 million Americans alive today with a history of invasive cancer. It has become a chronic condition which presents a myriad of hardships to deal with throughout the process of treatment and aftercare. Livestrong works to provide solutions for overlooked problems within cancer care in order to improve people’s daily lives. Find out how you can support their ethos of providing holistic care. Want to support Livestrong? Find the episode on...


#165 Talks With... Youth Law Center

The US foster care system is flawed. Red tape and inadequate protections hamper every child receiving the relationships they need to grow and thrive. Youth Law Center helps children in foster care reach their potential by taking a holistic and inclusive approach to reform that is both top down and bottom up. Find out how they are making foster care law more humane, more ambitious and more relationship-focused. Want to support Youth Law Center? Find the episode on...


#163 Talks With... People's Resource Center

The age-old ethics of lending a helping hand to your neighbor remain especially significant these days, with social and economic inequality only heightened by the current pandemic. People’s Resource Center brings neighbors together to support the basic needs of their community, creating a dynamic of trust and mutual aid. Find out how you can foster support in order to embrace and strengthen your own community. Want to support People’s Resource Center? Find the...


#164 Talks With... Beyond Fistula

Social stigma, a lack of education and underdeveloped healthcare systems mean that many people who suffer from obstetric fistula are untreated and often ostracized from their families and communities. Beyond Fistula helps obstetric fistula survivors in Kenya heal and rebuild their lives, through counselling, vocational training and scholarships. Find out how you can raise awareness of this underserved issue and help to rebuild fistula survivors’ lives. Want to support Beyond Fistula?...


#162 Talks With... Sunrise Movement

We are living in unprecedented times, where the protection of our precious planet should be an urgent priority within our thoughts, our actions and our politics. Sunrise Movement unites young Americans who are taking action to combat the climate crisis and works to create thousands of jobs in the renewable sector. Find out how you can become part of the movement towards a greener future, today. Want to support Sunrise Movement? Find the episode on...