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Frolic on precipice of discovery, rouse your curious mind, and expand self-awareness as Jason and Steve take you on an educational, yet hilarious journey through an explorative stew of mystical, historic, cultural and scientific. Prepare to laugh, learn, and enter into an introspective reverie as they ascertain topics that have always intrigued you whether you know it or not.

Frolic on precipice of discovery, rouse your curious mind, and expand self-awareness as Jason and Steve take you on an educational, yet hilarious journey through an explorative stew of mystical, historic, cultural and scientific. Prepare to laugh, learn, and enter into an introspective reverie as they ascertain topics that have always intrigued you whether you know it or not.
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Frolic on precipice of discovery, rouse your curious mind, and expand self-awareness as Jason and Steve take you on an educational, yet hilarious journey through an explorative stew of mystical, historic, cultural and scientific. Prepare to laugh, learn, and enter into an introspective reverie as they ascertain topics that have always intrigued you whether you know it or not.






Winter is Coming... Oh Wait, it's Here. Hello 2019 and Thank You 2018 - A Thank You Episode & Winter Preview

2018 is in the books and we have a lot to be thankful for. We had some amazing guests this year on the show - Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark joined us to discuss the possibility of humans living forever. A new correspondent in the field Ada Pinkerton joined our cast of characters. We visited three amazing breweries; 101 North, St. Florian's and Steetcar 82 (coming soon). The Mojo sisters were back again, their whole family in full effect. Amanda Karr regaled us with ghost stories. Spiritual...


"A Winter Warmer Land" - a Grognostics Holiday Special

Deck the Halls with Beers o' Malty as these yuletide lads get ready for the holidays. When drinking this time of year with friends and family we find ourselves with several beer choices. Perhaps a Christmas Ale or two have caught your eye on the shelves of your local bottle shop or grocer? But just what exactly makes it a Christmas beer? Why is said beer any different around the holidays? Join us to learn more about these holiday delights as Jason and Steve break down the top 5 "winter...


Ep. 32 - Cattle Mutilations

Sure, cattle mutilations have been evaluated on other podcasts, the Discovery Channel and by conspiracy theorists, but none have been quite discussed like you’ll hear on this show. What is causing these gruesome deaths? Is it aliens? The government? Cow-tipping gone terribly wrong? Grab a cold one, turn on your funny bone and join us for 60 minutes of absolute hilarity. Special thanks to Jevon Mattiassi now a two-time guest for stopping by to contribute to the debauchery. And special thanks...


The Richmond Vampire

Sometimes the deepest, gut-wrenching, breath-stopping things we fear the most are the ones the least tangible. Join us for a frightening tale as we take our usual 60-minute topic and crunch it down to a bite-sized listen. Written by Grognostics. Research and reference credit to la internet (thanks Al Gore) - in particular Wikipedia.


Ep. 31 Mediums & Psychics Part II

At last! The final installment of our medium & psychic series. You can all sleep at night now. On this show we finally dive into Steve’s deepest inner-workings and come to the realization he’s pretty much just a big dumb animal with little substance or pulse. We kid, we kid! Sort of… Take a listen for yourself and see how expert medium Evanne Jordan is able to nail Steve’s characteristics, pursuits, and private thoughts. She even correctly navigates through an assessment of one of his...


Transvestite Apparitions & The Ghost at Lake Eerie

On our final Halloween episode of the spooky season we are regaled by friend of the show, Amanda Karr. Growing up near Lake Eerie, Amanda led a fairly normal life in an Illinois suburb except for one thing – she shared a room with a ghost. No big deal. Join us for this chilling tale and ask yourself – is there a statute of limitations for ghost hauntings, why does Jason fight to the death for Deschutes Brewery, and most importantly does the Apparition of Caitlyn Jenner really exist? Happy...


Resurrection Mary - A Ghost Story

Fire up your jack-o-lantern, gorge yourself with candy corn and listen to an eerie tale about a girl named Mary. Mary is from Chicago, loves deep dish pizza, enjoys the company of a man who is in touch with his feminine side and – oh there is one more thing – she’s a ghost. Warm up with a modern ghost story you probably haven't heard. Try these apparitions on for size, then levitate your way back here tomorrow for another spooky tale as we interview someone who experienced ghosts...


Ep. 30 Mediums & Psychics - Part I

Take a trip down the spiritually magical road of mediums & physics with your favorite hosts Jason & Steve with special guest Kelly Stravers from our previous Reincarnation show. We discuss different types of mediums, why believe, why not to believe, and why Jason has waited 30 episodes to use his first Susan Sarandon joke. We hear again from Evanne Jordan from the prologue show but this time we get to discuss in detail the insight she shares while trying some great beers from Fieldwork and...


Oktoberfest Beer Show

­­­­­­Well, the fans have spoken. Okay, so a fan. “Why don’t you guys do just a beer show?” “We do a beer show,” we responded. “No, I mean like the whole thing is about beer; no topic or anything.” “Why would we do that?" If you’re looking for our normal production - this is not it. It’s literally us drinking beer. But it’s like, pretty fun. Steve lines up a blind taste test of IPAs and the winner will be the one you least suspect. And in fitting German tradition we do our own truncated...


Mediums & Psychics - The Prologue

Mediums and psychics put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else; except when they do it, they’re able to tell you whether or not your great uncle Tony actually loved you or not. It’s science. Actually, no; it’s totally not. Today, we kick off our medium & psychic trilogy with an inside look into how these magical guides to the spirit world actually work. I sit down with the talented and wonderful psychic channeler, counselor & spirit medium, Evanne Jordan. She let me ask...


Fall Lineup Preview

We'll be back with regular episodes very soon folks. In the meantime, give a listen to what's baking in the Grognostics fall lineup oven. A familiar friend calls in even. Don't forget to check us out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We're also now on UnTapped. All are @grognostics. Also check us out on Patreon at Cheers! Jason & Steve


Ep. 29 - The Cosmic Unknown - Part II

There's a saying; you give a man information about black holes, he'll learn for a day. If you put him inside a black hole, it will slow his time down to a stop which we would see forever. That... sort of sucks. What we're getting at here is, this episode is pretty cool. Give yourself a net full of cosmic fish and feast for a lifetime on this follow-up space show highlighting dark matter, spacetime, and a dozen of other cosmic quandaries. Who ages faster - a person on earth or person in...


Ep. 28 - The Cosmic Unknown - Part I

We’ve all gazed up at the stars and wondered - what exactly is out there? The infiniteness of space is downright unfathomable. Then there’s those pesky black holes, believed to suck up everything in their path. And dark matter? Escape Velocity? Time dilation? What does it all mean man? As mere specks of flesh in the vast cosmos, we are no more than a metaphorical ant gazing up at a giant; unable to actually comprehend the significance of it all. On today’s show we do our best to figure it...


Brewery Field Trip Vol. 2 - St. Florian's Brewery

Join us for our next installment of “Brewery Field Trip,” where Steve and Jason traverse the country in search of the best brews and taprooms around. Get an insider's look at the great folks and stories behind your favorite beers. On this edition we meet up with brewmaster and owners of St. Florian's Brewery in Windsor, California. An award-winning California Common calls this 100% family-owned, independent craft brewery home, but when you hear their story you’ll learn that they represent so...


"The Jonas Richter Show" - A Grognostics Bonus Skit

There are regular skits. Then there are bonus skits. Take a listen to the skit we did just for fun on our last show, Foreign Accent Syndrome. Sometimes though, the uglier sister who didn't make the cut is way more fun, and not so ugly after all. Give a listen.


Ep. 27 - Foreign Accent Syndrome

An accent is a completely normal part of humanity’s linguistics. We go about our day-to-day never thinking about how we sound. Well, imagine going to sleep with the accent you have now only to wake up with an entirely different one. Perhaps one from the other side of the globe from a country you’ve never visited or a dialect and vernacular you’ve never studied. It’s happened to hundreds of people and on today’s show, we’re going to examine why. Is it the result of a brain short-circuiting or...


Dr. Adeline Eleanor Pinkerton & Friends

The theater had Shakespeare. The ocean depths had Jacques Cousteu. Math had Einstein. The world of discovery however, belongs to the 2017 Archipelago Archeologist of the year award winner, if this award actually existed, Dr. Adeline Eleanor Pinkerton. A throwback to the Edwardian Era, Dr. Pinkerton expects superior breeding, winning at all cost, and, well does not care for us much. On today’s show we sit down with the brazen archeologist as she guides us through some, well many, ok most,...


Ep. 26 Do You Believe? Ufos & Extraterrestrials - Part II

We don’t care if your plasma-alcohol level is above the legal space limit. We say, hop aboard the Grog rocket ship for the next installment of our extraterrestrial duet. On today’s show we hear from two alien experiencers who regale us with real-life alien encounters, Sir Matthew calls in from a lake in the northwest known for its alien sightings, and we do our best to intoxicatingly dissect ancient art depicting UFOs (and Popes with oddly shaped hockey sticks but that’s neither here nor...


Ep. 25 Do You Believe? UFOs & Extraterrestrials - Part I

When the Grognostic forefathers built this podcast it was created with adjectives that would encapsulate most topics- Esoteric. Paranormal. Unexplained. For thousands of years, whether depicted on ancient scrolls, or the plot of a Hollywood film in modern times, humans have been obsessed with the idea that we may not be alone in the universe. So why is this exactly? Why the innate, open-mindedness to believe when no concrete evidence exists? We may not admit it, but each person on this...


Brewery Field Trip Vol.1 - 101 North Brewery

Join us for the first-ever Grognostic Brewery Field Trip, where craft beer meets…well craft beer. On our inaugural episode, we sit down with the co-founder of 101 North Brewery in Petaluma, for an inside look on what it takes to operate a successful California brewery. Along the way we encounter a plethora of hilarity, savory brews and healthy helping of inappropriate humor as one would probably expect. Pour yourself a few cold ones as we embark on a new subset of the show to learn more...