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6 - Dehumidification - It's All About the Dew Point

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Harvest by Grower's Network, sponsored by Drygair. This week, we talk about a major factor in preventing botrytis and other bummers to your marijuana crop: the dew point. The dew point is something weather men say so you know it's serious and we are seriously here to help you protect your weed by teaching you about measuring humidity levels and keep your cannabis as happy as possible.


5 - Smoking vs. Eating: The Wonders of the Metabolism

Welcome back to another episode of Harvest, brought to you by Grower's Network and sponsored by Digamma! This week, we discuss the metabolization of cannabis (the how you get high part) in scientific detail. I'm sure you all know that the high you get after smoking weed and the high you get after consumin an edible are very different, but this episode actually explains the anatomical reasons behind it! So, now you can have actual scientific evidence when you're trying to convince your...


4 - Avoiding Disease in Your Cannabis Crops

Welcome back to the Harvest podcast, brought to you by Grower's Network and sponsored by Drygair! In this episode of Harvest, we learn about how to use tools such as dehumidifiers, pesticides, and strategic strain selection in order to effectively avoid pesky diseases. I'm sure all of you marijuana growers out there have lost some plants to bud rot and it is super frustrating, so make sure to bust out your notepads for this episode!


1 - Choosing a Cannabis Greenhouse

In this Harvest Podcast, we discuss terminology, equipment, brands, and what options a grower should look at when purchasing a greenhouse. https://growersnetwork.org/cultivation/how-to-choose-and-shop-for-the-right-commercial-cannabis-greenhouse/


3 - Oregon Consumer Protection

In this Harvest Podcast, Don discusses consumer protections, safety measures, and the plant nutrition industry. We interviewed Don because we wanted to know Oregon’s standards for nutrients, and why they’re testing their nutrients.


2 - VPD for Cannabis Cultivation

In this Harvest Podcast, we learn from Chris Vaughn, grower at Higher Minds Horticulture. Chris operates an indoor grow near Eugene, Oregon. He has a degree in Biochemistry and Biology, and has been growing cannabis both privately and commercially for over 15 years. He prefers to grow organic cannabis. Learn about VPD and why it matters.