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#33 - How Food Impacts Children's Behaviour And Ability To Learn | Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

The foods children eat can significantly impact how they behave and learn, what they eat later in life, as well as their long-term and short-term health. We live in a world where food is part of societal norms which makes it difficult to control what foods your children eat. That said, just like we have a duty to keep kids from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, we also have a duty to keeping kids from eating toxic foods and teaching proper nutrition. In this episode, Dr. Sarah...


#32 - From Drug Addicit To Holistic Lifestyle Entrepreneur | Rashidat

Rashidat tells her story of how she overcame addiction and various personal challenges, through almost a decade of self-improvement and holistic practices. Rashidat has now traveled to India to earn a Yoga Teacher Certification, achieved four, 1st place wins as a vegan bodybuilding competitor in the NPC, is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer and earned a Mindfulness Coach certification. In this episode we discuss how meditation, mindfulness and yoga helped Rashidat...


#31 - How To Exercise For Fat Loss & Better Health | Sal Di Stefano

Are you non-stop exercising and not seeing the results you want? There's a good chance you're not doing the right type of exercise! To lose weight were often told to run for long periods of times, sweat as much as possible and kill yourself in the gym. Turns out, this is by no means the most efficient or effective way to use your time for fat loss or better health. Sal Di Stefano, co-host on my favourite podcast - Mind Pump, provides simple yet informative advice on how to exercise the...


#30 - Morning Routines & Creating A Mindset For Success & Happiness | Vince Lucente

Mindset is everything. Knowledge is great, but if you don’t have the mindset to apply your knowledge and remain consistent, achieving greatness will be unattainable. Greatness can mean anything from athletic ability, to happiness, to simply being happy with your body or life. Vince Lucente, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach from Seneca College, discusses how to create a winning mindset to live a better life. We look at how taking a holistic approach and understanding who you are as a...


#29 - Choose Wonder Over Worry | Overcoming Anxiety, Fear And Managing Emotions | Amber Rae

Are you constantly dealing with that voice in your head? Do you often feel anxious or afraid? You’re not alone, we all do. It’s normal and it means you’re alive! But the way you manage those emotions determines how happy you will be or if those emotions will take over. Overcoming these emotions is a skill, it’s something we need to practice and learn, yet often times don’t. Amber Rae, author of the book “Choose Wonder Over Worry” discusses practical and simple ways to better manage your...


#28 | Simple Bio-Hacks And Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits | Ryan Carter

Bio-hacking isn't just for the experts, there are many simple and free things you can do around the house to hack yourself into optimal health. Light therapy, grounding and hot/cold therapy are a few of the hacks that Ryan Carter, the man behind the popular instagram account @livevitae, practices to improve his wellbeing. In this episode Ryan shares why he does these as well as how to hack your cooking skills for better health. Taking a holistic approach to health is the only true way to...


#12 - Why High Fat Diets Are Superior For Human Health - Ketogenics - Dr. Ken Berry, Md

If you are still under the belief that fat is bad for you, then you need to here this episode. If you are struggling with your weight or suffering with illness and disease then tune in. Dr. Ken Berry, Medical Doctor and Author of the book “Lies My Doctor Told me”, discusses why fats are superior for human health and why sugar, processed foods, vegetable oils and most carbohydrates are problematic. This is a truly eye opening discussion about the recently made popular, Ketogenic diet. Learn...


#11 - How The Chemicals in Our Home Affect Our Health and Our Environment - Max Kater

You wouldn’t believe the chemicals we are exposed to in our homes. They are on our furniture, our clothing and in our cleaning products. These chemicals affect our body negatively and may be contributing to the exponential rise of common allergies (like peanuts) in our children. On this episode, with the Founder of Murchison-Hume, we learn what common ingredients are the most harmful to us and our environment. Max Kater shares her story on how these chemicals affected her family and what...


#10 - What It Takes To Become A Professional Athlete - Brandon Prust

Brandon Prust played 9 years in the NHL for 5 different teams. He was never the most skilled player or the best scorer, but he always played with the most heart. Check out this special episode of The HealthSimple Show where we discuss what type of mindset you need to have and sacrifices you need to make to become one of the best. We’re talking about the life of a hockey player here, but this discussion applies to anyone who is striving to achieve greatness. IG: @brandonprust8 Website:...


#9 - Weight Loss, Emotional Eating & Why Dieting Doesn’t Work - Crystal Hughes

In this episode we discuss how to achieve weight loss effortlessly through understanding emotional eating and overcoming the diet mindset, with Holistic Nutritionist, Crystal Hughes. Restricting food is only setting yourself up for failure. Instead we talk about being mindful of the foods you are eating and the stressors you have in your life. Doing so will allow you to find the triggers that cause you to snack or fall off your diet. By making simple changes and creating simple habits you...


#8 - How Hormones Affect Sex Drive, Periods and PMS — Part 2 - Jessica Demasi, EPC

Part 2 of the hormone talk with Jessica Demasi, Certified Eating Pyschology Coach. This episode discussed how your sex drive, periods and severity of PMS are all controlled by your hormone levels. Learn what things females are doing daily that may be detrimental to your hormones and lowering your sex drive. We talk about the birth control pill and what this does to your body, even when you get off the pill! Jess shares how to provide your body with everything it needs to regulate and...


#7 - How Hormones Affect Acne, Migraines and Hair Loss — Part 1 - Jessica Demasi, EPC

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body that regulate our physiology and behaviour. Hormones control almost everything in our body and symptoms like acne, migraines or hair loss are all signs of hormonal imbalance. In this episode, we chat with Jessica Demasi, Certified Eating Psychology Coach who specializes in functional endocrinology about these symptoms and what we can do to get rid of them! Balancing your hormones requires a holistic approach which can include everything from...


#6 - Why You Should Use Natural Home & Body Products - Sonia Chhinji, Co-founder of Woodlot

What you put on your skin or in your home is just as important as what you put in your body. Your skin absorbs many of the toxins and chemicals in the common body products we use, which can have harmful affects in our body. We welcome Sonia Chhinji, Co-Founder of Woodlot, a company that creates all natural, home and body products, that not only promote wellness in humans but are also environmentally sustainable. We discuss how certain ingredients affect our health, what ingredients and...


#5 - Meditation & Mindfulness - Mariana Orkenyi

Meditation and mindfulness is a practice that should be part of every humans life. The health benefits and life lessons from doing so are extraordinary. This podcast with meditation and spiritual teacher, Mariana Orkenyi, discusses everything from what mediation is, what it does to you, and how to start a practice as a beginner. Learn different types of meditation as well as forms of breathing that you can try at anytime to immediately help limit or remove stress and anxiety. Remove...


#4 - Detoxing, Healthy Skin & Functional Medicine - Dr. Laura Belus, ND

Functional medicine can transform your health in unbelievable ways. Learn from Dr. Laura Belus - Naturopathic Doctor, about what type of testing is available to determine the root cause of your symptoms, health issues or even to just to improve your health further. We also discuss the difference between detoxing vs. cleansing, the best ways to do both and lots on achieving healthy skin! Instagram: @drlaurabelus


#3 - Ketogenic Diet & Gut Health - Marissa Liana

Wondering if Ketogenic diets are right for you? Struggling with digestive problems or many other health problems that may be related to your gut? This podcast dives deep into these topics with Holistic Nutritionist, Marissa Liana. 75% of your immune system is in your gut, so your overall health, depends on your gut health. Suffering from depression or mental health issues? Your gut is connected to your brain and mental state as well! Learn what foods support good gut bacteria and which...


#2 - Staying Healthy While Living A Busy Lifestyle - Jackie Redmond

Do you live a busy lifestyle? Is it hard to find time for self-care and improving your health? If so, this episode is for you. Jackie Redmond is a host on NHL and MLB Network and runs a social media empire! Check out this podcast to learn how she finds time and what she struggles with. I give recommendations to make health a priority, tips for travelling and stress relief! Enjoy the 2nd Episode of The HealthSimple Show.


#1 - Mobility, Stress Management & Nutrition - Vince Lucente

Mobility, Stress Management & Nutrition