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#43 - The Science of Goal Setting | New Years Resolutions | Dr. Edwin Locke, PhD

Dr. Edwin Locke is internationally known for his decades of research in goal setting. In this episode, 80 year old Psychologist, Edwin, shares some of the answers and best practices for goal setting. Learn how to improve your chances of achieving your goals this year by creating goals with specific components in mind. Also learn how to determine the best areas of goal setting for you. Edwin also provides insight into how to live a purposeful and happy life. Hope this helps create your...


#42 Is WIFI the New Smoking? | Impact of EMF From Our Devices | Daniel Debaun

We live in a connected world that is becoming even more connected by the day! But do we know if this technology has an impact on our health? Cellphones, tablets, laptops, WIFI, BlueTooth and any other device emits something called EMF, low-level radiation. While it doesn’t have the same power as an MRI machine, these low levels can cause cellular disruption if we are exposed to it long enough. Think about how much during the day you are exposed to this stuff. The research is escalating...


#41 - How To Squat Properly And Why Everyone Should Do It | Aaron Horschig | Squat U

Squatting is one the most fundamental human movements there are. It’s a movement we learn before we learn to walk yet typically forget how to do before we get into high school. The squat is not just a movement to build muscle or lose weight, it’s also a foundational movement to prevent injury and stay mobile with age. In this episode, Dr. Aaron Horschig, Physical Therapist and Found of Squat University, teaches how to get deep into a bodyweight squat in proper form. We discuss all of the...


#40 - Metabolic Flexibility | Becoming Efficient At Burning Carbs and Fat | Dr. Mike T Nelson

Low carb or-or high carb? Ketosis or sugar burning? Which one is better for weight loss and which one is better for training or just overall health? In this episode, Michael T Nelson describes a term called metabolic flexibility, which is where we become efficient at burning fat and carbs! Michael believes this is a great indicator of good health and allows you to optimize fat burning and performance. We’ll describe in detail how you can master your nutrition so you can eat carbs or fat...


#39 - Optimize Your Sleep and Recovery - Harpreet Rai - Oura Ring

You sleep 1/3rd of your entire life and that 1/3rd greatly impacts the rest of the 2/3rds of your life, so you might as well do it right! This episode will help you do just that. Harpreet Rai, CEO of Oura Ring discusses the importance of sleep and how it impacts our physical and cognitive abilities, nutritional habits and much more. Kyle and Harpreet share the top ways to fall asleep faster and improve your quality of sleep. We then dive into how the Oura Ring can track your sleep quality...


#38 - The Truth About Wine & How To Choose The Healthiest Bottle | Todd White

#38 - The Truth About Wine & How To Choose The Healthiest Bottle | Todd White This episode will teach you more about wine than you ever thought you could know. We often think we’re buying bottles of wine at the grocery store that are natural, from a local farm in a small town, but is this really true? We hear that wine is associated with greater lifespan, but does the science really support that? In the episode, Todd white, Bio-Hacker and Founder of Dry Farm Wines provides insight into the...


#37 - Balancing Fasting and Feeding for Better Health & Longevity | Dr. Nadia Pateguana

For 1000’s and 1000’s of years we lived in food scarcity, where we went for days without eating. We now live in a world where food is so abundant that we can eat as much a we want at any moment in the day. The impact that overeating and constantly eating has on our health is significant. Dr. Nadia Pateguana discusses how providing our body with time away from eating can help improve our weight, our health & longevity as well as athletic or cognitive performance. Learn all about how insulin...


#36 - Tips To Stay Healthy During Cold And Flu Season | Joy McCarthy

It’s that time of the year when many of us fall ill. The good news is there are many ways you can support your immune system to prevent colds or at least quickly get get over it. In this Episode, Holistic Nutritionist - Joy McCarthy, starts by explaining what it is that causes us to get sick around this time in the first place. We then dive into how you can build your immune system to prevent sickness through stress management, improving sleep, movement. temperature changes as well as...


#35 - Recreational & Medicinal Marijuana: What Does The Science Say? | Dr. Michele Ross, PhD

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada and many states in the USA, it’s time to become educated on the actual science surrounding this plant. I brought in PhD, Neuroscientist, Dr. Michele Ross to explain the truth and the evidence around “weed”. Is it really a drug? Can it actually treat disease? Is it safe to smoke or eat? What are the benefits and what are the problems with it? All of the questions are answered in this episode on HealthSimple Radio. Michele discusses her thoughts on...


#34 - The Art Of Breathing W/ Canadian Olympian | Martin Reader

We breathe every moment of every day, but are we doing it right? Unfortunately, many of us are not and it could be impacting our health. Learning to breathe properly could be the most simple and definitely the cheapest life hack available. Manipulating your breath can help manage anxiety and stress, improve cardiovascular health and provide various cognitive benefits. Breathing with intent can also help in other areas like achieving weight loss, improving energy levels and enhancing your...


#33 - How Food Impacts Children's Behaviour And Ability To Learn | Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

The foods children eat can significantly impact how they behave and learn, what they eat later in life, as well as their long-term and short-term health. We live in a world where food is part of societal norms which makes it difficult to control what foods your children eat. That said, just like we have a duty to keep kids from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, we also have a duty to keeping kids from eating toxic foods and teaching proper nutrition. In this episode, Dr. Sarah...


#32 - From Drug Addicit To Holistic Lifestyle Entrepreneur | Rashidat

Rashidat tells her story of how she overcame addiction and various personal challenges, through almost a decade of self-improvement and holistic practices. Rashidat has now traveled to India to earn a Yoga Teacher Certification, achieved four, 1st place wins as a vegan bodybuilding competitor in the NPC, is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer and earned a Mindfulness Coach certification. In this episode we discuss how meditation, mindfulness and yoga helped Rashidat...


#31 - How To Exercise For Fat Loss & Better Health | Sal Di Stefano

Are you non-stop exercising and not seeing the results you want? There's a good chance you're not doing the right type of exercise! To lose weight were often told to run for long periods of times, sweat as much as possible and kill yourself in the gym. Turns out, this is by no means the most efficient or effective way to use your time for fat loss or better health. Sal Di Stefano, co-host on my favourite podcast - Mind Pump, provides simple yet informative advice on how to exercise the...


#30 - Morning Routines & Creating A Mindset For Success & Happiness | Vince Lucente

Mindset is everything. Knowledge is great, but if you don’t have the mindset to apply your knowledge and remain consistent, achieving greatness will be unattainable. Greatness can mean anything from athletic ability, to happiness, to simply being happy with your body or life. Vince Lucente, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach from Seneca College, discusses how to create a winning mindset to live a better life. We look at how taking a holistic approach and understanding who you are as a...


#29 - Choose Wonder Over Worry | Overcoming Anxiety, Fear And Managing Emotions | Amber Rae

Are you constantly dealing with that voice in your head? Do you often feel anxious or afraid? You’re not alone, we all do. It’s normal and it means you’re alive! But the way you manage those emotions determines how happy you will be or if those emotions will take over. Overcoming these emotions is a skill, it’s something we need to practice and learn, yet often times don’t. Amber Rae, author of the book “Choose Wonder Over Worry” discusses practical and simple ways to better manage your...


#28 | Simple Bio-Hacks And Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits | Ryan Carter

Bio-hacking isn't just for the experts, there are many simple and free things you can do around the house to hack yourself into optimal health. Light therapy, grounding and hot/cold therapy are a few of the hacks that Ryan Carter, the man behind the popular instagram account @livevitae, practices to improve his wellbeing. In this episode Ryan shares why he does these as well as how to hack your cooking skills for better health. Taking a holistic approach to health is the only true way to...


#26 - Gut Health, Fat Loss and Holistic Health | Mike Mutzel

This podcast is jam-packed with info about creating a healthy environment for your gut microbiome. Your gut influences almost every system and function in your body, so it’s vital to pay attention to it. In this episode, Mike Mutzel gives practical tips on improving your gut health as well as how to limit the damage you do to it on a daily basis. You’ll learn about how medications, pesticides and alcohol affects your gut and immune system. We also dive into the connection between your gut...


#25 - Ketotarian | Ketogenic & Plant-based Diets - The Best Of Both Worlds | Dr. Will Cole

The war between Ketogenic Diets and Plant-based diets has ended. The Ketotarian Diet brings the best of both worlds and provides a healthy, plant-based, high fat diet for everyone! Dr. Will Cole, a functional medicine doctor and author of the new book Ketotarian joins me to explain why both diets have many advantages, but they have missing pieces without the other! We discuss why we all need to become fat-adapted (ketosis) and the importance of using ketones and sugar for energy. We learn...


#24 - How Your Diet Changes Your Smile and Oral Microbiome - Dr. Steven Lin

Your diet plays a much bigger role in your smile than you might think! The western diet leaves us deficient in nutrients that unfortunately affect our jaw and teeth, causing the need for braces. In this episode Dr. Steven Lin, a world leading functional dentist and author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling Book - The Dental Diet, shares the nutrients we need to keep a healthy smile and the foods we must avoid. He also talks about the oral microbiome a relatively new discovery and how this plays a...


#23 - The Power Of Your Mind In Health and Weight Loss - Sarah Anne Stewart

Weight loss and your health all starts with your mind. Nutrition and exercise of course play an important role in all of this, but your mindset brings everything together. Sarah Anne Stewart is a Holistic Health Practitioner who has a coaching practice with a focus on weight loss. Sarah shares the story of her own health struggles and her dads fight with cancer. Thankfully, taking a holistic approach can offer absolutely amazing advantages yo your mind and body. Sarah also shares her health...