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In life we all have struggles. Then we have a choice, to either turn those struggles into our strengths or our weaknesses. We have chosen to turn them into our strengths. This is our version.

In life we all have struggles. Then we have a choice, to either turn those struggles into our strengths or our weaknesses. We have chosen to turn them into our strengths. This is our version.


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In life we all have struggles. Then we have a choice, to either turn those struggles into our strengths or our weaknesses. We have chosen to turn them into our strengths. This is our version.








Importance Of Enhancing Your Mental Wellbeing | Tana Macpherson - Smith

Tana has been through a whirlwind of a life. As a born people-pleaser she has had the weight of the entire world sitting on her shoulders at different time throughout her life. Dealing with her mother, her own mental wellness and everything in-between. Psych wards, therapy and meditation were her first encounters with personal development. Tana has gained an education as an Adolescent and Parent Coach; a Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) trainer; a Psy-Tap, EFT and NLP Practitioner; and...


The Key To Transforming Your Life | Ileana Rontea

Ileana is here today to tell a journey of compassion, comparison and disconnected power. Her journey has led her all over the world, through studies of spirituality, metaphysics, unseen realms and new age ideas. We will be touching on religion, disempowering beliefs and her love for transforming lives. Welcome Illeana! Learn more about Ileana here: ileana@phoenixontherise.com https://phoenixontherise.com/ewn/ ___ Ready to get back on track and finally start knocking some goals off your list?...


Finding Confidence In Life And Love | Oksana Irwin

Oksana found herself at the age of 47, after being married to her soulmate for almost two decades with a harsh reality of starting over as a single woman. She found herself alone, without a plan, no confidence, no certainty and not knowing what to do next. Years later she is now dedicated her life to helping ambitious women attract high-value men, capture their attention and create amazing soul fulfilled relationships by becoming magnetic to their dreams and desires. We are excited to learn...


Become Your Truest & Greatest Self | Julie Foucht

Julie is here to talk about how she found her independence, healed from divorce, attracted her current husband and completely upgraded her life to meet the standards of her Highest Self. Julie is a believer in trusting your feminine wisdom and is a leader in the industry all while being an amazing mother to 4 children. I appreciate Julie visiting us here int he Her Version Community to share her journey with us. Welcome Julie! Learn more about Julie here: www.Juliefoucht.com Conversation...


Why MLM's Rock | Her Version Impact Panel

To do or not to do an Impact Panel on Multi-level Marketing, that was the question. I can NOT tell you how often I get MLM reps sliding into my DM’s disguised as a NEW friend, only to be greeted with a sales pitch of some sort a day or two into the conversation. For me, it’s awesome, I admire individuals who are not afraid to sell. I know a lot of people that could take some pointers from these people! I got into sales early on in my career and have over 15 years experience in sales and...


Love Yourself Enough To Not Drink | Diana Dubbs

Diana dealt with a lot of self-doubt growing up, she never felt good enough. These feelings led her into a toxic relationship that soon engulfed her into a world of drinking and drugs. Encountering a whirlwind of drama, darkness and addiction she eventually ended up in rehab. It is here where she met her now husband and her slow progress of personal growth began. She now has 2 children and is here to tell her journey in order to give hope and inspiration to those that are enduring their own...


From Zero Power To Powerful | Amber Cherelle

When Amber got pregnant, she believed that her life was no longer her own. When her husband cheated on her with a friend she was at an all-time low. Amber had a choice to make, to continue to play the role of a victim of her life, or to take back her POWER. Amber is here today to share her steps to regaining your power and recognizing your emotions in order to create awareness of who you are and the potential you hold. Welcome Amber! More about Amber here: www.ambercherelle.com...


Living Up To The Potential Of Your Highest Self | Lori Saitz

Lori is a mentor and coach that has a relatable story of being FINE. Suffering through a death in the family, a death of a business and then looking around realizing that life is short she took a leap and made some huge pivots in her life that taught her the importance of living up to the potential of your highest self. She considers herself a trailblazing leader in coaching individuals through transitional times where you are questioning your marriage, your career or your overall life’s...


Calm Overwhelm And Attain Your Goals | Dawnita Fogleman

Dawnita is an amazing author and here today to share a story of teen pregnancy, enduring abuse and how she came to create a relationship with God. She will be sharing some of her struggles with CPTSD in order to give hope to those that have a similar story. I am excited to share what she is doing now in her world to not only empower her daughters but to help overwhelmed individuals create attainable goals and become independent souls. Welcome Dawnita! More about Dawnita here:...


Self Love And Holistic Healing | Impact Panel

Lately, it seems as though we can’t escape the terms self-love, self-care and holistic healing. These words have become huge buzzwords in the world of personal growth over the years. And they have been used to sell everything from retreats in the jungle to aroma therapy massage lotions. These terms are slowly losing their real definition of patience, compassion, and gentleness. What comes to your mind when you think of authentic self-love? What does loving yourself actually look like in a...


Moving Through Postpartum To Enjoying Motherhood | Jennifer Silliman

Jennifer is an advocate for women who have or are suffering from postpartum and is a firm believer in creating community around this subject in order to educate more women. She is the creator of, Dark Side of the Full Moon, which is both a film and a podcast that delves into the unseen world of maternal mental health in the United States. She is here to share her own story and also give hope to those that are suffering and those that feel the guilt of the past postpartum feelings. We are...


When Life Hands You Lemons, Smile And Say Cheese | Nichole Howard

Nichole is everything you would want in a Professional Photographer. She is creative and passionate about her work, but this picture perfect life was not always so picture perfect. Divorced parents, experimentation with drugs early in life; led to a really low GPA in her first attempt at college… along with a whirl wind of other things life has thrown at her, Nichole has proven to have resilience and drive. Graduating school with her master’s degree and becoming a sensation in the world of...


Giving Up Drugs To Fulfill Her Life’s Purpose | Sarah Ibrahim

Sarah often shares her story of being addicted to cocaine. She has had a whirl wind of a journey down a road that no one would knowingly choose for themselves. Now looking back she is using her story to empower and encourage those in the world of addiction to crawl out and find their True North. Founder of the Facebook group, Perpetual Motion, where she gives REAL hope to women who are ready to rebuild their lives after addiction. Welcome Sarah! More about Sarah Here:...


Anxiety & Depression | Impact Panel

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects 6.8 million adults, or 3.1% of the U.S. population, yet only 43.2% are receiving treatment. Women are twice as likely to be affected as men. GAD often co-occurs with major depression. Are you tired of the depression and the anxiety that riddles your life? Not sure how to handle it? Tired of it ruling your life? Getting frustrated with the people in your life not really understanding the real life struggles that occur during these episodes? Listen in...


Does This Divorce Make Me Look Fat | Nikki Frias

I don’t think you could get a better combination than this girl. She is a hybrid of author, comedian, and coach with a sprinkle of inspiration. She is here today to share some of her journey through divorce, her first and hopefully last encounter with an ass-hole, or for the sake of keeping our community educated, we are going to call it what it is, a real life narcissist. She is here today to talk openly about doing what you have to do to make an escape plan, the importance of turning to a...


EPIC Her Version 12-Hour Podcast Marathon

When I was in my darkest moments I wished I had someone to lean on, someone to ask questions to. I found myself looking for anyone who could give me a sliver of hope. I found myself falling into an abyss of victimhood and self pity, with a lack of finances, lack of self worth, lack of everything! I am now on the other side and I am using all my power to join forces with brilliant, strong, powerful women on this earth to create a platform that can hold and be their for you whenever you need...


The Real Truth About The Law Of Attraction | Lisa Witter

Lisa is here today to talk about her journey about learning and whole heartedly believing in the theory of, law attraction. 30 years into this journey she turned around and realized it had done absolutely nothing for her, despite her persistence. If you are having the same struggles, you are going to want to listen in! Lisa is going to break it down, reverse it and tell you the truth about getting what you want out of life. We are here today to talk about spiritual awakenings, welcome Lisa!...


Heroin Addict To Loving Sober Mother | Niki Tartal

Niki Tartal is a happily married mother of two children living in South Florida. But it was not always that way. Niki, once a high school cheerleading captain and aspiring mathematician took a sharp turn in her early years to being a college dropout and homeless prostitute. Her time on the street, both in Lake Worth Beach, where she once unsuccessfully rehabbed, and in New Jersey, where her family lived, was filled mostly by short stints in jail for possession, DUI and theft. She is not the...


Chasing Dreams Despite Setbacks | Renee Hill

Renee is married to Tom Hill and they have five phenomenal children and four grandchildren. She is an only child to parents who have been married for 52 years, she is a University Professor and her favorite thing to do is read. Renee encourages the people around her to dream and believes you can make your dreams a reality with some planning and pivoting in your life. She is here to share some of her journey and some of her challenges in order to inspire us all to live our BEST life. Welcome...


Expand, Grow And Build Your Confidence At ANY AGE! | Carin Andresen

Carin was raised in a conservative home with the mindset of being seen and not heard. Lacking confidence, she went out into the world learning how to overcome set backs, learning how to be a mother, and adapting to all the changes that came her way. She believes you are never too old to grow or pivot. With a passion of making everyone feel and look like the best version of themselves, Carin specializes in face yoga and she is excited to share some awesome parts of her journey with us and...