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This show is dedicated to building resiliency for the hero community of first responders. We dive deep into non-traditional ways to improve peak performance, prevent post traumatic stress, and balance the body, mind and spirit so our heroes can thrive in the personal and professional lives.

This show is dedicated to building resiliency for the hero community of first responders. We dive deep into non-traditional ways to improve peak performance, prevent post traumatic stress, and balance the body, mind and spirit so our heroes can thrive in the personal and professional lives.
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This show is dedicated to building resiliency for the hero community of first responders. We dive deep into non-traditional ways to improve peak performance, prevent post traumatic stress, and balance the body, mind and spirit so our heroes can thrive in the personal and professional lives.






029_Ryan Matthews Interview

Childhood Trauma. Combat PTSD. Building a million dollar business and losing it all. Being diagnosed with multiple life-threatening diseases. Surviving FIVE near death experiences. And, after what would have ended most people our guest, Ryan Matthews, is thriving in his life and transforming the lives of others. A fascinating interview that will keep you on the edge of your seat Heroes, powerful lessons in resiliency that are, simply stated, inspirational. THIS is the hero's journey. You can...


028-Richard Rudis Interview

This episode is not to be missed Heroes. We interview Richard Rudis, a Vietnam veteran, post traumatic stress survivor and sound healer who now works with First Responders and Military in the Hero Community. We get RAW on this one Heroes, especially with regard to Richard's experiences in Vietnam, so watch your background, not suitable for the little ones that may be nearby. We discuss war, PTSD, suicide, awakening, alternative ways to heal and so much more. If you wish to learn more about...


027 - Enhancing Happiness For First Responders

Being happy all the time is pure B.S., no possible, ever. That said, there is NO DOUBT we can become 'more happy', and, with the right training and mindset, enjoy a preponderance of happiness in our lives. We dive into this subject in today's podcast...no happy pills required heroes!


026 - Meditation For First Responders

On today's episode we are taking on the 'M' word...the one area of self-care that can send some in the hero community running for the hills...we are taking about Meditation. We will cover the numerous benefits to enhancing a state of peak performance mentally, physically and emotionally, as well as why we tend to avoid this type of self-care, and at the end I'll lead you on a short, guided meditation using autogenic training phrases to evoke a state of deep relaxation.


Podcast 025 - Embracing The Woo Woo

On this Episode we talk about the woo woo, something the vast majority of Heroes, dripping with cynicism and skepticism, reject outright. However, while some of it is truly worthless shit, there are some gems in there and to ignore them is in effect tossing the baby out with the bath water. For the record, listening to today's podcast WILL NOT turn you into a hard-left leaning liberal, although you may be inspired to hug a tree. Get your woo woo on Brothers and Sisters, there is nothing to...


Podcast 024, Ray Fernandez interview

On this episode I get to interview Ray Fernandez, a retired officer with 30 years of service, a survivor of PTSD and a peer support person with the West Coast Post Trauma Retreat Center (WCPR). Ray is an amazing man who has been through the shit and we have some honest, raw and down to earth exchanges regarding suicide, what is wrong with the first responder culture with regard to PTSD and some of the best practices Ray has found to manage PTSD. WARNING - this episode is not for young ears,...


Podcast 023, Why Positive Affirmations Don't Work

On today's episode we explore one of the staples in the self-help community, thinking positively and positive affirmations. While they can be a strong part of building resiliency, they are often seen as a panacea for fixing everything that is "wrong" with our lives. That's complete B.S., and it leaves out one of the most important aspects of achieving a strong measure of happiness in life, that sometimes life totally and completely sucks. We bust apart some myths here as we keep it real...


Podcast 022, From Victim To Victor To Thriver

Many people in the Hero Community of First Responders are stuck in victim consciousness where the only identify with people who think and act like they do. This is especially true for our Heroes who are suffering from post traumatic stress. And, while there is value in telling our stories and receiving empathy and support, there is also the potential to remain stuck in that place, unable to move forward. On today's episode we discuss how to make life a beautiful journey by moving out of...


Podcast 021, Keeping The Peace Documentary

In this episode we interview documentary filmmaker James Anthony Ellis, owner of Legacy Productions who recently released his latest work, Keeping The Peace, an educational film to support first responders in identifying and seeking support for the challenges encountered in service, especially with regard to PTSD. If you wish to inquire how to purchase a copy of this movie for you or your agency check out this website; Legacy Productions, Keeping The Peace.


Podcast 020, Decision Fatigue - Managing Mental Resiliency

In this episode we talk about something few know about, decision fatigue. Yes, this is 100% real and dramatically impacts Heroes in the First Responder Services. It's why when you are home, after making hard, sometimes life and death decisions on your shift, that you simply cannot decide what to have for diner, or what movie you want to watch...there is no energy left in the decision making account because you spent it all at work. We will discuss how this happens and some easy to implement,...


Podcast 019 - Enjoying Unlimited Energy

On today's episode we explore the tiny energy factories of your body, the mitochondria. These little suckers are the key to optimal mental and physical performance and the coolest part is that they are easy to hack and enhance with some simple lifestyle adjustments that cost little to nothing to implement. Most of what we discuss today was something I discovered from listening to Dave Asprey from Bulletproof Radio and his incredible book Head Strong. Get ready for some powerful, life...


Podcast 018 - Mind Power

On today's episode we take a look at something that Dr. Bruce Lipton outlined in this book The Biology of Belief, the power of the mind to heal virtually all disease, and specifically we are going to look at the Placebo Effect where the mind believes in something so strongly that it happens, and the lesser known Nocebo Effect, where our negative thoughts make us sick, as well as ways to program those new beliefs into your daily practice so you can achieve peak performance and optimal health...


Podcast 017 - Does Grass-Fed, Wild Caught, Pasture Raised Meat Matter

Does it matter if we eat grass fed meat, pasture raised chickens, wild caught fish or is it all just a scam to get us to pay more dollars for the latest fad? Our podcast takes a look at modern industrial animal farming practices and compares them to old school, sustainable practices to see if there is any real impact on our health. There is a lot of hype out there as various interests present their very biased perspectives landing hard on one side of the fence or the other. My goal here is...


Podcast 016, The 6 Best Doctors & Bio Hacks

On today's episode we are going to cover the 6 best bio hacks to keep the doctor away, things you can do on your own, the low hanging fruit that is little to no cost, mostly not cost, that people don't tell you about because they are always concerned with selling you something. Get ready, because you will likely hear some things you have not heard before...why? Simple, I tell the truth.


Podcast 015, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Resiliency, with Thiago Leao

Our guest, Thiago Leao, is a psychologist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial artist who combines these two worlds to help first responders build resiliency. While martial arts helps to build confidence and fighting abilities, it also hones the mind to a razors edge for being able to move through life challenges with flow, ease and grace. We discuss this concept, how the culture of the Hero Community must change to deal with the PTSD and suicides and much more. If you want to learn more about...


Podcast 014, Transitions - Preparing for The End

No one ever wants to think about preparing for the end of their career. Whether you find yourself just starting out, or nearing the end of your career, giving some thought to how to gracefully transition out of the Hero Community is something most of us simply don't want to face. That's understandable and unacceptable, because if you have not built in a resiliency plan for leaving the job you are going to be in a crapload of trouble when you discover you are no longer part of the club. On...


Podcast 013 Why Chaplaincy Programs Work!

On today's episode we explore first responder suicide, the future of fully integrated resiliency training and one of the most successful programs for supporting First Responders and their communities through Chaplaincy. I've interviewed front line personnel and administrators across the country and they all agree on one thing, when it comes to the various support services, Chaplaincy programs consistently outperform EAP and Peer Support. Our guest is one of the hardest working professionals...


Podcast 012, Know Your Why or Die

On Today's Episode we take a deep dive into a critical aspect of resiliency, knowing your why. Understanding why you do what you do is a foundational element that defines your services as a First Responder. When we start out on the job we have a general idea to 'protect and serve' but most of us never really defined our reasons for becoming Heroes. And, as time goes by, and cynicism and job fatigue or burnout assert themselves, we can completely lose touch with our why and that hijacks one...


Podcast 011, How To Crap Like a God

On this episode we are talking shit..literally. Turns out what you put in the bowl is one of the best indicators of your health or lack thereof. We are going to take a deep dive (yuck) into how to analyze your stool and how to work toward perfect digestion, no bloating or gas, and a significant upgrade to all aspects of your physical health. It's not what you think and you will learn some amazing stuff on today's show.


Podcast 010, Building Resiliency with Dr. L. John Mason

Dr. Mason, the best selling author of "The Guide to Stress Reduction", is a special interview for me personally because he is also my mentor who originally certified me in as a stress management trainer and later we co-presented to first responders in the classroom. A great friend who is the founder of the Stress Education Center and facilitator of his new endeavor, Masters of The Journey. Dr. Mason has an amazing array of insights into stress, including PTSD and its relationship to our...