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Casual conversations about things that matter with guests who have considerable skin in their respective games.

Casual conversations about things that matter with guests who have considerable skin in their respective games.
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Casual conversations about things that matter with guests who have considerable skin in their respective games.




13: Episode 13- Gender roles, women in sports and the corporate world (feat. Rashi Kakkar)

On the show, we discuss Rashi’s journey of vagabonding across different cities in India as an army kid and how that helped her to embrace change and even thrive in it. We discuss how the army life exposed her to sports early in her life, her tennis adventures and why she decided not to pursue a career in sports. We get her take on women and gender diversity in the corporate and sports arena. We talk gender conditioning and how it is important, yet difficult, for women to be unapologetic...


12: Episode 12-Babies, photography and women in entrepreneurship (feat. Amrita Samant)

Amrita, an HR professional for 7 years, now turned photographer runs mommyshotsbyamrita- your one stop shop for anything baby and camera related. She’s been an entrepreneur for 4 and a half years now. Although Amrita Samant liked her job in the Human Resource department, there was a constant desire in her to do something artistic with her life. During this phase in her life, photography started off as an interest to her, and she quickly capitalized on her newly discovered ambition. She...


11: Episode 11 - Schooling, parenting and upbringing(feat. Swapna Nair)

You can find Swapna on- Facebook- Swapna’s glamorous experience as the cover girl of Good Housekeeping- Swapna’s blog - Show notes- People- Carol Dweck Marilee Adams Brene Brown Books- Mindset Change your questions, change your life Daring greatly


Episode 10 - Video, content and bollywood (feat. Aditya Pisharody)

Would definitely recommend watching (see link below) Aditya is also the host of India's premier Bollywood podcast Bollywood weekly where he hosts guests and discusses the latest movie releases (see link below). In my conversation with Aditya, we discuss his journey and career choices-how he shifted from investment banking and consulting to video head at Filter Copy. Aditya gives us a brief overview of the various steps involved in the creation of a video-from start to finish. He also talks...


9: Episode 9 -Writing, AR Rahman, books, writer's block and more about writing (feat. Krishna Trilok)

In my conversation with Krishna, we talk about his early childhood, his love for battlefields, how he hid his passion for writing for a good amount of time just so he wouldn't be discouraged. His loneliness and frustration leading up to his first publication, Krishna's interaction with musical maestro, AR Rahman (Krishna spent months traveling with AR Rahman, spoke to his family, directors and others who are a part of his journey). We discuss Rahman's personality, humour, humility and his...


Episode 8- Chennai, Boston, humour, social expectations and lots of banter(feat. Ashwin Iyer)

In casual conversation with Chennai boy and a dear friend- Ashwin Sridhar Iyer (fondly known as Iyer). We discuss Iyer’s childhood, his journey in Boston and what motivates him. We also discuss his obsession of making people around him happy, how he deals with expectations of being happy all the time and his love for alone time. Iyer shares a tip on how humour helps him get through difficult times and some friendly banter plus inside jokes (we take a dig at our good friends). Lastly, Iyer’s...


Episode 7 - Entrepreneurship, start-ups, funding and VC lessons and books (feat Pranshu Maheshwari)

Pranshu grew up in Chennai, went to Wharton for college. He had originally dreamed of going into politics in India after college (idealistic dreams of changing the country and all that. He started his first company in his 2nd year; retail analytics using security cameras which got funded by Y combinator, raised $1mm. But then he shut the product down in 2016, returned money and began pivoting. He came back to India in September 2016 and started SimpleMoney. Simplemoney tracks your...


Episode 6- Movies, stand-up comedy, youtube and Padmavat(i)(feat. Kishen Das)

In casual conversation with film enthusiast Kishen Das. Kishen is a film enthusiast and currently works with film merchandising and movie reviewing company-Fully Filmy. Only 20 years old, Kishen has a great skill base to thrive in the movie world as an actor and beyond. Only a matter of time till he makes it to the box office. We discuss his early childhood, stand-up comedy, why slapstick humour works best with the Indian audience, Kishen's job at Fully filmy, youtube's strength in...


Episode 5- Yoga, healthy food habits, books and instagram hacks(feat. Deepika Mehta)

In casual conversation with yogini Deepika Mehta. Deepika is a well known yoga teacher and professional fitness expert, Deepika lives in Mumbai, India where she teaches regular classes in Bandra. She also has clients (individuals and corporates) all over the country. She helps them achieve ultimate mind and body experiences with Ashtanga Yoga, diet and lifestyle advice, and has helped them arrive at their goals. Our discussion dives into Deepika's journey and transition into yoga as a way...


Episode 4- Life and career choices, philosophy, writing habits and bitcoin(feat. Rohan Rajiv)

In casual conversation with Siebel Scholar Rohan Rajiv who currently works at LinkedIn as a Product Manager. Prior to this, he graduated with an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. His personal mission statement is to build active relationships with framily (close friends and family), learn, and strive to have a positive impact on his world and, in time, “the world.” He has blogged a learning a day since May 2008 on his blog - Our...


Episode 3-Feminism, MeToo Campaign, patriarchy and social conditioning (feat. Asmita Ghosh)

In casual conversation with Asmita Ghosh, a digital editor at Feminism in India where she writes, edits and tweets for a living. On a Saturday morning, we discuss the MeToo Campaign, the Raya Sarkar episode, the world's patriarchy, generational social conditioning and Asmita's YouTube video which gathered a million views. Outside of work, Asmita spends her time singing with a blues band and missing her 4 dogs back home in Chennai. All posts by Asmita Ghosh-...


Episode 2 - God, first impressions and pineapple on pizza (feat. Dhruv and Neha Vora)

In casual conversation with the Gujju son and mom- Dhruv Vora and Neha Vora. On a lazy Sunday evening, we discuss god, first impressions and pineapple on pizza. Dhruv's twitter handle is @VoraDhruv94 Subscribe to News on the Go here: @ashwin-chhabria-764883296


Episode 1- Love, objectivity and social anxiety (feat. Bhargav Prasad)

In casual conversation with Bhargav Prasad, a writer and stand-up comedian. On a lazy Sunday evening, we discuss objectivity versus emotion and social anxiety among other things. Bhargav's twitter handle is @CFLlightSabers Subscribe to News on the Go here: @ashwin-chhabria-764883296