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Welcome to the Inside OSU Podcast. Listen as Hosts Meghan Robinson and First Cowboy Darren Shrum interview the biggest names at Oklahoma State. Go Pokes!


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Welcome to the Inside OSU Podcast. Listen as Hosts Meghan Robinson and First Cowboy Darren Shrum interview the biggest names at Oklahoma State. Go Pokes!




One-On-One With Actor Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis grew up in a military family and has lived all over the United States. However, the LA-based actor, writer, director and producer considers Oklahoma home. Ellis returned to Oklahoma as a guest of the OSU Speakers Board and was the keynote speaker for the 2023 OSU MLK Jr. Celebration. He also joined Meghan Robinson on this episode of the Inside OSU Podcast. They discuss living in Tulsa, his biggest movie, Top Gun: Maverick, and what roles he would love to play in the future.


Christmas with the Shrums

The holidays bring people together. In this episode of the Inside OSU Podcast, Meghan Robinson and First Cowboy Darren Shrum are joined by the ENTIRE Shrum family. They discuss their family traditions, favorite presents and how the holidays bring out their competitive spirit!


Behind the Music with the New York Philharmonic

In 2019, the New York Philharmonic played at the grand opening of the McKnight Center for Performing Arts. Two and a half years later, MCPA Arts announced a three-year residency partnership with the orchestra. The residency includes a gala event, public performances, a youth education concert, and a litany of masterclasses. In this episode of the Inside OSU Podcast, Meghan Robinson and First Cowboy Darren Shrum catch up with Ethan Bensdorf – a trumpet player for the New York Philharmonic....


America’s Brightest Orange Supports Pink

Brooke Taylor is an OSU Alumna, former Homecoming Queen, business owner and breast cancer survivor. She joins Meghan Robinson and First Cowboy Darren Shrum on this episode of the Inside OSU Podcast. They discuss her favorite Homecoming memories, the mission of her foundation, and why it's important to help raise awareness about breast cancer...


Cowgirl Equestrian

The Cowgirl Equestrian team is heading into the new season with high hopes after winning the NCEA national championship. Larry Sanchez, Jojo Roberson and Maddie Fussell sat down with Meghan Robinson and First Cowboy Darren Shrum to discuss the upcoming season.


Off the Field with Mike Gundy

Football season is here, and we wanted to learn more about the coach who leads the team. Mike Gundy sat down with Meghan Robinson and First Cowboy Darren Shrum to discuss fatherhood, his flight with the Blue Angels and the best advice he's ever been given...


OSU Academic Medical District

In October 2021, Oklahoma State University broke ground for their brand new Academic Medical District. Located across the street from OSU Medical Center in downtown Tulsa, the Academic Medical District will be home to a new Veteran’s Hospital, Mental Health facility, research centers, parking structures and much more. Meghan Robinson spoke with OSU Center for Health Sciences President, Dr. Johnny Stephens, to learn more about how the Academic Medical District will impact the Tulsa...


Bone Scaffolds and Shark Suits: Materials Engineering to the Rescue: Research on Tap

Dr. James Smay is researching 3D printing at a nano scale. His work is aimed at determining how to build a number of structures that are difficult or impossible to build using traditional manufacturing means, such as bone scaffolds, all-ceramic dental crowns and metal-ceramic composites. Dr. Kenneth Sewell, OSU Vice President for Research, speaks with Dr. Smay on this edition of the Inside OSU Podcast....


OSU Alum Drives PGA Championship

2022 PGA Championship Director, Bryan Karns, is a proud Oklahoma State University alumnus. He got his start writing for the O'Colly and interning for the athletic department. In 2007, he was offered an internship with the PGA and the rest, as they say, is history. Inside OSU's, Meghan Robinson, met Karns at Southern Hills Country Club to learn more about how his time in Stillwater prepared him for the majors...


Protecting Campus in an Emergency

On any given day there could be 25,000 people on Oklahoma State’s Stillwater Campus. It might seem like a challenge to keep everyone safe, but the cutting edge Emergency Operations Center in the basement of University Health Services make the job a little easier. The facility is home to OSU police dispatch and is equipped to handle other potential emergencies. Maggie Burke talked to the Captain of Emergency Operations, Dan Ray, as well as OSU Chief of Police, Leon Jones, about the impact...


A Conversation with Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is a 2-time National Champion, Heisman Trophy Winner, former first round NFL draft pick, and a retired baseball player. While he is best known for his athletic accomplishments, Tebow is more than an athlete. Tebow was the most recent guest of OSU Speaker's Board. Inside OSU's Meghan Robinson spoke with Tebow during his visit to Stillwater to learn more about his favorite sports memories, philanthropic work and how he helps people find their purpose...


1 is 2 Many

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Nationally, 1 in 5 female students and 1 in 20 male students experience sexual assault in college, but fewer than 15% of these incidents are reported to police. Maggie Burke spoke to Olivia Pendleton with 1 is 2 Many at Oklahoma State University. They discuss resources OSU has to offer for victims of sexual assault and how to help people in these difficult situations...


Disseminating Research Writing with Dr. Steph Link

Oklahoma State associate professor, Dr. Steph Link, is a first generation American and a first-generation college student. Dr. Link admittedly struggled with academic language but found success in the applied linguistics field. She used her own experiences to create a research writing software called Dissemity. Dissemity uses modules to break down academic writing for researchers in all stages of their education....


OSU’s Economic Development & Industry Connection:Research on Tap

Dr. Kenneth Sewell, Oklahoma State University Vice President of Research, facilitates a discussion on how OSU leverages facilities, personnel, students, tools and resources to drive economic development and diversification across the globe...


Introducing the President of OSU-OKC, Dr. Scott Newman

Dr. Scott Newman took office as president of OSU-OKC last August. In this episode of the Inside OSU Podcast, Meghan Robinson introduces us to Dr. Newman. They discuss OSU-OKC degree options, his goals for the university, and what he and his family like to do in their free time.


Virtual Education at Oklahoma State University

In this Inside OSU Podcast, Dallas Haggerty welcomes Nathan Cragun, a manager from Oklahoma State University's College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Online Learning to break down OSU's top ranked online degree programs and to discuss the future of virtual learning...


Understanding Food Lingo

Do you know the difference between gluten free and gluten friendly? In this Inside OSU podcast, Meghan Robinson speaks with representatives from OSU's Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Product Center - marketing specialist, Andrea Graves and baking and milling specialist, Renee Albers-Nelson. They breakdown different food terminology and help you better understand what you are eating.


Dialogue on Architectural Illustrations--Research on Tap

Moh'd Bilbeisi’s area of expertise is in graphic communication in general, especially culturally biased graphic communication and authenticity. His research focuses on the philosophy between theory and ideals in contemporary architectural illustration. He hopes to offer ways to determine the authenticity of a graphic message in terms of authorship, truthfulness and intent of purpose. Bilbeisi sits down with Dr. Kenneth Sewell, Oklahoma State University Vice President of Research, for this...


The First Woman on the OSU Board of Regents, Carolyn Savage

Carolyn Savage graduated from Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State University) in 1953 and began working as a substitute teacher while her husband served in the Armed Forces. In the late 1970s, she was asked to join the OSU Board of Regents, and was the first woman ever in the role - serving two terms. Meghan Robinson zoomed with Carolyn to learn more about her time on the board, the role of a regent and what Oklahoma State means to her.


Wildfire Season

Winter and early spring bring wildfire season to Oklahoma. This time period features the driest and windiest months of the year. In this Inside OSU Podcast, Meghan Robinson speaks with John Weir, a fire ecology specialist with OSU Extension. They discuss the risks and how you can protect your property and belongings from wildfire...