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EP011: TLDC UK Meetup Recap

How was the 2018 TLDC UK Meetup? On June 21st 2018 TLDC hosted the first (of many?) meetup in the United Kingdom. Cara, despite having her luggage in limbo for a wee bit (#WheresCarasBag), made it to London to attend along with Jo Cook of Lighbulb Moments and former guest of the show Bethany Taylor. The evening event was sponsored by GoodPractice who we want to congratulate on 100 episodes of their great podcast. Lastly, happy birthday to Cara today and a belated to Jo as well! Sponsor:...


EP 010: L&D Podcasting – A Year Later

A Look Back on Our First Year In this special unconventional episode, Joe and Cara reflect on their first year of podcasting and talk about what’s in store for the future episodes of Instructional Redesign podcast. Links: Help Support us in multiple ways (paid and unpaid). Contact us and send (constructive) feedback or suggestions. Cara’s headed to the UK for a special TLDC event June 21st 2018. Connect with Cara & Joe: Twitter: @RedesignPodcast, @CaraNorth11, @Joseph_Suarez Websites:...


EP 009: Instructional Design Challenges

Instructional Design Challenges You know you’ve said it at least once, “I wish I had time to build ______” So why aren’t we taking more time to build and experiment? Cara and Joe discuss Cara’s Instructional Design 6 Week challenge (#id6wc) and explore the value of building instructional design products. Sources: Cara’s 6 Week Instructional Design Challenge Page: Cara’s ID 6 Week Challenge Listserv: See some of the...


EP 008: Games – Part 2

Educational Games What makes a game educational, and why do so many attempts seem to fall short? Cara & Joe discuss this question and more in this second part of a series on games and instructional design. Sources: Karl Kapp Our Princess is in Another Castle Good Educational Games Mentioned: Carmen Sandiego Oregon Trial Sim City Minecraft Guitar Hero Bail Trap That Dragon Cancer The Uber Game Bad Educational Games Mentioned: Mind Maze (Encarta) Mario is Missing Mario’s Time Machine Sonic’s...


EP 007: Personal Learning Networks

The Lost Episode on Personal Learning Networks Before the Instructional Redesign Podcast launched in 2017, Cara and Joe recorded a trial run to practice having a conversation over Skype, test recording options, and refine editing techniques. The goal was the see if everything came together as something worth listening to. This was never intended to be aired, but Joe recently went back and took a listen and decided the conversation was actually good and should be shared. The production...


EP 006: Bethany Taylor

Interview with Bethany Taylor We recently spoke with Bethany Taylor, a junior instructional designer at eCom Scotland. We met Bethany through the Training Learning and Development Community and we thought it would be great to chat with her because she’s newer in the field and has some fascinating perspectives on the anthropology of learning. In this episode, we discuss culture of learning, perspectives from someone newer in the industry, and challenges around learning design. Connect with...


EP 005: Jeff Goldman

Interview with Jeff Goldman We recently had a chat with Jeff Goldman, eLearning Developer for John Hopkins Health Systems. Jeff has had a prolific career in learning and development spanning more than 20 years. In this episode he shares his background, how he approaches working out loud, and reasons why he loves working in learning and development. Links Jeff's Blog: Jeff’s Process and Expectations with Stakeholders Jeff on Pinterest Jeff on Twitter: @elearnincyclops...


EP 004: Gaming – Part 1

How Games Influence Design This is part 1 in a series on how games influence instructional design. We get nostalgic in this episode about video games going as far back as Oregon Trail and as recent as Assassin’s Creed Origins. And we’re having a book Giveaway! Share this episode on social media (before Nov. 1st 2017) and tag us @RedesignPodcast to be entered to win a copy of: For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business. Winner will be announced in November. Games...


EP 002: Cara North

Better Know a Host - Cara North In addition to hosting this podcast, Cara is an ID at The Ohio State University and social media addict. In this episode she explains how she "fell" into instructional design, which Fortune 50 company she worked for during the early part of her instructional design career, her thoughts on the future of instructional design, and more. Catch up with Cara: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Support us on Patreon and get podcast updates via Twitter (@RedesignPodcast)....