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This is It's EdTechNICal with Nic Finelli. A podcast that walks you through how to do new and exciting things with technology for education. Support this podcast:

This is It's EdTechNICal with Nic Finelli. A podcast that walks you through how to do new and exciting things with technology for education. Support this podcast:


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This is It's EdTechNICal with Nic Finelli. A podcast that walks you through how to do new and exciting things with technology for education. Support this podcast:






5 Shortcuts in Chrome

In this episode I share 5 keyboard shortcuts you can use to make teaching and learning better. --- Support this podcast:


Back-to-School Kickoff Week: Handouts from Presentations

Many educators use presentations to lecture or teach students concepts. Often they also want them to be able to take notes from those slides while also have a graphic organization of the slides to help them with their notes. This is a quick way to help educators do that in Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Teachers may then make these files available for the student digitally for inking or typing or just print them out. Links for how to print or save a pdf of a presentation handouts...


Memorial Day - Matching colors, convert classic Google Sites, MSFT EDU news and more[E19]

Memorial Day edition of It's EdtechNICal. Matching colors from the web for your art, drawings, or slides. The old Google sites to New Google site conversion. What new with Microsoft EDU and Coaching and Learning with Nic. Lastly, our fun site of the day for the start of summer featuring the British show "Countdown". --- Support this podcast:


Unity and zSpace, Google Drive End of Year, Suspend Users Google Admin, and Sign out of all Google [E18]

Unity and zSpace, Google Drive End of Year, Google Admin for the summer, and shutting down your logins for Google. --- Support this podcast:


Sphero Block Events, iOS fun and more [E16]

Looking at block events and what they do in Sphero, as well as keyboard and emoji tricks including degrees sign, accents, and tones in emojis. --- Support this podcast:


Google Classroom Questions [E17]

Google Classroom Questions from combining classes, to copying and reusing posts, to parent portal (sort of ?). Blended Tech Learning Office Hours Live --- Support this podcast:


Sphero Block Events, iOS fun and more on It's EdtechNICal [E16]

Learn about Sphero events using block type, "keyboard hold" shortcuts on iOS and more. --- Support this podcast:


"Chromebook Episode" [E15]

"Chromebook Episode" We will look at some accessibility mouse functions on Chromebooks, then we will share some Chrome keyboard shortcuts. We finish with looking at the Chrome:/flags settings. May the Fourth Be With You! --- Support this podcast:


Google Forms Codes, MSFT Intune for Education, and Sphero EDU [E14]

Along with some information about Intune for Education (Microsoft W10 Admin control like Google's for Chromebooks), sharing Sphero EDu and short walkthroughs of how to make specific codes for Google Forms to unlock a form, we have changed the name of Blended Tech Learning Edtech Office Hours to It's EdtechNICal with Nic Finelli. We also podcast these sessions and we have them on most places where you can get podcasts. --- Support this podcast:


"Office Mix Migrate to Stream and CS First Clubs" [E13]

We explore how to migrate your Office Mixes to Microsoft Stream and then review how to start and run a Google CS First Club. --- Support this podcast:


"New with Google" [E12]

New with Google this past month: includes Google Admin settings with Access Checker, G Suite Custom Directory, and Quick Actions for Users. We also go into Sheets with Macros, Grouping, and Checkboxes and Linking live Slides to Docs. Lastly, a quick look at Google Applied Skills for MS and HS students --- Support this podcast:


"Photoshows to SHEG and more" Episode 11

Google Photos and Adobe Spark for slideshows and videos, Stanford History Education Group site for primary source, reading like a historian, civics, and digital literacy/citizenship lesson (SHEG), Searching Google from a different region for different results and perspectives, and Zencastr recording. --- Support this podcast:


"Podcasting and Playing Cards Creation" Episode 10

Podcasts with Google Music, Anchor app for podcasting, make playing cards with Google Drawings and Slides --- Support this podcast:


Google Classroom Admin changes, Exporting Grades in Classroom, MSFT Immersive Reader and iOS Screen Recording with Sound [E1]

Blended Tech Learning Edtech Office Hours Podcast - Google Classroom Admin, Export Grades from Google Classroom, Immersive Reader from Microsoft, and iOS Screen Recording with sound --- Support this podcast:


Math with Sway and Geogebra, Chrome Profiles, Google Cast for Education [E2]

Sway with Math and Geogebra embeds, Links only Keynotes, Google Chrome Profiles for Mac and Windows, and Google Cast for Education. Each week, Nic answers your EdTech questions about technology integration in education. Join us for Thursday's weekly YouTube Live office hours --- Support this podcast:


Google Classroom Video lightbox, YT Permissions in Admin Console, Drive Shortcuts, and Research with My Maps [E3]

Google Classroom Video Lightbox for Assignments, YouTube Permissions/Restrictions in G Suite Admin, Drive 1-key shortcuts, and Research with Tables and MyMaps. Each week, Nic answers your Edtech questions about technology integration in education. Join us on Monday Facebook Live and Thursday YouTube Live. --- Support this podcast:


Calendar Appt. Slots and Shortcuts, Google Keep, Text Shortcuts, Commenting on Word[E5]

Google Calendar Appointment slots, Calendar shortcuts, Google Keep with Reminders, Text shortcuts on a Mac, Google Docs Preferences abbreviation shortcuts, and MSFT Word Online commenting.a --- Support this podcast:


Customized Banners for Forms and Classroom, Advanced Searching for Google Slides on the web [E6]

Creating customized banners with Google Drawings for Google Forms and Classroom, Searching for other user's Google Slides, Google Docs, and Sheets on the web through advanced search. --- Support this podcast:


"Summer Courses, Infographics, and Find your Device" Episode 7

Questions about available courses from Blended Tech Learning, Google Site and Portfolios, Infographics using Canva, Find My Device (Android) and Find your iPhone help. --- Support this podcast:


"Chrome Audio Record, Mindfulness, Poly, and zSpace" Episode 8

Audio Recording with Chrome, Mindfulness Extension from Google, Poly from Google (3D) and zSpace, also zSpace Teacher Dashboard for Student creation. --- Support this podcast: