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In an age of increasing complexity and exponential change, it is not always clear what you need to do to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Eventually everyone needs some help, and when that time comes, the perfect coach is waiting for you at Koach.net.

In an age of increasing complexity and exponential change, it is not always clear what you need to do to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Eventually everyone needs some help, and when that time comes, the perfect coach is waiting for you at Koach.net.
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In an age of increasing complexity and exponential change, it is not always clear what you need to do to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Eventually everyone needs some help, and when that time comes, the perfect coach is waiting for you at Koach.net.






Confidence – Stop Looking and Start Acting

Confidence – Stop Looking and Start Acting Confidence isn’t something that you suddenly feel, it accumulates over time with practice – constantly being maintained, stretched and repeated (but it gets a lot easier the more you practice). Some days you might fail. That’s ok, it’s all part of the process of learning. The good news is that each new day is a fresh start.


Why do you work?

Why do you work? Here are some suggestions if you find yourself seeking work that will pay you well enough and provide you with meaning.


How to stay focused on what’s most important

How to stay focused on what’s most important The 21st century human is subject to unprecedented amounts of daily distraction. Managing this distraction requires conscious effort and focus – a critical part of improving productivity. By when I speak of focusing on what’s most important, I don’t only mean in the moment. I mean long term focus, the kind that keeps you committed to the most important goals in your life. Here are 5 tips on how to do that.


Beating The Expat Holiday Blues

Beating The Expat (Holiday) Blues Despite the joy and good cheer that apparently defines the holiday season, it is at this time of the year that the distance from family, friends and one’s roots is felt the most.


What is health coaching and why does it matter?

What is health coaching and why does it matter? To be well an individual needs to take responsibility for his wellness. One of the side effects of an over-medicated culture is that people cede responsibility for their health to their doctor or pharmacists. Empowerment is key, which is why a health coach is a facilitator, not a doctor. In an age when ‘healthcare’ is more often called ‘sickcare’, when societies are increasingly fragmented and atomised, the value of being seen as a complete...


Want To Live Longer? Build Healthy Relationships

Aging is viewed as a disease or enemy, and slowing it down, or eliminating it altogether, is a burgeoning industry. Everyone wants to look younger and live longer, but the keys to longevity are not found inside a bottle. They reside in the lifestyles we lead, especially in healthy relationships. https://learn.koach.net/article/want-to-live-longer-build-healthy-relationships/2018/01/10/


The Shadow You Don’t See (and why it matters)

Human beings feel a strong affinity for the notion of free will – it helps us feel like autonomous beings with power over our own destiny. This is a contentious issue, but while the debate about free will continues, we can reliably point to a mechanism in our psyche that often governs our behavior without our knowledge, awareness, or control. It’s called the shadow, and it’s with you right now. https://learn.koach.net/article/shadow-dont-see-matters/2017/12/20/


Fear of Change: Your Great Teacher

Change is unavoidable – it is written into the fabric of our existence. So, it seems, is the fear of change, the opposing force that tries to keep the status quo firmly locked the way it is. Yet, far from something to be beaten back and repelled, this natural resistance needs to be embraced and understood. Within it lies tremendous value to our personal evolution. https://learn.koach.net/article/fear-of-change-your-great-teacher/2018/01/17/


Accessing Your Higher Intelligence

The concept of intelligence has undergone, and continues to undergo, a massive transformation in the west. Most western readers will have a personal experience of sitting an IQ test, usually at some point in their schooling career, and for the longest time, your results in such a test were used as the primary indicator of your intelligence. But modern research has revealed that not only is this particular measurement flawed, it has blinkered our view. Intelligence is not one thing, it is...


9 Types of Coaches

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) recognizes more than 50,000 professional accredited coaches worldwide. This represents tremendous growth for an industry that didn’t exist in the mainstream until the 1980’s, especially as these numbers do not include non-accredited individuals providing coaching services, or managers using coaching skills as part of their work. With so much choice and so many different types of coaches out there, it can be difficult to know where to start in...


The Art (and Heart) of Setting Goals

Anyone who has ever sought advice, looked for a mentor or hired a coach has done so because, at least intuitively, they know that transformation and success seldom happen accidentally. Often, we need help achieving our dreams, but we also need a plan. That plan inevitably includes goals, but how does one make sure those goals serve you? Genuinely effective goal setting is part art, part science, and very very personal. https://learn.koach.net/article/2852-2/2017/11/29/


Better listening: the gift that keeps on giving

Every leader, every parent, every spouse, every friend, every colleague, has at some point or another heard about the importance of being a good listener. It’s intuitively sensible – of course we need to listen well. If we’re not, we lose access to information that could be critical to our careers, relationships, or personal well-being.


Transforming Culture Through Group Coaching: The Power of We

If you view a successful organization as a well-tuned machine, then culture is the oil that keeps all the parts running in harmony; if you think of an organization as a family, then culture is the familial bond that holds everyone together; if you consider an organization to be more like a living organism, then culture is the lifeblood that nourishes the organism and encourages it to grow.


Trust: The Key That Unlocks Coaching Gold

Scottish author and poet George Macdonald is possibly one of the most influential writers you’ve never heard of. His work is cited as impacting greats like CS Lewis, WH Auden, JR Tolkien and even, some believe, Mark Twain. Though I’m not a personal fan of the type of fantasy literature he helped pioneer, I’ve always loved the strength and clarity of his words: ‘To be trusted is a greater accomplishment than being loved.’ In its genuine form love is a far more constant feeling than trust,...


Train Your Brain For Success

Were you reading this article 25 years ago it would probably be filled with ‘incontrovertible’ evidence of the nonmalleable nature of the human brain. But, with the recent and rapid development of technologies like CT scans, MRI and EEG – technologies that can ‘see inside’ the human body – the field of neuroscience has exploded with new discoveries.


6 Steps To Building Habits That Serve You

Habits are powerful. Human beings intuitively know this, otherwise New Year’s resolutions – whether you believe in them or not – wouldn’t be such a big deal. At some point, every individual identifies an old negative habit that they would like to break, or a positive new habit that they would like to start, but what then? How to kick that habitual behaviour that’s been holding you back, or activate new behaviour to move you forward?


Is Mindfulness Another Corporate Fad?

People have become so divorced from their own condition that they don’t notice it. There’s a delusion at play that contributes to the ‘wired but tired’ state so common in high-performance results-focused cultures (‘I’m operating, I’m great, no worries’) – a major contributor to burnout. But it’s not identified, because western culture is very good at teaching you how to set goals and assess your career success, but not very good at teaching you how to assess your personal wellbeing. That’s...


3 Things A Coach Is Not

Few people look for a coach when everything in their life is working well and feeling good. They seek a coach when they need to change something, even if they’re not sure what that ‘something’ might be. It might be their diet, their career, their work-life balance or their sense of disconnection from their life goals – whatever it is, a coach’s role is to facilitate healthy change that connects an unsatisfactory present with a more gratifying future. How the coach facilitates this change...


The Happiness Factor

Happiness is a powerful emotion. It has been associated with having a healthier heart, a stronger immune system and a longer life. But the main reason we’re attracted to it is because it feels so good. That’s the reason it is the final objective of almost the entire bookshelf of the self-help industry: stronger relationships, more money, greater sense of purpose, higher success, a more desirable job – in one way or another these make us feel happy, at least for a period of time. It is also...


3 Empathy Blocks That Might Hurt Your Coaching Results

Human beings are hardwired for empathy. Mirror neurons in our brain are programmed to mimic the experiences of those around us, so that we literally feel what they feel. The brainstem, origin of the fight or flight response, is always scanning the environment for information about potential threats or danger. Much of this data is absorbed unconsciously from the reactions and expressions of those around us. The brainstem also houses the nuclei for facial expressions and tone of voice,...