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The official podcast of Kolbe Academy with lively discussions on home & distance education, Kolbe Academy, and our Catholic community.

The official podcast of Kolbe Academy with lively discussions on home & distance education, Kolbe Academy, and our Catholic community.


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The official podcast of Kolbe Academy with lively discussions on home & distance education, Kolbe Academy, and our Catholic community.






131: It’s All about Relationship featuring Danielle Bean

AMDG. Voice of experience and wisdom Danielle Bean joins the Kolbecast today to share insights from her path. From being a self-described reluctant homeschool to describing homeschooling as the biggest, best, and hardest thing she’s ever done, Danielle describes the changing seasons of life that come with parenthood. She, Bonnie, and Steven reflect on building a family culture, teaching by example, and embracing the season where you are. Struggling to hang in there with your stage of family...


130: The Gifts We Have with Emily Stimpson Chapman

AMDG. Author, mother, and gracious example of hospitality Emily Stimpson Chapman joins us today. Emily has written on topics from encyclicals and Theology of the Body to good food and good socializing, and our conversation covers a little of everything: living in a way that deeply reverences the dignity of the human person, opening our homes to welcome people in, how it's in saying no to things that we’re able to say yes to God wants, and more. She also highlights some of her recent and...


129: Windshield Time (replay)

AMDG. In this replay of a conversation from April 2021, Bonnie and her sister Hope visit with Dr. Don Prudlo to discuss the specifics of college visits and college transition. We talk about how to look under a college’s hood, so to speak, beyond what admissions counselors pitch, as well as a few things to consider when discerning what size and type of school is best for individual students. Dr. Prudlo emphasizes Kolbe’s college preparatory curriculum and also reminds students not to be so...


128: Living in Community

AMDG. Join us on a virtual college visit today to The Collegium, a unique Catholic college in Hagerstown, Maryland, with Dean of Students William Stover. He shares how the Collegium and its innovative model provide a small, newly-opened liberal arts program grounded in the Catholic tradition and providing both education and formation. He also discusses the integration of spiritual, academic, and social aspects of life at the Collegium, as well as the vision that brought about the curriculum...


127: Forging a Path

AMDG. It's never too early to think about what life after Kolbe looks like. Today, Kimberly Farley—director of homeschool partnerships for the Classic Learning Test—joins Bonnie and Steven with her background in homeschooling and her expertise in college preparation. They discuss easing stress levels when approaching college prep, constructive understandings of standardized testing, and how to use testing as a tool for understanding. Plus, they touch on considerations for dual enrollment,...


126: Digital Citizens

AMDG. Teaching students responsible ways to use the internet is more important now than ever. Today Kolbe’s chief academic officer Megan Lengyel and her husband Craig, a cybersecurity specialist for some of the world’s largest tech companies, visit with the Kolbecast team about computer safety. Craig describes how prevention and education are key, emphasizes the importance of ongoing conversations with children about what’s appropriate and what’s not online, and shares some practical tips....


125: Call the Advisor

AMDG. Kolbe academic advisors and homeschooling mothers Krysten Pizzurro, Karen Allgood, and Erica Treat are back in this episode to continue the conversation started last week on their insights about the day-to-day of homeschooling reality. In this episode, they answer listener questions about the challenges and joys of having frequent family togetherness. They touch on how to keep school days running smoothly, how to help siblings love each other well, and how to go about special needs...


124: In This Together

AMDG. Kolbe academic advisors and homeschooling mothers Krysten Pizzurro, Karen Allgood, and Erica Treat had so much wisdom to share that we turned our conversation into a two-parter of episodes. In the first half, they talk about how Kolbe’s academic advising department is here for the duration to accompany families and what that looks like on a day-to-day basis. The ladies share their experience of taking work phone calls while toddlers live their best lives in the background, respond to...


123: A Change of the Ages with Msgr. James Shea

AMDG. Today Msgr. James Shea, President of the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, joins Bonnie and Steven to discuss the transition to adulthood and the beginning of life’s adventures that transition brings. Msgr. Shea talks about the ambient culture, the modern mind’s romance with utopias, and the good news that this is an age where Kolbe families can shine. He also describes the apostolic moment in which we live, the words of encouragement he has to parents who feel shame or...

122: Bridge Year

AMDG. The Church recognizes a turning point for young ones around the age of seven as children begin to reason. In our school structure, age seven roughly corresponds to second grade—a watershed year in its own right and a bridge to new worlds of comprehension and formation. Today, Nicole O’Connor, Colleen Goodwin, and Marissa Piñón visit with Bonnie and Steven about the mixture of enthusiasm and docility second graders have, the importance of memory work, and the process of preparing for...


121: Roots & Wings

AMDG. Voice of experience and mother of eight children ages 12 to 26, Michele Resuta, joins the Kolbecast today to share some of the wisdom she’s developed through 21 years of homeschooling with Kolbe. The conversation covers everything from practicalities like bulk cooking and daily Mass to big questions of building strong foundations and the value of responsible stewardship. Michele talks about catering to students’ strengths and weaknesses, describes some of her tried-and-true methods for...


120: Substance Matters with CLT’s Jeremy Tate (replay)

AMDG. In this replay of a conversation from April 2021, Jordan and Bonnie visit with Jeremy Tate, president of the Classic Learning Test. He explains how high-stakes tests drive and dictate academic focus in America, how he decided to go up against the behemoth that is the College Board in designing a different kind of college admission test, and how he’s challenged the societal status quo that excludes great thinkers like C.S. Lewis and John Paul the Great from the literature that test...


119: The Hope Throughout with Tom & Noëlle Crowe

AMDG. While the universality of the Church is beautiful, its immediacy is just as profound. Today Tom and Noëlle Crowe of the American Catholic History podcast join us to share how we don’t need to cross an ocean to find people who did amazing things for Christ. They describe the breadth and depth of amazing Catholic individuals in this country, highlight contributions of Catholics to American history in every aspect of society from milking cows to landing on the moon, and emphasize the...


118: Odysseys in Catholicism

AMDG. Everett Buyarski and Chrissy Almanzar are familiar voices to anyone who’s called Kolbe or listened to the podcast. Today they share a more personal side of themselves, though: their stories of conversion and being led toward grace and the Catholic Church. With candidness and wisdom, Everett, Chrissy, Steven, and Bonnie discuss how their experiences of faith have led them to progress from confusion to peace, to seek understanding through surrender, and ultimately to love because we are...


117: Figureoutable with Dr. Andrew Mullally

AMDG. Science facilitates wholeness and the abundant life God wants for us, but it also prompts a lot of questions—everything from how to teach complex concepts in homeschooling to how to approach ongoing national discussions on the beginning and end of life. We delve into these dynamics today with Dr. Andrew Mullally, a second-generation physician, first-generation homeschool alumnus, current homeschool father, and host of the award-winning Catholic Medical Association podcast Doctor,...


116: Things I Would Tell My Students

AMDG. Jordan Almanzar is familiar to podcast listeners as a voice of experience related to podcast hosting, teaching, and public relations, but today we get to hear a different side of him: Jordan as scholar. He discusses some of his recent and not-so-recent writings with Bonnie and Steven, including reflections inspired by marginalia in his Latin books and the contrast between classical brutality and Christian compassion. The team also discusses what it means to be neighbors, enemies,...


115: The Kolbe Chimera

AMDG. Kolbe offers an array of options for types of learning: fully homeschool, fully online, and two in-the-middle offerings called self-paced and self-paced plus. We focus on those middle options today with Chrissy Almanzar and Everett Buyarski. What is a self-paced online course? What’s the “plus” in self-paced plus? How do both options help take a load off parents, increase engagement for students, and maintain flexibility while providing a lot of access to content? Listen and find...


114: Kolbe Past, Present, and Future

AMDG. Kolbe’s Executive Director Mary Rowles visits with Bonnie and Steven today about Kolbe's origins, evolution, and outlook. As she describes how Kolbe has grown from a family business and apostolate and its response to rise in demand during the pandemic, Mary’s openness to service is clear—as is her innate leadership, with a tone that brings out the best in people and an emphasis on putting values to practice. Relevant Kolbecast episodes: 72 Participatory Citizens100 In the...


113: At the Kolbe Table * Convention Day 5

AMDG. Homeschool conventions offer the opportunity for curriculum providers to take their shows on the road, but this week we’ve brought the show to you. Listen to this year’s convention finale for insights, updates, and wisdom from Megan Lengyel, Everett Buyarski, Nicole O’Connor, Chrissy Almanzar, Tony Guzzaldo, and Maggie Hayden. The discussion includes the various enrollment options Kolbe offers, advice for getting back in the school state of mind, and an exclusive code for podcast...


112: Cura Personalis - The Intro * Convention Day 4

AMDG. The great commandment to love your neighbor as yourself begins from a place of loving yourself well. Today Everett Buyarski, Elizabeth Hoxie, and Therese Prudlo introduce the Ignatian education tenet of “cura personalis” or “care of the whole person”—a pragmatic yet profound discipline that forms students into the men and women they are designed to be. The group discusses how repetition, rest, food, sleep, and exercise contribute to unity of mind, heart, and soul; encourages the idea...