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Called to Create is a podcast where your desire to create will be supported and celebrated through interviews with inspiring Latter-day Saint creators who are passionate about their craft and share helpful, real-life experiences that will guide you on your creative journey. Look for new episodes on the first and third Wednesday of each month.


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Called to Create is a podcast where your desire to create will be supported and celebrated through interviews with inspiring Latter-day Saint creators who are passionate about their craft and share helpful, real-life experiences that will guide you on your creative journey. Look for new episodes on the first and third Wednesday of each month.




Summerisa Bell Stevens

Summerisa is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BFA in Music Dance Theatre and a Minor in Ballroom Dance. She and her husband moved to NYC and performed professionally as actors for seven years, working with many of the top directors and choreographers in the business. Summerisa was awarded Best Actress in a Musical by Broadway World for her portrayal of Doralee in the production 9 to 5. While living in NYC, they also owned and operated their own performing arts training studio in Manhattan. In 2017, Summerisa helped found and currently works full-time as President of the nonprofit organization Harrington Center for the Arts located in American Fork. The nonprofit began with the vision of her father and local doctor, the late Dr. Carl Bell. Harrington Center for the Arts will renovate the historic Harrington School building to become a home for the arts in the local community as well as constructing a new Studio Theater. Website Instagram: @summerisa Facebook: summerisa.stevens YouTube: @summerisabellstevens7328


Brooke Walker

Brooke Walker is the host and executive producer of KSL’s “Studio 5 with Brooke Walker.” She is an Emmy award-winning journalist and a member of the KSL News Team, where she contributes as an anchor and reporter. Brooke is also the host and executive producer of “Family Rules” on BYUtv and BYU Radio. Brooke’s most important and cherished titles are wife and mother. She and her husband are the proud parents of four children. Facebook X (Twitter) Instagram LinkedIn


Reyna Aburto

Reyna Aburto was born in Nicaragua and studied Industrial Engineering there. She holds a degree in Computer Science from Utah Valley University and has worked in the language industry for more than 30 years. Reyna and her husband own a translation business. She has served as Relief Society General Presidency Second Counselor and as a member of the Primary General Board for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She currently serves on the Correlation Committee in Church Headquarters. She is the author of Reaching for the Savior (Acudamos al Salvador, in Spanish), and co-host of the Consecrating Your Life podcast (@consecratingpod) with her daughter Elena. Deseret Book Instagram: @consecratingpod Facebook: Consecrating Your Life Podcast


Bonnie Oscarson

Bonnie Oscarson, a native of Utah, has lived in eight states and one foreign country. She and her husband served as Mission President and Companion in the Sweden Gothenburg Mission in the 1970s. Thirty years later they returned to Sweden as Temple President and Matron for the Stockholm temple. Bonnie wrote a book in 2015, What Makes Us Sisters, urging women to encourage and inspire others in ways that help them realize their great potential. She and Paul have seven children and 29 fascinating grandchildren. Bonnie served as the Young Women General President of the Church from 2013 until 2018. Deseret Book


Tarsha Joyner, aka Mrs. Joy

Tarsha Joyner’s most cherished roles are that of wife, mother, grandmother, creator, and Latter-day Saint. She also owns and is head Treatmaker at Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats. She created and built her business based on a project she worked on in her graphic design classes at University of Lynchburg. At 41 years old, wanted to open a bakery but didn’t know how to bake. But she was determined to learn and went on to become the winner of the Food Nework’s Christmas Cookie Challenge in 2015. Tarsha wrote and illustrated A Quilt for Josie Joy for her senior thesis at University of Lynchburg in Virginia and has made all the quilts in the book. Website Instagram: Facebook:


Steven Sharp Nelson

Steven Sharp Nelson is the only cellist in history to play atop the Great Wall of China, among the Chichen Itza ruins in Mexico, in front of The Christ Redeemer Statue in Rio, at the Petra sandstone city in Jordan, near the Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina, on the grounds of the most iconic castle (Eilean Donan) in Scotland and, best of all, on the Death Star! He has written hundreds of compositions, including two full length symphonies, and sings, plays the piano, the drums, guitar, the bass, the mandolin, the ukulele, and the nose flute. Steven is considered a pioneer in a style he coined, called “cello percussion.” Steven feels grateful that he’s just barely famous enough to make a living, but plenty obscure enough to have a life. And that life, he has found, is best lived when striving to follow the teachings and example of his Best Friend and Savior, Jesus Christ. Steven’s duet with his wife Website YouTube Instagram Facebook Deseret Book


Jenny Doan

Jenny Doan is more than just a quilting icon. She’s a wife, mother, and popular YouTube personality. Her professional quilting journey began over 27 years ago, back when her family first moved to rural Missouri. Little did she know their random point-and-go selection of the Midwest guided them to an epic adventure atop a quilting empire. Watch this week’s podcast episode and learn how Jenny’s children led the way to the formation and exponential growth of the Missouri Star Quilt Company and its corresponding quilting channel on YouTube. Website YouTube Instagram Facebook Pinterest Thrift Books


Brooke Romney

Brooke Romney, a writer, speaker, and connector, is committed to sharing real life with a hopeful twist. She is the best-selling author of three books: “52 Modern Manners for Today's Teens” Volume 1 and 2 and “I Like Me Anyway: Embracing Imperfection, Connection, and Christ”. Brooke comes from girly roots but has morphed into an outdoor adventuring, dirt loving mom of 4 boys. Meaningful connection with family, friends, strangers, and God is where she finds purpose and joy. Website Instagram Facebook Pinterest Amazon Author Page


Scott Christopher

Scott Christopher is the best-selling author of People People, The Levity Effect, and The Seven UPs of Happiness. He has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Fox Business Channel, CNBC, National Public Radio, and BBC. Since 1995, Scott has circled the globe entertaining and motivating thousands of audiences from senior leader retreats to all-staff meetings. Applicable to all audiences in any industry, Scott’s unforgettable messages and off-the-cuff humor illustrate firsthand how levity, humor and becoming a ‘people person’ enriches lives at work and at home. Website Instagram Facebook


Anthony Sweat

Anthony Sweat is an Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University. He received his bachelor's degree in painting and drawing and his Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction. He is the author of several articles and books dealing with the teachings and history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His most recent book is The Holy Covenants: Living our Sacred Temple Promises. Anthony is the host and producer of BYU religious education’s popular podcast, Y Religion. As a practicing artist his paintings center on religious themes, including underrepresented events in Church history Website Instagram Deseret Book


David Finnegan

Dave Finnegan is a seasoned “human experience collector” who dedicated an entire year to exploring the world to gain a deeper understanding of cultures and human experiences. In 2022 he traveled over 130,000 miles, setting foot on every continent including Antarctica, and navigated some of the world's largest rivers such as the Ganges, Amazon, Nile, and Mekong. He hiked iconic trails such as Kilimanjaro, the Himalayas, Patagonia, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. As a diver, he explored some of the world's most beautiful underwater environments including the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, and the Galapagos Islands. All with a carry-on-sized backpack. Overall, Dave's journey was a transformative experience. In 2013, Dave was named to the “Top 100 CIO” list by CIO Magazine and was nominated as “Innovative CIO of the Year” by Retail Information Systems magazine. He worked at the Orvis Company for seven years (2014-2021) where he was the Customer Experience Officer. Prior to Orvis, he helped to start up Build-A-Bear Workshop (1999-2014) where he served as Chief Information and Interactive Officer for the company. He was instrumental in the development of the award-winning Build-A-Bear Workshop Store of the Future: an innovative blend of digital technology and store experience. Exploring Planet Earth 2022, Instagram page - Linkedin - The National CIO Review magazine interview -


Hilary Weeks

Hilary Weeks loves hearing stories and imagining what it would be like to feel and experience the things someone else does. She feels drawn to unlock and express the feelings of the heart through music. Sometimes her music collections feel a little like children in that they consume her thoughts, energy, and creativity and she hopes they add good to the world. She strives to put God first in her life because she knows He makes everything else fall into place. Best songs list Limitless by Kris Krohn


Jason Hewlett

Inspirational speaker, entertainer Jason Hewlett is the author of the Facebook post entitled, “I Saw My Wife at Target Today”, a viral post that was seen by more than 100 million people across the globe. Jason has delivered thousands of presentations and was one of the youngest speakers to be inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame. His talks inspire leadership from the perspective of a Promise while giving attendees an engaging, entertaining, and educational experience.


Cali Black

Cali Black is an author, podcaster, speaker, and content creator who loves the scriptures. At the beginning of 2019, Cali felt called to start an Instagram account titled @ComeFollowMeStudy. Little did she know that a worldwide pandemic would hit the following year and her content would be needed more than ever. She was able to pivot her content and focus on using the Book of Mormon to share peace and joy. Cali also co-hosts the popular podcast, One Minute Scripture Study, and has co-written two Amazon best-selling books, “One Minute Scripture Study in the New Testament” and also a version of the Old Testament. Above all, Cali knows that the scriptures hold the keys to pointing us toward our Savior Jesus Christ. Website Instagram YouTube channel Amazon One Minute Scripture Study podcast


Lauren Walker/Six Sisters

Lauren Walker is one of six sisters, THE Six Sisters, who have published 10 cookbooks, released cooking and freezer meal courses, and recently launched two podcasts: “Table Talk for Moms” where listeners can sit down together each week to tackle difficult topics of motherhood; “Start-up Spark” offers quick tips to help listeners take their start-up business to the next level. It all started with Lauren and her sisters sitting around a long kitchen counter watching their mother cook, and later, after they left home for college and marriage, starting a blog to stay in touch by sharing family recipes and the things they were doing to keep their children occupied. Six Sisters Stuff website: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Pinterest: Twitter:


J. Scott Savage

If he can help students find joy in reading and writing by telling them the story of how he wore an eye patch in first grade and told classmates he was a pirate, then J. Scott Savage will do it. In this episode of “Called to Create: An LDSPMA Podcast” with host Connie Sokol, Scott shares insights garnered over decades of experience, telling how it took debt and two recessions for him to unearth his talent and become a popular writer of middle grade books. Now he travels all across the country inspiring youth and adults with the joy of reading.


Jane Clayson Johnson

Award-winning journalist Jane Clayson Johnson has traveled the world covering domestic and international stories for two decades, interviewing the biggest newsmakers of the day. Widely known for her work at CBS News, ABC News, and on the nationally syndicated NPR program, On Point, she co-anchored with Bryant Gumbel, worked with Peter Jennings, and anchored coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attack and its aftermath. She is also the best-selling author of “I Am a Mother” and “Silent Souls Weeping.” Jane and her husband, Mark, are the parents of five children and grandparents of three. Website Instagram Books


Crystal Despain

Fine art painter Crystal Despain wasn’t so sure she wanted to be an artist at first. As a high school student, she “thought arguing for money sounded like a good plan and wanted to be a lawyer.”1 Now a distinguished artist with many awards, Crystal credits her mentor artists but especially her persistent husband for dragging her paints out and reminding her that she wanted to do it, she wanted to paint. 1 Webpage Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube



Adassa exudes a zest for life. She’s fiery and confident and speaks with a passion that makes you want to eat whatever salsa she’s eating. Above all her fame, she knows what’s important and how to stay in an eternal lane. A proud descendant of Latin ancestors who sacrificed dreams and pleasures, Adassa is a talented musician of world-class renown who is the voice of Delores in Disney’s “Encanto.” She is wildly popular for her rendition of We Don’t Talk About Bruno. Her creative journey is inspiring and eventful and laced with hot sauce. Website Twitter @adassaofficial TikTok @adassaofficial Instagram @adassaofficial Facebook @adassaofficialpage YouTube


Ganel-Lyn Condie

Ganel-Lyn Condie, popular speaker and author, pulls back the curtain on what it's like to be a creative who feels a passion to share principles that empower others. Through her own challenges of contracting lupus when newly married and later in life the suicide death of a sister, Ganel-Lyn shares what it is like to "throw every dart at the board" to find answers. In the crowded media swimming pool where spiritual creatives often bump into each other, Ganel-Lyn shares how focusing on the "one" allows heaven to amplify each unique voice. Website Facebook @ganellyn Instgram @ganellyn YouTube channel LDSLiving articles Deseret Book