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France has been motivating people for decades to create and live a more inspired life. La Vie Creative is a weekly podcast all about creatives in Paris and beyond, hosted by American Expat Krystal Kenney. Designed to help you enrich your inner artist and tap into your innovative gifts.


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France has been motivating people for decades to create and live a more inspired life. La Vie Creative is a weekly podcast all about creatives in Paris and beyond, hosted by American Expat Krystal Kenney. Designed to help you enrich your inner artist and tap into your innovative gifts.




EP 358: Parisian Author Whitney Cubbison

Whitney Cubbison is a dual American & French citizen living in Paris since 2009. She grew up in Texas and California and graduated from UCLA with a degree in French. She started her career in Communications working for high-tech PR agencies in San Francisco and eventually joined Microsoft where she worked for sixteen years, thirteen of which from the Paris office. During that time, she held various international roles that encompassed public relations, employee communications, executive speechwriting, and social media. She earned her French citizenship in early 2022 and left Microsoft in the summer of that year to focus on completing her first novel, Will There Be Wine? The story, while fiction, is deeply inspired by Whitney’s own experiences as an ex-pat divorcée living in Paris and trying to navigate the cultural minefield of dating in a foreign country. It was released on January 16, 2023. When she’s not writing, Whitney can be found sitting in Parisian cafés and restaurants with her friends, drinking wine. The book is available here. whitneycubbisonwrites (book) whitcubby (personal) Support the show


EP 357: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Hemingway Books)

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EP 356: French Musician Lisarmony

♪ Instagram : lisarmony_ytb ♪ Facebook : lisarmony.musique ♪ Tik Tok : lisarmony ♪ Mail : Hi my name is Lisa, I’m 21 and I study speech therapy. I’m passionate about music. I took my first piano and singing lessons when I was 8, then learnt the guitar at 16. Soon after I did several singing contests, opened my YouTube Channel where I post covers and started writing my own songs. Books : I really like fantasy/romantic books. I really love Sarah J Maas and everything she writes. Movies : the greatest showman is my favourite of all time. Photographers : I love taking pictures but I don’t follow any photographers. People in you industry : I’m really inspired j’y Taylor Swift. She’s such a great artist. Support the show


EP 355: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Exhibitions in Paris)

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EP 354: French Artist Marcus McAllister

Born in 1968, Marcus McAllister is an American artist. He lives and works in Paris. Marcus McAllister spent part of his childhood in Germany and in several other countries, with his family, since his father was a military. On his return to the United States, he studied visual arts at the University of Louisiana. He then moved to New York, where he participated in several group exhibitions. Later on Marcus McAllister moved to Paris, where he joined the artistic community of Belleville. Always accompanied by his notebook, whenever Marcus McAllister goes for a walk in the capital he succumbs for everything that inspires him. He paints his canvases based on his drawings, he makes sketches at first before adding acrylic paint. Support the show


EP 353: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Paris Mint & Institute de France)

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EP 352: The Inspiring World of France with Vero

Véronique (Véro) is a dual French-American national who grew up in France and has spent many years of her adult life navigating between two cultures, France and the United States. A lifelong learner (and quick study!) she's acquired valuable skills in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, skills she uses every day while managing France with Vero her online business launched in 2020. Throughout the year, at home or on French roads, Véro wears many hats, from tour guide to virtual tour guide, French language instructor and content creator. All these activities are inter-connected. Véro loves sharing France and French life with her followers, students and clients. If you ask her, she'll tell you she's always been a teacher -- who happens to lead tours and write. To join Véro's world and explore France through the eyes of a native: Website/blog: YouTube (replays of over 250 virtual tours in Paris and beyond) Free newsletter: Join Véro's fun community on Patreon: Facebook and Instagram: France with Vero Support the show


EP 351: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Favorite Books take 2)

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EP 350: Parisian Egyptologist and Author Dr. Angela Stienne

I am a creative and practice-based museum researcher exploring the intersection of museums, bodies and ethics. My background is as a historian of Egyptology and for a decade I explored academic and public engagement around the display of ancient Egyptian mummified bodies. What did that look like? Well I wrote a lot of dissertations on it! A bachelor's degree, then a master's and a PhD on Egyptian mummies in museums, which I did in the UK. I then did a postdoc on the topic, and did a whole lot of public talks and conferences, I once even gave a talk in a pub! I am really passionate about finding ways to engage the public with big ethical questions such as the collecting, retention, study and display of human remains in museums. I wrote a book about this, it came out last year and it's called Mummified, The stories behind Egyptian mummies in museums. I also work on creative health, storytelling and art-based projects in museums around questions of narratives and representations: I curated two exhibitions with refugees and asylum seekers in Leicester (UK) where I lived, and I run two digital projects: Mummy Stories ( ) is a participative project on human remains in museums; The Lyme Museum ( ) is the first virtual museum with touring exhibitions exploring the lived experience of invisible illnesses and disabilities through visual storytelling and materiality. In short, I spend a lot of time in front of my phone and laptop building communities, and then I run creative workshops, curate exhibitions, and consult for museums, all to make sure that museums and heritage sites have more expansive narratives, and give a voice to more people. I'm starting my second book, but this one will take longer, because I am juggling so many projects, but also because it's a lot more personal. Link to my work: I can be found online in many places; a testament to the many hours I spend on a screen! Mummy Stories: / @mummystories on Facebook The Lyme Museum: / @thelymemuseum on Instagram My work: / @angela_stienne on Twitter My life: @museemporium on Instagram My book: or order it for your library / bookstore! A podcast I recorded with the BBC History programme: Support the show


EP 349: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Coffee Table Art Books)

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EP 348: French TV Streaming Creator Mimi Bleu

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EP 347: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Liberation of Paris)

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EP 346: Parisian Abstract Painter Andrea Mongenie

Andrea Mongenie Born in 1989 in Paris, Andrea ventured to London in 2007, to pursue studies in fine art, and printed textiles at the University of the Arts. Over the course of 15 years in London, Andrea's creative path flourished as she excelled as an Art Director and set designer, leaving a lasting impact on diverse projects spanning cinema, design, and interiors. However, the birth of her first child rekindled her deep passion for painting, drawing her back to her artistic roots. Now based in Montreuil, Paris, Andrea embraces her dual british and french identity infusing her artwork with a unique perspective. Andrea’s compositions play with light, texture and movement drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and nature. Vibrant colors and abstract forms are the hallmark of her paintings, conveying emotions and inviting viewers into warm and tranquil worlds. Andrea Mongenie's artistic process is marked by gestural and instinctive techniques, seeking balance through the interplay of colors and forms. Multiple layers, continuous color mixing, and the inclusion of materials like sand or cement add depth and texture to her works. The result is a visually calming and emotionally charged body of work. Her art serves as a tribute to the complexities of human nature, skillfully bringing together contradiction, chaos, and imperfection to create beauty. @borneo_studio Support the show


EP 345: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (opening of the Louvre)

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EP 344: Emerging Parisian sketch artist and entrepreneurial storyteller: Calico

Calico is an emerging artist and entrepreneurial storyteller based in Paris, France with 12 years’ experience using digital and visual arts to create immersive and appealing content in collaboration with varying businesses, charities, and other artists. His passion for working with marginalized communities, like the Maasai of Kenya and the Hopi of Nevada, has given him a depth of experience operating in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments while successfully developing community-informed projects that immerse viewers in messages that matter. Brian’s work focuses on the intersection of old and new using digital tools to create interactive layers that engage viewers and plunge them into new stories at the intersection of imagination and reality.. Support the show


EP 343: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Vel d’Hiv Internment Camp Paris)

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EP 342: Danielle Duncan founder of Food Typography

Marmalade Bleue is the innovative studio of Danielle Duncan (she/her), a multi-hyphenate American artist based in Paris making the future palatable. Danielle founded Food Typography, a sub-genre of design, in 2013 when she discovered food and objects speak their own languages within our everyday lives. She combined everyday items with thoughtful lettering to create photographic commentary on society, consumerism and the human existence. This work was soulful, ephemeral, and shockingly a huge hit with global brands such as Target, Disney, Cadillac, Wix, Tesco, Pepsi, and Kansas City Chiefs. When augmented reality emerged, Danielle saw the potential to bridge the physical and digital worlds. The shelf life of her work is preserved and enhanced through a technology, available to anyone with a device. The familiar textures and shadows blend into the existing environment, making the future more human. Her work currently spans advertising, activism, fine arts and events. Design & US (substack) Support the show


EP 341: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Three Glorious Days Bastille)

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340: Valeria Jaramillo shares how Paris changed her life forever

Born in Cali, Colombia, in 1991, artist and film director Valeria Jaramillo builds an eclectic and anachronistic universe through the exploration of different means of expression which study the Aristotelian dilemma of human passions. She graduated with honors in 2012 from Javeriana University, where she studied visual arts. Then, in 2016, she moved to Paris, France, where she obtained her master's degree in film directing at the School of cinema of Luc Besson. In 2018 she continued her studies in History at Paris 8 University. She practices cinema, photography, painting, mural painting, drawing, sculpture, etching and writing. - Links to my work : Support the show


EP 339: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Art Books)

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