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Talkin' Bout Hops - LGU Hops 101

This week Chris, Dan, Walt, and Mark take a break from introducing beers to talk hops and answer a challenging question from a listener.


Batch 300 Imperial IPA Revisited

This week Adam and Mark catch up on taproom and beer garden goings-on and turn it over to brewers Justin, Dan and Patrick in a "throwback Thursday" episode dedicated to one of our hoppy faves, Batch 300 Imperial IPA. Originally brewed as the 300th batch of Land-Grant beer, a celebratory event for which our brew team wanted to whip up something special, Batch 300 is a beer that exists outside of our M.O. To truly commemorate the occasion, we developed the single malt Imperial IPA you hold in...


Goon - Pale Ale

Hockey season is firing up - "Getcha Gooner" this week with Chris, Walt and Mark. Goon is an assertive American Pale Ale that scoffs at fruity hop trends and brings a citrus and piney aggression to the ice. Drop your gloves and take a swig. Goon Pale Ale has taken the ice... available now! GOON STATS STYLE: PALE ALE ABV: 6.1% IBU: 65 HOPS: BRAVO, CASCADE, CHINOOK MALTS: PALE ALE, MUNICH, CRYSTAL RYE CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS AVAILABILITY: HOCKEY SEASON


Eos - Session Ale

This week Mark, Adam, Justin and Vinny have a couple pints of our latest in our Sun-Grant series of beers, Eos. Named for the greek goddess of the dawn, Eos is the second beer in the series and is an easy drinking Session Ale brewed with Fossil-Free malt, local malt, and Ohio hops. Our annual Sun-Grant beers are brewed to highlight Land-Grant’s commitment to sustainability and community stewardship. Proceeds from this beer directly fund our ongoing initiatives in the areas of wastewater...


Land-Grant History 101

In honor of our 4th Anniversary (and party on September 29), this week join Adam, Walt, Mark, Quintin, and Joe as we talk about Land-Grant from the early days to today. It is a long listen, but we have done a lot in 4 years!


Concentrate - IPA

Join Dan, Mark, Adam and Walt and they take a taste of this orange juice forward IPA brewed with three different varieties -and two styles- of hops. Traditionally harvested Mosaic, Cryo-Amarillo, and Cryo-Centennial Hops (Cryo hops are concentrated lupulin from whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oil) deliver massive amounts of juicy, hoppy aromas and hop flavor. Best enjoyed fresh and straight from the can. CONCENTRATE STATS STYLE: IPA ABV: 7.2% IBU: 42 HOPS: MOSAIC,...


Lawnraker - Märzen Style Ale

This week Chris, Adam, Mark, and Justin talk about our Märzen style ale. Whether you're raking leaves or ignoring them, Lawnraker is the perfect Autumn beer. This toasty, malty Octoberfest inspired brew featuring the aroma of burnt toffee, notes of caramel and hints of dark fruit, is the perfect companion to pair with the hue of your fall foliage. LAWNRAKER STATS STYLE: MÄRZEN STYLE ALE ABV: 5.5% IBU: 31 HOPS: MAGNUM, PERLE, HALLERTAU MALTS: 2 ROW CARAMEL, PILSEN, CARAMEL VIENNA, DARK...


Son of a Mudder - American Brown Ale

His father was a Mudder, his mother was a Mudder... This week Mark, Adam, Dan and Walt have a round of our favorite taproom Brown Ale and answer questions of specific memories attached to beers. Son of a Mudder is a tried and true American Brown Ale with a subtle hop presence at the turn and toffee, caramel, and coffee notes waiting in the winner’s circle. When they’re calling for rain, dig in and grab a Mudder. SON OF A MUDDER STATS STYLE: AMERICAN BROWN ALE ABV: 6.1% IBU: 27 HOPS:...


Beers with the Bartenders

No new beers this week, so we decided to grab a few folks from behind the bar to join us to talk about life as a bartender at Land-Grant. Adam and Walt are joined by Amber, Justin, and Jordan and talk about favorite beers, mispronunciations and other random things.


KIN - Nik's Beer

This is Nik’s beer—a Kölsch-style Golden Ale, brewed with Agave Nectar, Tropical Hops and Nik in mind. Beer builds community, and we were honored to have Nik at the center of ours. He was a soft-spoken soul who could summon a roar, a roots rock king with tropical panache, and a man who taught us all how lucky we are to have one another. Proceeds from this beer benefit the Dick & Jane Project. KIN STATS STYLE: TROPICAL KÖLSCH with AGAVE NECTAR AVAILABLE: 8/18/2018 ABV: 4.5% IBU:...


Batch 500 - Sour Ale with Cherry and Plum

This week Mark, Walt, Dan, Justin and Chris talk about our newest fruited sour ale which just so happens to be our 500th batch brewed! We brewed our first beer on September 16th 2014 - Where has the time gone?! Batch 500 is a tart and fruity Sour Ale brewed with sweet cherry and plum to commemorate this milestone at our Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio brewery. Here’s to 500 more! BATCH 500 STATS STYLE: SOUR ALE with CHERRY and PLUM ABV: 7.0% IBU: 7 HOPS: TETTNANG MALTS: PALE, RED...


An Episode About Nothing - Beers with the Brewers

We didn't have any new beers to talk about this week, so join Walt, Mark, Chris and Adam and get a peek behind the curtain at Land-Grant. We talk about Brichards projects, pilot beers, and some other upcoming things at the brewery. Cheers!


Blackberry Jamble - Blackberry Cream Ale

In this week's episode, join Walt, Mark, Chris and Adam to learn about the updated recipe for Blackberry Jamble and how we used 6 times as much fruit as last year. Special appearance by Amber from the taproom to talk about Bird Scooters and our favorite types of birds. BLACKBERRY JAMBLE STATS STYLE: CREAM ALE withBLACKBERRIES ABV: 4.6% IBU: 12 HOPS: TETTNANG MALTS: 2 ROW, FLAKED CORN, GOLDEN NAKED OATS INGREDIENTS: BLACKBERRIES SEASON: SUMMER CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS: NONIC...


One Goal One Rye'd - Rye Pale Ale

Join Justin, Walt, Mark and Jackie as they discuss our Rye Pale Ale, One Goal, One Rye’d. This Rye Pale Ale offers up a bit of spice from the malt that pairs nicely with notes of lemon and grapefruit. $1.00 from each six pack sold ­and $1.00 from each taproom pour goes directly toward Pelotonia’s goal of ending cancer once and for all. ONE GOAL, ONE RYE’D STATS STYLE: RYE PALE ALE ABV: 5.9% IBU: 39 HOPS: MAGNUM, CHINOOK, FALCONER’S FLIGHT MALTS: 2 ROW, RYE, VICTORY, CARACRYSTAL WHEAT,...


Pale Blue Sky - Blueberry Pale Ale

It’s the time of the year for some Pale Blue Skies...Dan, Adam, Walt and Mark make sure to fill us in on the weather report as they taste through our Blueberry Mosaic Pale Ale. An empty agenda, an invigorating breeze, and the warm embrace of sunshine emanating from a Pale Blue Sky. This Pale Ale—dry-hopped with tropical fruit packed Mosaic hops and infused with blueberries—rounds out that perfect Summer day with heaps of aroma, a touch of tart, and all the refreshment you need to complete...


Franklinton Pub Ale

Great news! Franklinton Pub Ale is now available in carry out 6-packs of cans through our taproom! Chris, Adam, Walt and Mark discuss our British inspired pub ale brewed for sipping down at the corner of Town and Lucas, and now with 6-packs to go, wherever your neighborhood watering hole might sit. This ESB style beer is amber in color and a very smooth and balanced drinker. Pull up a stool in the taproom and get comfortable. FRANKLINTON PUB ALE STATS STYLE: PUB ALE (ESB) ABV: 5.2% IBU:...


Man's Common Ale & International House Of Bone Breakfast Stout

This week Chris, Walt, Adam and Mark talk about Brewer's Series beers brewed with local radio personalities Common Man and T-Bone as they battle for the win in a face off to determine who's beer will be brewed full scale on our production brewhouse. International House Of Bone Breakfast Stout or Man's Common Ale? Come on into the taproom, decide for yourself, and place your votes. INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BONE STYLE: BREAKFAST STOUT ABV: 4.6% IBU: 26 HOPS: Mt. Hood MALTS: Marris Otter,...


Got Fuzz? - Milkshake IPA

This week Mark, Walt, Dan and Hajier talk about our newest creation Got Fuzz?, a super-limited Milkshake IPA with Peach, Apricot, Lactose, and a wallop of Simcoe, Bravo, Caliente, and Rakau hops brewed in collaboration with our fun-loving friends from Cincinnati’s Streetside Brewing. Our limited supply wont last long so make sure you get down to the LG taproom to grab one with us soon! GOT FUZZ? STATS STYLE: MILKSHAKE IPA withPEACH and APRICOT ABV: 6.3% IBU: 36 HOPS: SIMCOE, BRAVO,...


Elixir - Hibiscus Pale Ale

This week Dan, Julie, Walt and Mark discuss Beer + Ice Cream: the perfect pair, guaranteed to refresh and delight you on the hottest, most sweltering of summer afternoons in Columbus, Ohio. Jeni and her inspiring team of doers, makers, and scoopers have been celebrating Ohio’s strawberry harvest—specifically that of Hirsch Fruit Farm in Chillicothe—each June with their Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream. At Land-Grant, we couldn’t resist brewing up a sublime complement to that annual rite of...


Greenskeeper - Session IPA

After a week off, in honor of the Memorial Tournament we are talking about our favorite Session IPA, Greenskeeper. Join Dan, Mark, Walt and Adam as we talk about "the workhorse" of beers and what to expect at this weekend's Jeni's Strawberry Jam Festival at the taproom. GREENSKEEPER STATS STYLE: SESSION IPA ABV: 4.7% IBU: 44 HOPS: CASCADE, SUMMIT, CENTENNIAL, SIMCOE, CITRA MALTS: 2 ROW, GOLDPILS VIENNA, CARAMEL VIENNE,CARAMEL SEASON: YEAR-ROUND CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS: NONIC...