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Man’s Common Ale & International House Of Bone Breakfast Stout

This week Chris, Walt, Adam and Mark talk about Brewer’s Series beers brewed with radio personalities Common Man and T-Bone’s as they battle for the win in a face off to determine who who’s beer will be brewed full scale on our production brewhouse. International House Of Bone Breakfast Stout or Man’s Common Ale? Come on into the taproom, decide for yourself, and place your votes. INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BONE STYLE: BREAKFAST STOUT ABV: 4.6% IBU: 26 HOPS: Mt. Hood MALTS: Marris Otter,...


Got Fuzz? - Milkshake IPA

This week Mark, Walt, Dan and Hajier talk about our newest creation Got Fuzz?, a super-limited Milkshake IPA with Peach, Apricot, Lactose, and a wallop of Simcoe, Bravo, Caliente, and Rakau hops brewed in collaboration with our fun-loving friends from Cincinnati’s Streetside Brewing. Our limited supply wont last long so make sure you get down to the LG taproom to grab one with us soon! GOT FUZZ? STATS STYLE: MILKSHAKE IPA withPEACH and APRICOT ABV: 6.3% IBU: 36 HOPS: SIMCOE, BRAVO,...


Elixer - Hibiscus Pale Ale

This week Dan, Julie, Walt and Mark discuss Beer + Ice Cream: the perfect pair, guaranteed to refresh and delight you on the hottest, most sweltering of summer afternoons in Columbus, Ohio. Jeni and her inspiring team of doers, makers, and scoopers have been celebrating Ohio’s strawberry harvest—specifically that of Hirsch Fruit Farm in Chillicothe—each June with their Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream. At Land-Grant, we couldn’t resist brewing up a sublime complement to that annual rite of...


Greenskeeper - Session IPA

After a week off, in honor of the Memorial Tournament we are talking about our favorite Session IPA, Greenskeeper. Join Dan, Mark, Walt and Adam as we talk about “the workhorse” of beers and what to expect at this weekend’s Jeni’s Strawberry Jam Festival at the taproom. GREENSKEEPER STATS STYLE: SESSION IPA ABV: 4.7% IBU: 44 HOPS: CASCADE, SUMMIT, CENTENNIAL, SIMCOE, CITRA MALTS: 2 ROW, GOLDPILS VIENNA, CARAMEL VIENNE,CARAMEL SEASON: YEAR-ROUND CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS: NONIC...


Pool Party Pilsner

Apologies on the delay of this week’s episode. We had some technical difficulities recording. Join Dan, Walt, Adam, and for the first time Julie talking about our tropical Czech Style Pilsner, Pool Party. We update you on the status of this weekend’s Royal Pool Party and talk all things Royal Wedding with our in-house Royals expert, Julie Keys. POOL PARTY STATS STYLE: PILSNER with SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE HOPS ABV: 5.4% IBU: 32 HOPS: HALLERTAU MAGNUM, WAKATU, AUSTRALIAN SUMMER MALTS:...


Tennis - IPA

Tennis anyone? This week we have a second BONUS episode since we were away at the Craft Brewer’s Conference last week! Join Justin, Dan, Mark, Walt and Adam as we discuss our new IPA Tennis and extremely bad tennis jokes! Tennis IPA was brewed up with refreshment in mind. Simcoe, Citra, and Lemon Drop hops give this beer serious citrus topspin while maintaining solid footing via a balanced malt volley. TENNIS STATS STYLE: IPA ABV: 6.5% IBU: 50 HOPS: SIMCOE, CITRA, LEMON DROP MALTS:...


CMYK - Imperial IPA

In this week’s first episode, join Justin, Dan, Mark, Walt and Adam as we discuss our colorful new IIPA CMYK. CMYK is a fruit-forward Double IPA blending the hoppy hues of Warrior, Citra, Simcoe, Ella, and Mosaic. It’s a full spectrum of flavor and aroma that looks as good as it tastes. CMYK STATS STYLE: DOUBLE IPA ABV: 8.5% IBU: 75 HOPS: WARRIOR, CITRA, SIMCOE, ELLA, MOSAIC MALTS: BOHEMIAN PILS, VIENNA, DEXTROSE SEASON: SPRING CONTAINER: KEGS GLASS: GOBLET


Mr Balloonhands - Berliner Weisse

Who is this guy? This week Massie, Dan, Mark, Walt and Adam sit down in the Kickstarter Room to sip on Mr Balloonhands Berliner Weisse and discuss this Lemony, Bready, Tart and Very Refreshing 6-crushable beer. MR. BALLOONHANDS STATS STYLE: BERLINER WEISSE ABV: 4.0% IBU: 9 HOPS: TETTNANG MALTS: PILSEN, WHEAT SEASON: SUMMER CONTAINER: KEGS, 12oz CANS GLASS: GOBLET


Brewers’ Series

This week join Dan, Chris, Vinny, and Adam as we talk about our Brewers’ Series beers from the pilot system… highlighting two of the newest a Grodziskie, Smoked Wheat Ale, and a Norwegian IPA brewed as part of our Sun-Grant series for the Sustainabilty Fest at Land-Grant on 4/21.


13.1 Wheat - American Wheat - Beers with the Brewers

Attention Columbus runners and walkers, this week join Mark, Massie, Chris, and Walt while we discuss our thirst quenching new offering, 13.1 Wheat. With a strong love and dedication to local sports and all things Columbus, we have brewed a limited-release American Wheat beer to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon! 13.1 Wheat will be available at Land-Grant’s taproom, Giant Eagle stores in Central Ohio, and various bars and restaurants along the...


Sun Drip - IIPA - Beers with the Brewers

Join Dan, Chris, Adam and Walt for a Sun Drip weekend. We are talking about our new tropical, smooth, fruity, tenacious IIPA, Sun Drip. You can currently grab a pint or a 6-pack from the taproom or look for it at your local retailers in bars around Central Ohio starting April 10th. SUNDRIP STATS STYLE: DOUBLE IPA ABV: 7.7% IBU: 71 HOPS: EKUANOT, RAKAU, ID007, SORACHI ACE MALTS: PALE, GOLDPILS VIENNA SEASON: SPRING CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS: GOBLET


Urban Sombrero - Mexican Lager - Beers with the Brewers

This week’s episode features Justin, Mark, Walt and Adam live from the Kickstarter Room in the taproom, talking about our Urban Sombrero Mexican Lager. Combining the spirit of Old Mexico with a little big city panache, we talk about the history of the style, taste the beer, and mix in as many Seinfeld jokes as we can. URBAN SOMBRERO STATS STYLE: MEXICAN LAGER ABV: 5.7% IBU: 18 HOPS: LIBERTY MALTS: PILSEN, GOLDPILS VIENNA, FLAKED CORN SEASON: SPRING CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS:...


Quadrahopic IPA - Beers with the Brewers

This week’s episode features our brand new IPA, Quadrahopic. Join Adam, Mark and Dan where we talk about this Citrusy IPA and learn about Mark’s favorite vegie food pairing with the beer. QUADRAHOPIC STATS STYLE: IPA ABV: 6.7% IBU: 37 HOPS: CASCADE, CENTENNIAL, COMET, CITRA MALTS: PALE SEASON: SPRING CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS: NONIC PINT


97.1 the Beer - Premium Lager - Beers with the Brewers

This week’s episode features Mark, Dan, Chris and Special Guest from 97.1 the Fan, T-Bone. The guys talk about our collaboration light, easy drinking Premium Lager, a perfect beer for March Madness. 97.1 THE BEER STATS STYLE: PREMIUM LAGER ABV: 4.0% IBU: 10 HOPS: LIBERTY MALTS: PILSEN, FLAKED RICE, FLAKED CORN, MUNICH SEASON: FALL CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS: NONIC PINT


Glory - American Wheat - Beers with the Brewers

Join us for a bonus Crewsmas Eve episode of Beers with the Brewers. Justin, Patrick and Adam talk about our Crew SC Supporter Beer, Glory. An American Wheat created out of tastings with supporters. Glory to Columbus, Glory for Columbus! GLORY STATS STYLE: AMERICAN WHEAT ALE ABV: 5.4% IBU: 24 HOPS: CITRA, SUMMIT, HUELL MELON MALTS: 2 ROW, RED WHEAT SEASON: SOCCER SEASON CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS: NONIC PINT


1862 Ale - American Kolsch - Beers with the Brewers

This week we talk about one of the original beers at Land-Grant, 1862 Ale, American Kolsch. Justin, Walt, Mark and Adam discuss our take on this German Classic, what the year means and who that guy is on the can. Make sure to look for the new, white 1862 Ale cans hitting shelves mid-March 2018. 1862 ALE STATS STYLE: AMERICAN KÖLSCH ABV: 4.9% IBU: 24 HOPS: PERLE, TETTNANG, CASCADE MALTS: 2 ROW, RED WHEAT SEASON: YEAR-ROUND CONTAINER: KEGS / CANS GLASS: STANGE


Binary Star - Black IPA - Beers with the Brewers

This week we are talking about Binary Star Black IPA, which is the 3rd beer in our Space-Grant Series. Adam, Massie, Mark and Dan chat about all things dark in this episode. This beer will be available at the Land-Grant taproom starting 2/28 and in the Central Ohio market the week of 3/5. BINARY STAR BLACK IPA Binary Star continues our annual exploration of the blackest realms of “Lupular” space. Cascade and Simcoe Cryo hops circle one another in a cosmic tango, bleeding their...


Batch 300 - Imperial IPA - Beers with the Brewers

Join us for this week’s episodefor a brewer’s only perspective with Dan, Justin and Patrick talking about our favorite Imperial IPA, Batch 300. BATCH 300 IMPERIAL IPA Originally brewed as the 300th batch of Land-Grant beer, a celebratory event for which the brew team wanted to whip up something special, Batch 300 is a beer that exists outside of our M.O. To truly commemorate the occasion, we developed the single malt imperial IPA you hold in your hands: brewed with Floor...


Spring Quarter - Belgian Blonde Ale - Beers with the Brewers

In our second episode we highlight Spring Quarter Belgian Blonde Ale. This is the second year brewing this recipe, last year this beer was known as Oval Beach. This episode features Dan Shaffer, Massie Lawson, Walt Keys and Adam Benner. SPRING QUARTER BELGIAN BLONDE It’s about time for your old friend, the Sun, to peek his head out from the clouds and spring into Spring. As soon as that thermostat hits 60°, it’s your duty to pretend it’s 95°, pop on your flip flops, head...


Stiff-Arm - IPA - Beers with the Brewers

Our first episode of Beers with the Brewers highlights our Stiff-Arm IPA. STIFF-ARM I.P.A. Like a palm to your jaw, our American IPA delivers a jolt of hoppy goodness. An ale as well-rounded as any All-Timer, our Stiff-Arm IPA combines all of its talents: All American hops, fragrant aromas of citrus and pine, a clean finish, and an uncanny sense of balance provided by a nice malt backing. It’s a classic American beer that will have you striking the pose year-round. STIFF-ARM...