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Michael Urbina's Journey into Executive Recruiting

LatinxAmerica highlights Michael Urbina. As part of Box's Global Executive Recruiting team, he is currently recruiting top talent and building diverse leadership teams across all organizations at Box. Michael was a speaker at the SV Latino Leadership Summit. During our conversation, he discusses his personal transition into executive recruiting and shares tips for prospective candidates. You can reach him via LinkedIn, but be sure to follow his advice when you reach out.


Brian Rashid on Building Your Personal Brand

Brian Rashid is an international speaker and the CEO of Brian Rashid Global (BRG), a bilingual, modern day branding, marketing, and communications company that creates digital strategies and content that sell in a 2019 world. BRG’s global competition, "Uniting the Americas (Uniendo las Americas)" is open, so Brian talks about how Latinx entrepreneurs can apply for this program. ULA invests seed capital on Latin American entrepreneurs and brings them to the Silicon Valley to meet investors...


Hector Martinez: Insights into the crypto space

LatinxAmerica highlights Hector Martinez. Hector shares insights about how our community will benefit by learning about new currency options like Bitcoin and Crypto. Learn about how he transitioned from accounting into a business development role at BitGo. We interviewed Hector at the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit. You can reach Hector through social media and learn more about Bitgo at


Ovi Vázquez: From Guatemala to Silicon Valley

LatinxAmerica highlights Ovi Vasquez for the work he is doing to increase knowledge about the path to tech careers amongst Spanish speaking families. Ovi’s own personal journey into tech highlights the different ways in which people can learn and transition into new opportunities. He is a storyteller by nature and recently co-published “I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES”. You can connect with him at:


Rocio Medina is empowering the next generation of Latina in Tech

Rocio Medina is a pacesetter in the Latinx Community. She has spent over 15 years expanding and launching products in tech. In her latest leadership role in Prezi's Product Marketing Team, she expanded the brand internationally which now has over 100 million users around the world. She also co-founded Latinas in Tech in order to advocate for tech inclusion and connect, support and empower Latinas. You can connect with Rocio via LinkedIn or visit the following...


Ariel Camus on Creating Global Access and Opportunity

Ariel Camus cofounded his first venture, which was acquired by Lonely Planet. Microverse is his second startup and Ariel is using what he learned to make this a global venture. Microverse’s mission is to train 1 million professionals by 2030 and to connect them with global and remote jobs. Learn about his journey into becoming a founder and about Coded by Her – a new initiative to empower women globally.


Frances Coronel on being a Latinx tech queen

A self-described unicorn working at a unicorn, Frances shares her personal path into tech. She is a young leader full of passion to increase the number of Latinx in tech. Join her efforts and connect with her directly: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: GitHub:


Manuel Maqueda on Social Entrepreneurship

Manuel Maqueda is a social entrepreneur, an economist, professor, writer and consultant. He talks with us about meaning-driven innovation and entrepreneurship. You can connect with him, and be one of the first people to know when his book launches, via his website


Martha Hernandez on using AI for career pathing

Martha Hernandez shares her journey into tech and why she decided to launch madeBOS. Learn about her passion for creating solutions and leveraging tech to focus on career paths increasing diversity, engagement, retention and performance in the retail space industry. You can reach her via LinkedIn or through her website


Hector Preciado: Transitioning from a Non-Profit into Tech

Hector Preciado’s path into tech has not been straight. He has faced challenges and has learned from every good and bad experience along the way. Listen and be inspired by his journey into leadership positions across tech and non-profit sectors. You can connect with Hector via LinkedIn and if you want to learn more about Hired, you can visit:


Stephanie Bermudez talks about Startup Unidos

LatinxAmerica highlights Stephanie Bermudez. As an entrepreneur and founder of Startup Unidos, Stephanie is building a bi-national ecosystem in Nogales fostering tech and innovation. Follow her on twitter @startupunidos and get involved in her efforts.


Rodrigo Lopez on Launching a Travel Experiences Tech Company

Rodrigo’s experience in product design, user experience and tech management led him to co-found Arrivedo to help travelers experience unique local recommendations. Listen to Richard and Rodrigo’s conversation and learn how this founder is creating a product and partnering with hotels. You can learn about Arrivedo at:


Faith Florez in using tech for good

Faith Florez is the founder of The Latina Legacy Foundation which she launched while in high school. She is also leveraging tech for good by leading the development of the Calor app to decrease farmworker deaths due to heat stroke. Learn about how her personal experience and her ability to developed a trusted network led her to launch an app. These are some resources mentioned in the...


Marissa Herrera Talks About Content Creation, Tech, and Moving Forward

Marissa Herrera is a visionary and leader in the arts and community. She is committed to sharing the stories of the American Latino experience creating and producing original content for stage, TV and film while also continuing her work as a Director, Producer, Choreographer, Actor and non-profit leader. Here is the link mentioned:


Renzo Weber’s SimCase is Making Higher Ed Education Fun and Accessible

Renzo’s experience in higher education and consulting helped him launch his own tech company. His idea for building games for the modern classrooms is helping higher education and continuing education institutions engage students online, in-class and at work. You can reach out to Renzo via LinkedIn or at


Nancy Douyon and the human design experience

Nancy Douyon’s story will inspire you to break out of the mold and really think critically and globally when you design to scale. Her personal story and lessons learned will give insight into the life of an amazing role model for people wanting to join tech or become leaders in diversity, inclusion and UX.


Aubrey Blanche shares insights about resiliency and diversity & inclusion

Aubrey talks about the systems based approach that her team uses to recruit underrepresented and underestimated talent in tech. She also shares how giving up is not an option as exemplified by her own personal journey into tech.


Siggy Bilstein is decreasing social isolation among seniors through tech

Siggy Bilstein is the CTO and co-founder of Ayuda Care. We captured his story at the Kapor Center’s LTX in Tech event. An engineer by training, Siggy used his skills to launch a company focused on connecting talented freelancers with seniors in nursing homes. Learn about what inspired him to become an entrepreneur and what keeps him motivated. Resources mentioned in the episode:


Adi Barreto habla sobre la importancia de la inclusión y la autenticidad

Resaltamos la historia de Adi Barreto. Adi comparte cómo se unió al mundo de la tecnología y porqué es importante crear ambiente inclusivos y cómo podemos ser más auténticos en espacios de trabajo. Se puede comunicar con Adi por LinkedIn o por correo electrónico El artículo que mencionamos se pueden encontrar en:


Adi Barreto on Being Authentic and Showing Up

Adi Barreto’s voice is important and unique. Learn about their journey into tech and how gender expectations can discourage us to bring our genuine self to work. Their story is powerful, relevant to our struggles and provides insight into how we can show up for each other. You can reach Adi at The World Economic Forum article listing emerging technologies can be found at: