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The Leaders of Learning is a show about learning in the 21st century with leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more. Ling Ling is the first Asian Female Podcast Host in Learning and Development. She explores the technology, trends and insights of learning for personal and organisational development.

The Leaders of Learning is a show about learning in the 21st century with leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more. Ling Ling is the first Asian Female Podcast Host in Learning and Development. She explores the technology, trends and insights of learning for personal and organisational development.
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The Leaders of Learning is a show about learning in the 21st century with leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more. Ling Ling is the first Asian Female Podcast Host in Learning and Development. She explores the technology, trends and insights of learning for personal and organisational development.






Questions and Answers with Teymoor Nabili

Asking questions can be powerful. Questions can help us gain knowledge, unlock insights, drive us to explore the unknown and many more. Asking the right kinds of questions is hard and it requires experience/skill. In an age of instant information, it is too easy and quick to find an answers, though, not necessarily the right one. How do know what is the right question to ask? How would you know if the answer received the right one? Or an answer based on what you want to hear? Joining us...


Learning in AR & VR with King Coronel

Games are an important learning tools that provide immersive, interactive, and creative spaces for learners of all ages. Learning technologists and educators are finding ways harness AR and VR, or also known as augmented reality and virtual, enhance learning experiences. With AR and VR technology becoming more accessible and affordable, the possibilities it can offer to learners and educators alike, are endless. In 2016, Pokemon Go, a mobile game with Augmented Reality (AR)...


Emotional Literacy with Eva San

The world has become increasingly interconnected, yet our individual lives seem to be ever more isolated in. People glued to their smartphones, tablets or laptops at almost all hours of the day, ignoring the people around them. Each of us walking about in our technological bubble. Does this stunt our capacity as individuals and as a society to connect with each other on an emotional level? Does this lifestyle decrease our ability to constructively express our emotions? What can we do to...


Learning on Blockchain with Richard Maaghul

Blockchain or Web 3.0 is known by many as the future of the internet. Traditional tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM and SAP have invested in blockchain technology. Major industries, such as banking, real estate, travel and even social media are being disrupted by blockchain startups. How will this take shape in education? Joining us is Richard Maaghul, the CEO of ODEM. Check out our podcast on: iTunes: https://apple.co/2QJC4zy CastBox: http://bit.ly/2RTmgfg Google Play Music:...


The Future of Work with Gabrielle Frieda Loh

Technological and social forces are transforming the world of work. How work gets done, who does it, where and even what work looks like are being negotiated across the world over. The growth of freelancing and the ease of mobility have unleashed the global workforce, freeing it from many traditional bounds and constraints. No longer do teams need to work in the same location or at the same time. No longer are companies constrained to talents in a limited geographical region. Talents...


Asian Leadership with Samuel Kim

Leaders are everywhere. They can be your manager, your company CEO, your sports teams, your parents and even yourself. In Asia, leaders behave differently. Depending on where you come from, their leadership styles can be vastly diverse, contrasting and even counter-intuitive. What makes Asian leaders unique? How do we become leaders in Asia? How can we nurture our emerging leaders in Asia? Joining us is the Co-Founder and President of The Centre for Asia Leadership, Samuel...


Leaders of Learning Season 2 Teaser

After a successful season 1, Ling Ling will be discussing a wide range of topics, from Blockchain to Asia Leadership, the Future of Work to Communities and many more. Our carefully curated guests of educators, leaders and entrepreneurs do amazing things to inspire people from all walks to learn, grow and achieve their highest potential. We can't wait to launch our season 2 in the coming months! If you look forward to our coming season, please rate, review or share this episode with your...


Finding Balance with Dr. Oberdan Marianetti

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said... “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” We live in a world where standards of beauty, intelligence and success are impressed upon us...Some of us struggle, fight and stand confidently in our beliefs. Some of us just... follow. It becomes a concern when there is an imbalance between societal expectations and our desires. When this imbalance becomes unbearable, one may find...


What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur with Goh Ai Yat

To stay ahead of the competition, one must take time to learn and grow in your role, you organisation and your industry.Interestingly enough, many entrepreneurs feel they don’t have time for continuous learning, citing too much to do for a one-person operation or a small team. Just like exercise, continuous learning helps entrepreneurs to maintain the sharpness of their minds, to keep abreast of the trends and to stay ahead of the curve. How can an entrepreneurs continue to learn and grow...


AI and Human Learning with JC Sekar

The term Artificial Intelligence or AI, has been widely used since the last century. However, its in these recent years we've seen huge progress in this space. The term artificial intelligence is when machines mimic humans and their ways of thinking and behaving, such as learning and problem solving. In 2001, Steven Spielberg directed a film called AI, where a robot named David, in the form of a boy, had an unquenchable need for his mother's love and sought across time. The journey of...


Cultural Intelligence and Learning with David Livermore

First there was IQ, the measure of a person's intelligence, reasoning abilities and their proficiency on the job. Soon after came EQ, which is the ability to manage one's emotions and the emotions of others. Today we have CQ, which is the capability to relate and work effectively across culturally diverse situations. In the age of globalisation, it is inevitable that we interact and work with people from diverse cultures. But... is CQ an innate ability or can it be learnt and...


The Importance of UnLearning with Faiszah Hamid

In our daily life and work, we function based on the mental models have learnt from past experiences and education. However, there may come a time where our mental models become outdated or even obsolete. In order to stay ahead, we need unlearn our old ways of thinking and functioning. When we learn, we add new skills or knowledge into our current way thinking and doing. When we unlearn, we choose to step out of our old ways and adopt a different way of thinking, doing and behaving...


Transforming Conversations with Don Rapley

Having a conversation fulfils a basic human need to connect, to belong, to share, to grow and much more. Conversing is a skill we have been practicing over our entire lifetime, yet many times we take it for granted. Words spoken can have so much power. It can lift spirits or crush them. It can raise hope and instil inspiration, yet it can destroy dreams and foster fear and negativity. So how can we ensure that our conversations help others to transform? To help us answer this question,...


Effective Knowledge Transfer with MayLyn Tan

While knowledge transfer can be challenging, it also can be extremely rewarding for both expert and learners when done successfully. In this episode, we invited MayLyn Tan, the Head of Academic Development for the Singapore Institute Management to share her views and experiences in supporting industry experts in effective transfer of expertise. Highlights from the show and contact details can be found on http://bit.ly/2yE7vVH


Games-Based Learning with Siddarth Jain

Games are prevalent, we play it on our laptops, consoles and even carry it around in our pockets. From the days of tetris and super mario, the global gaming industry today is worth 109 billion dollars, with mobile games taking 42% of the market. Along with its rapid growth, corporate learning and educational institutions have adopted various game-based methods and technology. But can we effectively learn from games? Joining us is Siddarth Jain, the creative director of Playware Studios,...


Building Relationship Capital with Annie Yahaya

When we talk about our assets, quite often, we think about the things we own, like our house or car, or the money we have in our bank accounts and in our wallets. Very rarely we think about our intangibles. One of which are the relationships we've built over our entire lives. When wisely cultivated, our relationships can be our greatest asset in building our careers and enriching our lives. We've invited Anne Yahaya, founder of vitalvoicesasia and co founder of coachwork asia, to...


Learning Circles with Prashant Jain

Across many cultures, learning within groups has been the way to help individuals and communities learn and develop. Today, technology has proliferated in all levels of society. Unlike our ancestors, most of us carry a computer in our pockets. How can we take advantage of technology to bring group learning to a new level? Joining us is Prashant Jain or PJ, founder of Wiztango and Chief Architect of the Learning Circles. Show note are available on our website at: http://bit.ly/2zctum6


Learning with Videos with Saphira Idayu

Videos are everywhere. They are used marketing, entertainment and even instruction. Friends and family forward all sorts of videos over social media and chat apps. Experts and instructors use instructional videos as the go-to medium in spreading their message. But are instructional videos as effective as it seems? What does it take to create a professional and engaging instructional video? Joining us is Saphira, Director of Electus Films. Show note are available on our website at:...


Learning Across Generations with Raymond Thomas

As facilitators, trainers or educators, one of the most common challenges today is to connect with audiences of a different generation, be it with the Boomers, Gen-X, or Millennials. How can we engage an audience of a different generation than us? How do we adapt ourselves to facilitate learning for across the generations Let's hear from Raymond Thomas who is the founder of The Leadership Paradigm and co-founder of Enible. Show notes are available on our website at: http://bit.ly/2Jlp28V


Welcome to the Leaders of Learning Podcast

Welcome to the Leaders of Learning podcast! This podcast series is all about learning in the 21st century. Your host, Ling Ling, will speak to thought leaders in the learning industry. Join me as we speak to leaders who will share their insights on technology, culture, methods as well as the valuable work they are doing support individuals and organisations. The official launch will be in 2018! Show notes are available on our website at http://bit.ly/2EvJe9v